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12 May 2014

My Special GIF To You!

I had the most exciting weekend ever. Ok, well clearly compared to last weekend it was just a drop in the bucket, but it was still pretty cool. The sad part though, I already gave it all away via Instagram. Perhaps I'll come back later in the week with a few extra details.

But instead, my special GIF to you this morning is a collection of 8 new bloggers you are going to love! At this point, you guys should know the drill, but in case you are new... Vote for your favorite GIF in the comments below. Whichever GIF gets the most votes, that blogger wins ESPN2 ad space, and I will also pick one person who voted to win ESPN2 ad space! 


Stephanie /// Not Entirely Perfect

Start Here: 6 Facts About Exercising (for people who hate it) /// 10 Free Apps and Websites to Simplify Your Life Right Now

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///Stephanie's GIF///

Amber /// Mr. Thomas & Me

Start Here: All For The Sake of Vulnerability /// #Hazeldoesblogland

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///Amber's GIF///
(((why yes I would thank you for asking)))

Rebekah /// Living Lavender

Start Here: My Adoption Story /// Letting Go

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///Rebekah's GIF///

Christina /// Happy or Else

Start Here: The Thing I Get Asked About A Lot /// Acupressure for Stress Relief

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///Christina's GIF///

Jessica /// Sweet Love and Ginger

Start Here: 32 Things That Make Me Happy /// Dinner 4 One: Linguine with White Clam Sauce

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///Jessica's GIF///

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///Emily's GIF///

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///Z's GIF///

And the voting is open until 5pm (CST) tomorrow night!

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  1. I gotta go with Jessica on the GIF, just to perfect

  2. Have to go with Jessica on this one! 2nd to Stephanie :)

  3. do i have to vote? ok fine. i vote jessica. this is clever i wish i would have thought of it!

  4. I guess the Jennifer Lawrence gif!

  5. I vote Amber! I'm all about that pizza life.

  6. I vote for Christina from Happy or Else! Basically, it's because I heart her <3

  7. Think I gotta pick Ambers and it has a lot (okay, everything) to do with this sounding like me! Food cures all! No? Just must be with me then! :)

  8. These are some of the best gifs ever. But I have to pick Jessica.

  9. Rebekah! Jennifer Lawrence gets me every time!

  10. I've got to go with Amber's. It really spoke to me. =)

  11. I vote Christina! That GIF actually had me lol'ing at work.

  12. I enjoyed all of them but if I have to choose I vote Amber. I would like to eat pizza and get fat with you!

    Jenn | Business, Life & Design

  13. Not sure I could ever vote to anyone else when J. Law is involved! Rebekah gets my vote!

  14. This one was tough! I have to go with Christina at Happy or Else. Because she is great and I loveeee that song.

  15. AMBER ALL THE WAY! And yes, I will order pizza and get fat with you!

  16. Also, how do I get to play this game next time?

  17. I vote Christina! I love when people do stupid stuff like that baha

  18. I love Parks and Rec and Stephanie's blog so I gotta go with her!

  19. I have to go with Amber's because it essentially sums up my approach to life.

  20. Def Christina! I almost spit out my juice lol

  21. These are my favorite spotlight posts!!!! I gotta go with Amber on this one!!!!

  22. Hey Sarah!! Love these posts! :D I choose the ''Wink'' one for Living Lavender! Fingers Crossed! XOXO


  23. I love Amber's because I am so hungry right now and would loveee some pizza! :)

  24. I've got to give it to "this girl is on fire" and now that damn song will be in my head all night long.

  25. I'm not sure how this works but when there is food involved I'm in it to win it. Also, hamburger pizza.

  26. Hey this is my first experience with the gif voting. I love it! I'm going to go with Jessica. Totally my sense of humor! HA!

  27. I vote Z because... DISNEY! And I'm a Z too

  28. The "wink" gift from Rebekah has it for me!

  29. Amber // Kate Walsh

    I mean, who doesn't want to eat pizza and get fat?!


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