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09 April 2013

SEC East Mascots Group Guest Post

Hi bloggy woggy friends! 
I'm soooo pleased to bring you a group guest post from 12 of your favorite SEC Furballs! 
I knew I'd get to the point where other bloggers wanted to do a group guest post, I just knew it.

In the words of Arkansas' favorite Razorback, Boss Hog... "Shut the F up or I'll cut you"
so that's what I'll do, 
Here they are...

Hey y'all! I'm Alberta and I blog over at 
Skinny Gator Bait

This is me and my hubby, Albert back in 06 in the swamp with some of our friends we went to school with! We made it on the jumbo tron! 

My blog is all about eating healthy on a budget. Since we are newlyweds (just last September 2012 we got hitched in the Keys) money is tight, just like any young couple. Albert has become a CPA now, and I like to workout, talk on the phone and watch old movies! 

Hey Venus Girls! I'm Cocky and I blog at a little site I'm sure you have heard of called
Not Cocky, Confident.

I run a dating and advice blog. Not only can you come ask me questions, but you will find great advice on ways to spruce up a dull relationship, first date blunders, things NOT to say to your man in the heat of the moment and the best date outfits to put some steam in your crock pot so to speak. Not Cocky, Confident is the only blog you will ever need, forget all these other "bloggers" being featured. Just come see me. You're welcome.

Hey Venus pretties! I'm Uga from the blog
Beauty is Uga Deep

I blog about everything beauty. From the beauty basics, to what's in my beauty bag, to my favorite night creams and even some make up tips and tricks. Being a bull dog, even I have a few wrinkles I want to hide. Come join me and maybe even learn some new beauty tips! Your man will not know what hit him when he sees the new and improved you! 

Hey ladies! Smokey here from
Pinterest is my Mistress

Ever see a recipe, a DIY or even an outfit recreation on Pinterest and there are so many steps it makes your head spin? Well, I take those pesky pins and cut about half the steps down to make it easy for the Every girl! Pinterest is my Mistress will leave you howling from all of the good times, good food, good recipes and killer style. So grab some pinot, kick up your paws and let's get pinning! 

Hey beauties. Wildcat here from
All Cats Everything

My blog is a collection of my life living in the Bluegrass State. From the Cat's ballgames, to snapping pictures with my besties in downtown Lexington my blog is all cats everything. Nothin like feelin that summertime sun on your fur with all the windows down and the Luke Bryan cranked way up loud. Life just gets a little bit better when you have a glass of wine, some good music and sometimes even a glass of that smooth Kentucky bourbon to drink in. Won't you join me?

What's Happenin Venus Girls?
My name is Truman and I blog over at 
No Truman Words

My blog is a story of a Mizzou fashionista livin it up in the college town or Columbia, Missouri! Fashion and fierce style that only a true tiger can give you delivered in a pretty, soft and delicate package that is sure to change your opinion of tigers. Although fashion in Missouri is my favorite blogging topic, I also sprinkle in bits of my life on top, including my pet Pomeranian Coco Chanel. Grab a cup of coffee and join me, won't you?

Hey Girl Hey!
I'm Mr. Commodore and I am the genius behind
That's Mr. Commodore to YOU!

I blog about all things Nash-Vegas. I simply adore my town. Nashville has all the bright lights, the big city but still holds down its southern charm and even a bit of a small town feel. I like to bring you unique things to do in the city of Nashville, everything from honkey tonks and dive bars to the best of shopping, music and entertainment in the BIG NASH! Kick your boots up and stay awhile with me over at That's Mr. Commodore to You!


So what did you think of my new BFF's??

Also special shoutout to Shannon from Gin and Bare it who won Bracks on Bracks on Bracks
Your basketball pickin skills is inferior to the rest of us. Job well done girlfriend, job well done.

Y'all are the bomb dot com. 

Venus Trapped


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  2. i like how you linked to thier "blogs" hahaha at first i clicked on it...not getting it. sometimes i am really blonde

  3. Haha I love this! And yay bracks on bracks on bracks!! :)

  4. i honestly am still saying "bracks on bracks on bracks" in the house and i'm positive shitler is thinking about how he can get away with punching me in the face if i don't knock it off.

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