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21 February 2014


I'm finally back from Miami! I picked up the puppies and snugged hard with them last night. It felt so good. I'll do a trip recap, which is mostly food related seeing as it was a work trip, next week. Today though, I'm back in the office and will be spending the majority of the day catching up on emails! I wanted to pop in with a friendly reminder that the United States plays Canada in the Semi Finals for men's hockey today at noon est. It will be a revenge rematch for America, after losing to Canada for the gold medal in overtime in the the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Although I admittedly know very little about hockey, I'm going to be watching online doing my very best to learn quickly and cheer for my country. 

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Now I of course know that not everyone that reads this blog is from America, but during the olympics, you gotta show your pride for your home country! Normally, I'm pretty neutral on the blog, but today I gotta rep that USA! USA! USA! 

Oh, and yesterday I found out that I made the top 3 nominated over at My So-Called Chaos in the authentic artist category, the favorite all time category and most beautiful blog category. There is some pretty steep competition, seeing as I adore every other blog in each of my categories, but if you go vote for me, you can count on a birthday party invitation in your mailbox come December 17th. 

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  1. I'm so sad the Olympics are almost over. What will I watch at night now? *tear*

    Happy Friday, welcome back from Miami!

  2. Lucky for you, hockey is one of the easiest sports to follow while knowing absolutely nothing. I know very little more than nothing and it's always one of my favorite sports to watch during the Olympics. The only essential knowledge for today is: puck behind the Canadian goalie = good. ;)

  3. i am so excited for this game. like so so so excited. i want some redemption for the 2010 gold-medal game!

  4. I also talked about Olympic hockey in my post today! Go USA! :)

  5. "Now I of course know that not everyone that reads this blog is from America, but during the olympics, you gotta show your pride for your home country!"

    Ahem...Go Canada go!!!!!!!

  6. Never feel bad for showing pride in your country! But with that said, I'm hoping Canada wins it today! :)

  7. oooooh hockey is really super fun to watch, but not so much on TV. I LOOOVE going to games, even though I freeze every time, but on TV it does get kind of boring. But YAY for America, whooohooo!!!!! And Happy Friday!

  8. Just in time for USA v. Canada Hockey! Love it!

  9. I agree!! Go USA! It's pretty cool that right now we're leading in medal count! :) Have a fantastic weekend & welcome home! :)

    xo, B

  10. I wrote about the Olympics today too! I can't believe it's almost over. TV is going to be so boring next week.

  11. Ohhh what a game!! Sorry Sarah- but you have your football and we have our hockey! Wahoo!
    Go Canada Go!

  12. Forgive me as I wrote my post before I saw your post.... I finally had a sports theme to link up and now my post is like the antichrist of yours oopsie

    1. Ohh that is quite alright! That is the whole point of competition right?! :)

  13. Welcome home!! And I did my very best cheering USA on! It didn't work though :(


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