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25 April 2013

Thirsty Thursday: NFL Draft Drinking Game 2013

Any of the following are mentioned:

Tim Tebow

Darrelle Revis 
(stupid big trade... Jet's traded Revis to Tampa Bay for pick number 13 in the draft)

Robert Griffin III

Andrew Luck

You hear the name of an SEC School

If the draft pick is described as a typical cliche (work horse, gym rat, etc.)

Drafted player is shown via satellite

Honey Badger
{Tyrann Mathieu- former LSU player with Lots-o-legal troubles}

A draft pick hugs his mama before he hugs anyone else

You see an ad for Leon Sandcastle/NFL Network
{this is also known as the best commercial ever made}

Anytime a draftee hugs Rodger Goodell (he's the NFL commissioner)

Manti Te'o gets made fun of

When your favorite team is mentioned

Someone cries on camera

If the crowd boos

If player looks unhappy over the team that picked him

If the player picked is wearing a bow tie

If a pick gets traded to another team during round 1

If a wide receiver or running back is selected

A team misses their pick
{teams are allotted 10 minutes to choose a player in round 1, if they run out of time, they lose the pick)

If a Kicker is selected first round

If a player is unhappy with the team that picked him and is openly vocal about it

Someone's suit splits open

Have any questions about this year's draft, I'm always happy to help!
Stay drunk my friends (I'm sure that won't be a problem)
Venus Trapped


  1. I feel like I'm gonna be getting tore up tonight.

  2. Gonna print this one out and keep it on stand by!

  3. Once again, you're queen of the drinking game.

    Love Deion aka Leon!

  4. well sheeet, looks like i needed to start drinking on the way to work as Luck and The Third were mentioned on the radio during my drive..... ballz. Also, can Leon Sandcastle have his own reality show yet? I mean they let TO have one. just sayin'

  5. Absolutely love this game!! I might have to try it tonight!!

  6. Well, I guess I am playing with beer or water because I am all sorts of going to be drunk with this one if not. ha

  7. This is perfect! I think that any mention of Cam Newton should also fall into the Drink One category.

  8. Eastern time is such a buzz kill!! I mean that literally.

  9. guess we're playing this tonight? can't wait.

  10. you were the first thing I thought about when I realized the draft was on tonight!

  11. I am moving my box of wine to the couch to play this with me.
    Is it bad if I am watching/drinking alone?
    Of course not.

  12. I agreen with Cam Newton for a drink one. I would like to add finish your drink if the player hugs a guy in a cowboy hat, or is wearing suspenders and no jacket.

  13. i failed. i failed f'ing big time.
    not one drop of booze. just hit the couch and passed the fuck out.

  14. EVERYONE loved this. I had it pulled up on my phone and had 4 other tables of strangers at the bar playing with us. Huge hit! And, huge hangover...

    There was one in a bow tie early on, I can't remember who, but like 10 of us screamed BOW TIE!! so loud the entire bar turned to stare at us.

  15. I would have been drunk just on the TM7 mentions! Plus there were pics all over my fb of Les Miles and Neon Dieon talking but they kept saying Les was recruiting Sandcastle. Love it! Geaux Tigers! I got to meet KeKe Mingo (#6 draft pick of the Cleveland Browns) on Sunday at an LSU baseball game and was so stoked.


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