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02 April 2013

Getting The Most Out Of A Baseball Game

In honor of baseball season starting this week, I wanted to put in my two cents on getting the most out of your MLB {or minor league} experience

Go two hours early and go to batting practice. 
Hang out in the outfield and catch home runs. No one has to know if that ball you are carrying around was a foul ball, a home run or just a gift from a cute outfielder. 

Cute girl = baseball tossed to her from an outfielder
Kid = baseball tossed to him/her from an outfielder

Boy = nada.

 Both teams take batting practice so there are plenty of opportunities to catch a baseball.
I don't think I have ever gone to batting practice and NOT gotten a ball... Just a word to the wise!

Use stub hub to buy your tickets.
Don't go through a scalper at the game. There is a pretty decent chance they could be selling you fakes.
Most of the tickets on stub hub are leftover tickets from the team's website they just can't sell.

Check your favorite baseball team's ticket prices on stubhub right now. I bet you will see $7, $8, $6 .... the most I saw was $14 and that was opening day for Wrigley. 

Oddly enough, most expensive ticket I saw was for a minor league game in Charlotte {$25}

$9/beer plus a tip for the beer man you are looking at around $11 per beer.
That is an expensive drunk you are feeding. 

Want to pay less?
Put your walkin shoes on and go find the smoke stack billowing grillin booth, they will be the ones selling the 20 foot long hot dogs and top everything with gobs of sauerkraut. Barf.

Yes, they may have sauerkraut strung from the rooftops, but they also have the champagne of beers, Miller High Life.
32 ounces of delicious goodness for $7 (plus no need to leave a tip)
 ... compare that to 12 oz from the beer man for $11

At the Rangers games they are located right next to the clubhouse apparel store in the outfield. 
So you'll know where to find me.

Reasons to sit in the outfield:
1. Catch a home run
2. Best view in the stadium, no matter how high up you sit
3. You do not have to worry about a foul ball flying at your nose
4. The people sitting around you will be your age, young professionals and ready to have a good time
5. You will probably get on television if they show an outfielder. (If you are low enough of course)

What is your favorite thing to do at a baseball game?

Venus Trapped


  1. Great post. So excited for baseball! With my work I will be traveling to Milwaukee and can't wait to catch a game there.

    1. Well, that is just not fair!!! You are going to have a blast.

  2. I love baseball season! There are so many ways to go out and enjoy a game...even if you cheer for a terrible team like the Houston Astros :)

    1. yeah yeah yeah! Plus I bet in Houston you are already in 80+ degree temps! Great time of year to get out to the game!

  3. Just so you know, for the next few months this blog will be my bible. I'm sooo not into baseball but the boyfriend is in love with the Yankees (barf) so I'm trying to compromise and learn to at least tolerate. Beer is always helpful though.

    1. To be honest, baseball is VERY hard for me to sit and watch on television without alcohol being involved. Nothing like being there in person though... Never been to a Yankees game but I'm sure it would be a blast.

  4. ha - love this. all so so true. except for the tickets. STL Cardinals games, you're spending a couple bones to get it. but it's WORTH it!

    happy baseball season!!

    1. HOLY MOLY!! You are so right, I just went to stub hub to look up tix for St. Louis.... $65 for opening day, but once you get into regular games it jumps back down to $7-$12 range. Never been to that stadium, it must be amazing!!

  5. I love this post on every count-- except I can't back you up on StubHub ;) Working in the ticket industry, I HATE StubHub with a passion haha. SO I'll just skim over that part and enjoy the rest!!

    1. WHAAAA?? Why? I thought they got their tickets from the team's ticket department, no? What ticket industry are you in? I didn't realize all of this!!!

  6. I feel like I'm always paying out the butt for tickets to see the Yankees, stubhub or not. BUT- I have tried to go to all the parks/stadiums when I visit major cities. I've seen both old/new Yankee stadiums, Fenway, Wrigley, and Target Field in Minneapolis.

  7. I love baseball! you are spot on about the beers though, I always kick myself after a game when I see I spent the equivalent of a car payment on drinks....don't ever buy a round of cocktails at camden one got money for that!


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