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08 May 2014

The NFL Draft Drinking Game 2014 + A Twitter Party

I made one of these for last year's draft, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. I'm just going to give the wheel a little 2014 facelift. 

If any of the following are mentioned:

Tim Tebow (how is this guy still being mentioned, dear God)

Johnny Football + the word bust in the same sentence

Crab Legs
(I think this one may get you, even though he isn't there yet...)


You hear the name of an SEC School

If the draft pick is described as a typical cliche (work horse, gym rat, etc.)

Houston Texans


A draft pick hugs his mama before he hugs anyone else

Anytime a draftee hugs Rodger Goodell

Brady + Manziel in the same sentence

When your favorite team is mentioned

Someone cries on camera

If the crowd boos

If player looks pissed about the team that drafted him

If the player picked is wearing a bow tie

If a pick gets traded to another team during round 1

If a running back is selected

Jerry Ricecake gets drafted

A team misses their pick
{teams are allotted 10 minutes to choose a player in round 1, if they run out of time, they lose the pick)

If a Kicker is selected first round

Someone's suit splits open


And finally, Ashten and I are having a party tonight and you're invited!!

Be ready at 8pm and we will take this drinking game... head on... all together!
Follow Ashten and me on Twitter, and use hashtag #girlsgonedraft 

See y'all at 8 with your game beer faces on! 

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  1. Can I do this with water??? :)

  2. i am def playing. my first tweet: "How to score a goal #girlsgonedraft" just to ruffle your feathers

  3. But seriously, how are they STILL mentioning Tim Tebow?!?!?! I am so in on these shenanigans!

  4. If we had already started playing I would be drunk right now, just because of Manziel. DAMN IT.

  5. You totally went there and threw in the crab legs. Hahaha!

  6. This is geniussssss. And really--Tim Tebow? Can we please let that die now? Can't wait to follow along with this hashtag. Should be an entertaining night, to say the least!

  7. I love this!! I can't wait! I hope that I am off work in time b/c I work at the ballpark tonight!

  8. Was so shocked the Cowboys passed on Johnny Football, but glad they did. Was very interesting draft

  9. I cannot believe I missed this. I unplugged a little post Derby, and I was wondering what this was about the other night. I'm sad I didn't read this before. DAMN!

    It was an awesome first round, and Twitter made it hysterical. Please tell me this is going to be an annual thing.


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