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12 September 2014

Road to the Vols

September weekends for this girl are jam packed, and this weekend is no exception. This evening, one of my college roommates and best friends is flying into Dallas from New Orleans for an all VOL weekend. In the morning, we will be heading to Norman, Oklahoma to watch The University of Tennessee Volunteers take on whatever team it is that resides in Norman, Oklahoma. 

Here we are as babies back in 2007 standing on chairs for whatever reason. In other news, can ribbon tied up in your hair be a thing again, because I miss it so. 

As I cleaned up the apartment in honor of Laura's arrival last night (we all know cleaning my apartment just meant running the dishwasher full of wine glasses and washing the sheets) I put together a mental checklist of things you need to attend the perfect Tennessee away game. Today, I bring you that checklist! 


One of three things will happen when attending an away game. Thing One: you're a lucky female dog and have access to free tickets through connections. Thing Two: You're gonna press your luck and scalp tickets at the game. Thing Three: Stubhub

We went with thing three. Row 7 End Zone, here we come. Look for us on ABC at 8pm EST. 

Chalupa Batman is a University of Texas fan who made a bet with me at a Rangers game a couple of months ago. We bet on the dot race. He bet that the red guy would win, I bet on the green guy. The green guy won and now he has to wear a Tennessee Vols shirt, of my choosing, to the game this weekend. Muahahaaa. Never bet against the REAL UT! 

This may surprise you, but I'm a big fan of the pom poms. Maybe it is because I was never a cheerleader, and always wished I had chosen the cheer line back in 5th grade instead of the free throw line. Last year, when Magen and I went to the Georgia/Tennessee game, I made her walk 14 blocks in 95 degree weather so I could buy a pom pom. Also, I don't feel bad about that. 

I don't leave for a game without them. Ever. Also, I don't come home with them still on my face after the game. Ever. 

I've got this one building up pretty nicely, but suggestions are always welcome for additions! 

Now I know in the NFL and in Northern football, this is blasphemy. I understand that. But Tennessee is the south, and that is what you do, you wear a dress. 
A dress and cowboy boots. I know, don't hate me. I promise I won't do it for a Cowboys game.... 
Chalupa Batman informed me that the alcohol content in beer from Texas is far greater than the alcohol content in beer from Oklahoma. This is news to me, I had no idea a state could regulate that sort of thing. Perhaps I should cut him some slack on the Tennessee T-shirt for sharing this tidbit of information with me.... nahhhhh! 

Because the Vols are totally going to upset the number 4 team in the country on their own turf....
But someone in the form of an Oklahoma fan will pay when they don't. #Barfight #dontletmegetinmyzone. 
Ok, I think I've got everything for tomorrow's road trip. What am I missing? 

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  1. I think you've got it all covered... beer, friends, tickets, and most important - attitude! Have a great time!

  2. Carl can be the OU fan you beat up in the bar

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! Oh man, I just laughed so hard at this!

  3. Boom! Sing Rocky Top extra loud for me!! XO

  4. ell this is a very good checklist if i do say so. i love that he has to wear a t-shirt of your choosing. send me pics since you can't INSTAGRAM THEM. yes I'm yelling.

  5. Have a great time with your friend this weekend

  6. I wish ribbons in your hair would come back too! And YES, in the south we wear dresses. Get over it. I'll look for you on TV :)

  7. Gosh, there's so much trash talking I want to do on this post... SO MUCH... but you know, since we're just about the most embarrassing thing to ever hit the SEC right about now, I'll just hide over here in the corner with my head hung down in shame!

    On another note, nothing beats a good ol' fashioned road trip for a sporting event... have a great time!!

  8. I still don't understand how you tailgate in a dress, I really don't! Keg. Stands. The south is doing it wrong.

  9. Have so much fun! Also, I have participated in some of the t-shirt (or similar) bets before, and luckily have always won.

  10. for the Georgia Clemson game I insisted on wearing my cowboy boots with my dress even though it was 475 degrees and humid... I love those shirts!

  11. People that don't wear dresses to games are just wrong. Like, step up your game, y'all. And strap on your boots for a good 'ole time! We do it better in the south. Just sayin'

  12. WAIT. You put your wine glasses in the dishwasher? Do they not get cloudy that way?

  13. This has nothing to do with the vols but is worth mentioning. You can't buy cold beer from any place in Oklahoma that also sells liquor. #TheMoreYouKnow

  14. Can I just say that I love you call the BF, CB. Ahh Chalupa Batman!

    I think you covered it all sounds like a blast!!! I've always wanted to attend a TN game. We considered going this year to the TN vs. Bama game (sorry to inform you I'm a Bama fan, however with my love for Manning, I also like TN - SEC always, unless you're Auburn)... any way... we were married the weekend AL and TN played, 3 years ago, so I felt like it might be a fun trip. Our anniversary will always fall on or close to the 3rd weekend of October. Which means TN vs. Bama.

    And yes, you're right for the record a SEC game is not an SEC game without a "Shaker" aka "Pom Pom" they are a MUST!

  15. Your weekend sounds amazing! Going to an SEC game is definitely on my bucket list. I'll just have to stick with Minnesota volleyball games for now.

  16. Same can go for Texas games lol

  17. HAha Eat it, Chalupa Batman! Love that you make bets with him / do the shaming thing. You're a great lady-friend!

  18. You are going to have so much fun!

    I am still learning how to care about college football, so this is helpful. Thanks!

  19. Aww, this looks like so much fun! I want to go to an SEC game SO BAD! Someday!

  20. Have fun!!! You must wear a dress to a football. I did that when I went to iowa state my freshman year. Everyone thought I was crazy.

  21. That playlist, yes. They'll win the next one if you keep playing it, I just know it. VFL!


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