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15 April 2013


This is what happens to my blog when this time of year rolls around. 
No football, No NCAA Basketball, NBA playoffs haven't started yet, baseball is just starting so not much to report just yet. All that is left is NASCAR and Golf. 

BTW this Aussie won the masters, Adam Scott (Austraian for I am smokin hott) 

Until the sports world decides to give me something to talk about...
 you get random rants from me about nonsense. You. Are. Welcome. Pay it forward. 

Special shout outs to Tilly // Hugo // Holly // Mac for getting their Moms to sign their release forms to be on this blog post. 

Venus Trapped


  1. Hahaha I love this!!!! :)

  2. you are perfection.
    honestly. those pup names - i am just dying for them.
    big tilly style? good god. go on with your bad self.

  3. Seriously the worst time in sports. Although I do find myself mindlessly watching Yankees games because there isn't something else I want to bother watching.

  4. My husband caught me searching the internet for evidence of Adam Scott being married (meaning I said 'Hey! Do you know if Adam Scott is married? Google seems to think not!) to which he responded, 'it doesn't matter because YOU ARE.'

    He really ruins everything for me.

  5. oh my gosh too cute!! If you ever need more dog models, Fred is quite a handsome man :)

  6. I hate golf, but I don't hate Adam Scott. Damn, he's pretty.

  7. Hahaha this is hilarious! Except now I really want Dogstagram to exist.

  8. why are you such a genius. seriously. i love your creativity.

  9. too bad, the teevee doesn't give more shout outs to my favorite sport Track and Field.... and yes, it is a sport. PS. Adam is my bf. yum.

  10. BigTillyStyle! LOVE IT! hahaha Thank you for the shoutout girl! PS - Team Adam Scott! He is sooooo HOT!

  11. Super cute pups!!

  12. This is too funny. I wish I had a dog, simply so he could join Dogstagram.
    I also feel yah with sports currently, I need playoffs, NOW.

  13. This. This is the best part of my life today. And always. Miss Fancypants Golightly herself says thank ya, Mama Saaayyyrah!


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