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25 April 2019

5 Little Wins I Had When Traveling in NYC

I’ve been traveling on and off now for the past month, that is a lot for me. I am usually in Dallas, so to be on the road for nearly a month straight has been a bit hectic. I’ve been in Savannah, Mexico, NYC and hitting the road to Arizona as we speak! I love love love traveling, and even though there are major pains (I’m looking at you security line in Laguardia airport) I’m all about finding simple joys when on the road.

My trip to NYC was for work. The French Room team, one of the restaurants in The Adolphus I do social media for, was cooking in the James Beard House. Traveling for work can be super long days, long nights and overall EXHAUSTING. With that said, it’s all about perspective and making the most of your free time.

Speaking of making the most of your work trip, today I’m teaming up with a brand-new product line called joy razors and glee shave prep gel. Their whole brand is focused around little wins and creating joy in your everyday routine. In my case though, they helped bring joy to my work trip to NYC. I knew I had this great new product in my luggage, so I called the Kimpton Eventi hotel I was staying at in advance, attempting to get a room with a soaking tub.

Now, this is NYC y’all!! They don’t just have bathtubs floating around for everyone. I called a week in advance, again the night before, then asked again at check-in. LOLS, #SoShePersisted. Well, it worked, and they hooked me up with one of the only rooms with a tub in the whole hotel! That’s how you do it y’all. Talk about little wins!

Let me tell you how special this 30-minute bath was for me. I walked 30,000 steps that day, then was on my feet all night for work. My puppies were screaming (is that the right expression for your feet hurting, I forget) and my back was aching. I ran the water, threw some bubble bath in the tub, grabbed a magazine and just RELAXED FOR 30-MINUTES. I don’t even do this at home!!!

But more on these great products. The glee shave gel was super thick and surprisingly creamy and luxurious for a gel. It also smelled like a dream, I believe the fragrance was listed as cucumber and aloe… delightful! I really loved the packaging too, super cute and something I’d totally gravitate to on the shelf. The joy razor (also offers refills) features five blades for a super comfortable shave. It also has a non-slip grip for when you are using it in the tub and is offered in both pink and teal colors.

Like I said, this product is brand new and JUST hit the shelves and is only available at Walmart. I’d for sure recommend picking the joy razor and the glee shave gel (or mousse, they have that too) on your next razor run.

Since the brand is all about finding little wins throughout the day, I thought I’d also show you five more little wins I had on my NYC trip. These were all unexpected finds from just walking around. I oddly enough never really had an agenda – I honestly just left the hotel and started walking in one direction or the other.

1. Missed turning right on a street I was supposed to turn on and found the greatest bagel of my life from Zuckers Bagels. I got the everything bagel with plain cream cheese and it was heaven! I’ll bee-line here next time I’m in NYC!

2. I walked past a WeWork and found literally the greatest girl power jean jacket of all time. Who goes shopping at WeWork???? That would be me, and please look at how cute this is. I didn’t even know they sold clothes, such a score!

3. I was just walking the streets, aimlessly, because that’s just how I rolled this trip and I saw a lady taking a picture in front of me. I turned around to see what she was taking the pic of, and it was the flat iron building! I had cut through a park and had ZERO idea that was to my back. Had she not taken that pic, I never would have gotten this great shot! Another tiny victory for Sarah.

4. I had totally forgotten about all of the Ashley Longshore Art located in the basement of Bergdorf’s, until I was walking with my boss in the skincare section and there sat – ALL OF THE ASHLEY LONGSHORE ART IN THEIR CAFÉ! WHAT! Score another for the away team! I’m obsessed with her, if you don’t follow her on Instagram – change that ASAP.

5. Our reservation for cocktails at the very famous “Please Don’t Tell” was 30 minutes delayed due to a table lingering longer than expected. Since we had time to kill, we got a hot dog at “Crif Dogs” which wasn’t even on my radar. Well, this was the best hot dog I think I’ve ever had, and a MUST HIT NYC HOT DOG SPOT! So many of you messaged me on Instagram saying how this was your favorite spot! SCORE SCORE SCORE!

I want to send a big thank you to joy and glee for sponsoring this post, and for reminding me to find joy in the everyday and to appreciate the little wins. Be sure to grab joy + glee on your next Walmart trip, or by clicking HERE!

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