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30 September 2015

Playing Nice at a BBQ Divided

As we all know, football season is about gathering with friends. As we also know, football season means occasionally gathering with friends who root for a different team than you do! 

This probably won't shock anyone, but in the past I haven't always been the kindest opposing fan. When you play in the SEC, everyone is your rival. The entire season hangs on every single game, which sometimes makes you say things to the other fans that you'll regret later. I will say though, having this blog has helped me be more respectful to my rivals. I'm trying so hard over here y'all, I really am! Peace, Love and Football! 

During pre-season, CB and I hosted a  cookout with a bunch of friends to watch the Cowboys take on the Vikings. Sure it was just pre-season, and the game really didn't matter, but we really just wanted a reason to have everyone over to grill out on Sunday Funday! Looking for more reasons to gather? Check out Gather, a Tumblr page created by The Clorox Company designed to help inspire fantastic excuses for gathering friends together. My excuse? The return of football! 

Let me set the scene for you. We're cracking open a bag of Kingsford Charcoal, unwrapping the burgers and hot dogs, laying out the toppings and necessary accoutrements, setting up cornhole, tuning the TV to the game and are about to fire up the grill when the UNTHINKABLE happens.


What do you think I did? 

Did I.... 
A: Kick Them Out
B: Force them to wear blue and silver
C: Give them the side-eye emoji face all night

You know what? Old Sarah would have kicked them out or forced them to wear blue and silver, but new Sarah though? No, new Sarah is far more refined than that. New Sarah knew they were coming and prepared for their arrival. This new behavior, the kind of behavior where I'm not a crazy one-sided fan, is how we can now have nice things friends. 

I greeted them with a purple mocktail in honor of their team -- 3 parts grape juice, 1 part orange juice, 1/2 part lime juice over crushed ice and a lime wheel garnish -- as well as purple and gold signs to cheer on their team. 

I of course threw in a little blue and silver, you know, just sprinkled here and there. Everyone wearing the correct colors blue and silver, received the Dallas mocktail- crushed ice and snow cone syrup, topped with soda water! 

I cheered for Dallas, they cheered for Minnesota, we ate painfully delicious hamburgers.... and the only argument was over who was entitled to the last hot dog! 

^^^ dat burger doe ^^^

Besides, if we didn't have opposing teams, I'd never be able to flaunt my team's superiority!

Hah! Come on y'all.... I kid, i kid!

Thank you to The Clorox Company and the Gather for sponsoring this post and opening my eyes to being a more respectful fan! Be sure to check out Gather, a Tumblr by
The Clorox Company that's fueled by beautifully curated content, and designed to help inspire and cultivate great excuses for gathering your friends together. 



  1. looks like you had an awesome time! I am obsessed with all of your cute napkins! xx,kenz

  2. Those burgers look OUT OF THIS WORLD.

  3. this is such an awesome idea. i love the drinks! and i'd love a hot dog right now too.

  4. What a fun idea! My family is all pretty firmly in the 49ers camp, but Chris's family is split all over the country, which makes almost every week crazy. That reminds me that I still owe Chris from my ill-conceived 49ers/Steelers bet...

  5. The decorations are amazing! You're so creative. Thanks for the drinks recipe.. now I think I might go get a burger for lunch.

  6. We are not BBQ people my brother is he BBQ's a lot and his BBQ is a gas one

  7. I am really proud of you for being such a wonderful hostess to the enemies (I mean...opposing team)! I don't know if I can do that just yet. You'd probably get kicked out of my BBQ. I'm still bitter about that game two weeks ago.

  8. haha you are a KIND hostess and this looked incredible! I love all the fixins'

  9. If you'll let me come over and eat all that yummy food + drink those amazingly yummy looking mocktails, I will happily cheer for your team (while inside cheering for mine, lol). Compromise is a good thing, right?! ;)


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