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15 April 2013


I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for the roof over my head
I am thankful for my career
I am thankful to have food several times a day
I am thankful to live in America
I am thankful to have been in love
I am thankful for tears of sorrow
I am thankful for tears of joy
I am thankful for Firefighters and Law Enforcement
I am thankful for my dear friends
I am thankful to have met all of you in blog land

I just get so sad over these events. 

There were firefighters collecting money today at several different stoplights in my neighborhood. I'm sure they had this planned for weeks (maybe even months) but there were so many people stopping in the middle of the road to put money in their "boot" that a few fender benders nearly happened.
Of course I started balling behind the wheel, poor firefighter probably thought I was nuts!

I am thankful that the vast majority of Americans are kind, full of faith and loving. 
Praying for Boston and Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech and Aurora and 9/11 families and all the horrific tragedies that have happened to Americans since I have been alive. 

Peace and Love.

Venus Trapped


  1. You are the best!
    I have so much trouble wrapping my mind around these tragedies, thank you for putting your feelings into words.

  2. It is mind-boggling to me when these things happen. It seems to be happening more often and that scares me more. But, I am thankful for everything I have and we cannot live our lives in fear.

  3. I cried while watching the news to tonight! It's just heart breaking :(

  4. It's just so sad when things like this happen. So terrible.

  5. I just turned the news off. i can't watch anymore - it's all too much!


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