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20 May 2014

What Your Street Style Says About You

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Walking down the street, you may not know it, but you are on a fashion runway of sorts. Designer labels, the latest trends, and the enthusiastically wacky; strangers surround you, each bringing their own unique style to the table, and sending off signals to the world at large about who they are. So are you curious about what your street style says about you? Read on to discover more.

The Relaxed Fit

Give you jeans and an oversized jumper and you are in your element. The relaxed fit knows that you don’t have to be sucked in tight to be street-ready. A good pair of boyfriend jeans, a nice knitted sweater and a pair of clean sneakers or flats is all you need to walk out the door – you haven’t broken the bank, and you couldn’t be more comfortable, which are the most important things! Plus, it’s a look that you can experiment your accessories with. If this look appeals to you, check out Universal Store
and their winter range – they are every relaxed fit’s shopping paradise!

The Designer Pave Pounder

This probably means that you value being able to wear an item more than once, and really focus on what statement pieces to invest your funds in. You don’t want to throw your money away on pieces that will fall apart after a couple of wears and you want to look groomed and respectable all the time, instead of just when the occasion calls for it. Also, if you’d rather pound the pavement in six inch heels rather than skate shoes, then that probably means you value style over comfort – but who needs comfort when you can look this good?

Workout Gear

We all see it – the people who wear their gym clothes in every situation. Getting groceries, getting coffee, walking down the street – it’s all easier if you just wear your joggers and lycra to pre-empt your workout. If you can identify with this style, you probably don’t like to waste time (getting changed in and out of everyday clothes pre and post workout). Also, let’s be honest – there are few more comfortable options for pounding the pavement than doing it in your finest Adidas!


Vintage lovers really value their clothes, almost seeing them as an art-form. They are keen to bring back the styles of old, such as high-waist flared jeans, floral prints and huge floppy hats – probably a result of them stealing their parents clothes as dress ups when they were young. Also, they’re thrifty (regularly shopping at charity shops to find the perfect vintage piece) but are willing to fork out for that 50s dress or sunglasses that they absolutely can’t do without.

Next time you go for a stroll or are sitting having a coffee, have a look at what everyone is wearing – you’re sure to identify a few personality traits. It’s actually quite a fun activity! Whatever you wear, don’t be afraid to express yourself and your style to the world. What do you think your street style says about you?


  1. My style is a mixtures of thing. It all depends on how I feel.

  2. My style is what I can afford, not really who I am hahaha
    I hope people don't judge me based on my clothing until my kids are grown and paying for their own stuff and I will finally be able to find MY STYLE!

  3. mine says that i workout ALL THE TIME. but in reality i just like workout pants and tennis shoes.

  4. This was interesting I don't know what I would be though


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