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08 May 2014


Venus Trapped in Mars

Link ups are a wonderful way for bloggers to connect. They give you a great idea of what to post and also to see what others think about the same subject. But they exclude non bloggers.

Helene and I wanted to include everyone in this *new* link up. A way for people to connect- whether they blog or not. How could we do this? Simply, a hashtag. 

We all stalk very carefully so as to not accidentally double tap follow hashtags for weddings, bachelorette parties, heck I even hashtag my way into braveness! People ask me all the time what I'm talking about when I say, "Link up for Fan Friday." Well, I guess hashtags are just blog link-ups with a simple, less wordy outfit! 

We are going to start having these link ups once a month and everyone can join, via twitter, instagram, facebook and of course, blogs!

The first prompt for the link up is: Your First Time...

For example:

You could repost your first blog post + Instagram a picture from that post

Tell us about your first date + Instagram a picture of you and your BF/Husband

Tell us about your first boyfriend + Instagram a picture of the two of you

Instagram a picture of your first football game as a college student + Tweet the final score

Facebook a quick blurb about having your first child + Instagram them as a newborn

Repin the first recipe you ever posted on your blog + Share that recipe on Instagram

Blog about finding your first apartment + Instagram a picture of moving day

Instagram the First outfit you ever posed in for your fashion blog + Repost that post on the blog

Pin your very first pin again + Instagram a picture of that first pin

etc. etc. etc. etc. and so on....

When / if you choose to post on your blog you can of course link up with us the day of --- which will be next Thursday, May 15th --- but you can also post on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest using the hashtag: #firstsTotalSocial

Each month will be a different prompt but the hashtag will always include "TOTALSOCIAL", that way, everyone can follow along and participate.

This is our first time trying this out so we hope you will join- bloggers and non bloggers alike!

Hopefully this will help everyone discover new blogs, instagram accounts, twitter accounts, etc!

To sum it all up....
Here are the details:

Who: ANYONE! Just as long as you have social media!

When: Thursday, May 15th

What: Link up your first time of whatever your heart desires!

Why: Because link ups are fun and everyone should get to participate!

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  1. What a FAB idea! Can't wait to join in. Y'all are genius.

  2. Love this idea. Can't wait to join in on the fun!


  3. love this. I for sure will be linking up next week.

  4. Love the idea!

    I'll be joining next Friday.

  5. Great idea! Thursday is the day I do my weekly linkup but I am going to join in

  6. this is such a good idea! can't wait for the linkup!


  7. yay!!!!!!!!!!! i mean I'm clearly excited.

  8. That's awesome Sarah!! Congrats!! :) <333


  9. This is an awesome idea! I am so excited to participate!

  10. this sounds like a lot of fun! count me in :)

  11. I am so excited to participate in this. I have a good first story coming up. Can't wait!

  12. This is a great idea! I can't wait until next week :)

  13. this is such a cool and inspired idea. <3
    I have just set up a new blog and it would be so cool if you could take a look? :)

  14. I shall try and remember to do this. Great idea, ladies!

  15. I love this idea!! you are a freaking genius and this is why I love you so much.. Without being creepy!!! :)

  16. So excited!! Can't wait to join.

  17. Katilyn at Wifessionals started doing her Cara Box exchange via Instagram and that did not go well for me (even though I do use Instagram). I have since stopped participating in her exchange, and just am not on board with those sorts of link ups. Each to her own, I suppose. :)


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