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25 April 2013

One Link Up, One Blate and One Draft...

In my head I'm singing 
One bourbon, one shot and one beeerrrr!
One Link up, one Blate and one Drraaaaffftttt...

It's an inside joke between the inside of my head and me, you people wouldn't get it.

We (I'll get to the other person in the "WE" in a moment, hold on gosh.)
We want to see your best Google Search Terms that bring people to your blog
I know miss Alexa thinks she has the best one (hot drunk girl.... no "South Your Way", stop bragging)
But I'm talking crazy crazy crazy search terms....
For example, someone found Erin's Blog by searching for "Does Hunter Hayes like Mexicans?"

We (just hold on one more second and I'll reveal the we)
We will announce a winner the next day!
Because I can't function without some form of daily competition.
Link up is set for MAY 2nd NEXT THURSDAY. Be there or be circular. 
Venus Trapped in Mars
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Ta da! The WE is --- my friend Helene in Between

Transitions my friends are the literary key to life. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
No clue what the other half is, GI Joe never leaked that info. SorryNotSorry.

So Helene wrote a post about proper etiquette for a first Blate here
I'm trying to follow these steps and not mess up and brush my hair and shower and put on deodorant and practice my smile and tweet about it here and not drink too much.

I'm just hoping they have televisions in the bar we go to, 
why you ask?

Gosh, here I go transitioning like a Baller, Shot caller again. 
The NFL Draft is tonight!! 

Manti Te'o got me tickets to sit with him and his girlfriend!! 
He said they are e-tickets, so I haven't seen them yet but you can't lie on the internet.
{Can I still do Manti Te'o jokes? I think so}

What To Watch For & A Warning
Warning: if you are looking for pizazz and excitement, this year's NFL draft is not for you. 
No big QB's like last year with Andrew Luck and Brittney Griner  Robert Griffen x3

What you will see:
Manti Te'o's Girlfriend
Manti Te'o's Grandmother
Manti Te'o
My Tennessee Boy - Cordarrell Patterson going first round (This is not Porsha's ex... that was Kordell Stewart but good try)
An offensive tackle expected to go first pick to the Kansas City Chiefs (6 foot 6 and 306 pounds GAH)
Several Incredible Hulk look a-likes dressed for a court appearance

Who will be having the best night ever?
The people who make suit fabric
Custom Suit Tailors

I am going to do my best to do a second post today with more draft details (or maybe a drinking game?) Which would you prefer? Or maybe you don't care about the draft...

If you don't care, I think you should be because if you live with a boy there is a 99% chance that will be what's on television tonight so might as well learn something about it, or at least be able to competitively drink during it.

And go read my guest post over with the fabulous Sara at Pearls&Curls
And find out what Kind of Sports Fan You Are!!
Then come back here and tell me because I hate being out of the loop. 
Venus Trapped


  1. I am SOOO jealous you get to meet Helene!!! Y'all will have a blast! :)

  2. yayyyyy! so excited for everything above (except for the draft. I couldn't give one shit, sorry!) but that's better for you so you can be the one facing the TV and I will be the one throwing back mojitos. drinking too much is a-okay in my book!

  3. AH, what a fun blate!! So jealous.

    Loved your guest post. Had me in hysterics...of course!

  4. Before I even read your offer, I was like, DEAR GOD LET HER MAKE A DRINKING GAME FOR THE DRAFT. And then you mentioned it and I was like, she just gets me. It needs to happen.

    Though I would NEVER watch it on my own, I'll be forced to because I live with a boy. Please help a girl out. Make it fun for me. Actually maybe you could also give me some facts to throw at my bf during the draft to blow his mind. Like, hey boyfriend, did you know that [insert football player] did/threw/tackled/rushed [crazy statistic about yards or something] during his college career? I'd love to throw him off a bit because he thinks (knows) that I know nothing.

  5. Manti Te'o jokes are ALWAYS okay. I'm hopeful yet terrified of the draft.. being a Browns fan I'm usually let down year after year. c'mon Brownies!! (for the record I'm a "die hard" fan with a tad of "former athlete")

  6. i don't think i know any other way to drink other than to do so competitively.

  7. Blates are the best. Have fun girl!

    I listen to sports radio all day long here in MPLS, supposedly we (the Minnesota Vikings) are hoping to draft your Tennsesse boy, and Manti. It should be an interesting draft.

  8. I've been counting down to draft day. Not because I watch it but it means that football is comin. I know, it's sad. I long for summer at all times but I love me some pigskin. Yeah, I said it. Also, see my Twitter description.... No really, go look.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I bet you guys will have a blast. I'll send you jealous tweets throughout the evening. Also, I'm too lazy to repeat my comment on your guest post, but I will tell you that I'm fighting this "which are you" craze because I refuse to be labeled. Deal with it. I'm going to go light more candles in my white walled house in neon running pants. (jk, they are my favorite)

  11. So I feel weird sometimes because yesterday I was switching between the Yankee game and the real housewives reunion. My inner girl and my tom boy have daily arguments. Then I remember, well I think Venus would be doing the same thing! Obviously not with Yankeees, but I forgive you. So then I don't feel crazy anymore.

  12. Ughhhh I SO wish I cared about the draft. But sorry, I do not. I do however LOVE the linkup and LOVE that you're getting to meet Helene! So jealous and yall better post lots of pictures.

  13. Draft drinking game, draft drinking game, draft drinking game!!! Draft weekend is like my christmas, I looooove it. I'll be watching, I need to have a drinking game to go along with it since no one good is coming from my team (iowa) and since the Bears suck it up every year anyway. Pretty please!

  14. Yay to a blate! And yay to that linkup. It's funny the google searches that turn up my blog sometimes!

  15. Draft details with only hot players. K, thanks!

    I am totally linking up. Please remind us slackers again next week.

  16. Is it odd that I like watching the draft...but only like, the first 2 rounds...maybe 3rd. Then I don't care...

  17. I wish I could listen in on this blate! it sounds amazing. I also wish I knew how to find my search keywords, because this link up sounds amazing!

  18. I LOOOOOVE that you started with a geroge thorogood quote.

    that and your love/that you actually know enough about sports to make sports jokes makes me want to be BFFs.

    Here's to the most stalkerish comment today! oh and the weeekend!


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