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20 May 2014

6 Reasons to Have a Wine Night

Today I've got Sarah Christine taking over the blog. That lucky duck is touring around Europe at the moment, but that didn't keep her from preparing an awesome takeover post and giveaway for you guys today. Psst... for you Superbowl winning Seahawks fans, Sarah Christine is a die hard 12th man! You'll love her, and I know you will love this post because it is right up a wino's alley! Take it away, girlfriend!

Hey VTIM readers, I'm Sarah Christine and although I normally blog over at SarahChristineStyle today I am here talking about a very important issue with all of you, drinking. Wine night, girls night, cocktail night, alcoholic beverage drinking night, call it whatever you like, but you should definitely be having one. My "sisters" (boyfriend's sister-in-laws) and I have been having a monthly girls night for quite awhile now and recently a good friend of mine moved within 5 minutes of my house so of course we started doing wine Wednesdays, whether it is a weekly wine night or a monthly girls night all I know is that my life was not complete until these events ended up on my calendar. So today I am here to convince you that you too should be having a wine night, because...


I'm hoping that this will be enough to convince you all by itself, you get to drink alcohol once a week and call it an appointment, what could be better than that? Next time some one tries to comment on the fact that you are drinking on a week night you can just point to your calendar and tell them you don't make up the rules, you just follow them.


Please tell me I'm not the only one who graduated from college and realized that working 40 hours a week makes socializing seem more like a chore than the thing you look forward to on Friday nights. Keeping in touch with your friends can be really difficult, but throwing a reoccurring wine night on the calendar easily solves that problem.


Do you have a long list of bars or restaurants in the area that you want to try out? Do you have a Pinterest board full of cocktails and appetizers that you have no reason to make? Wine night can help you out with that too. The best way to keep a weekly wine night fresh and new is by throwing these kinds of lists at it. You can make one wine night a month be at a new bar that you haven't tried yet or you can rotate which person brings one new cocktail recipe and which person brings one new appetizer recipe each week.


Life is hard, sometimes it just gets overwhelming and stressful, but luckily a glass of wine with good friends is the perfect cure for whatever is going on in your life right now. I have yet to go to a wine night or girls night where I didn't leave feeling happier and lighter afterwards, between the alcohol and the laughter your stress and anxiety doesn't really stand a chance.


This one might really be just me, but I work with mostly guys and then I come home at the end of the day and spend most of my time with my boyfriend, he's great and all but sometimes I just need to talk to some other people. Wine Wednesday has been the perfect solution here, I can talk about anything and everything going on in my life (and my friend's lives) and get new perspectives on things and just in general talk to someone of the same sex once in awhile.


I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere at some point in time that wine prevents cancer, or something like that. The details aren't really important, we are just going to go with this one. A big glass of wine (and some chocolate) basically makes you invincible to anything the world can possible throw at you, it is scientifically proven (there may or may not actually be scientific proof of this).

So really there is no reason not to be having a wine night. Even better, we don't necessarily need to be in the same zip code, we can have a virtual wine night any time you like!

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  1. haha love this! i only need the first reason ;)

  2. you don't have to tell me twice to have wine!! love it. and also, seahawks are NOT 12th man even if they want to steal it from A&M #sorryboutcha

  3. I'd say number one is my favorite and most common reason. You def don't need to convince me into wine nights though.
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  4. This list only re-enforces what I already know... I need no convincing to have a wine night!

  5. I haven't had a girls night in a long time.

  6. I don't need any good excuses for wine nights, but those are all fabulous reasons :)

  7. Those are all good reasons and I am well overdue!

  8. My one main reason; have a baby! ;)

  9. Who needs 6 reasons? One is good enough for me!


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