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28 January 2014

Blogger Battle

Alright everyone, even though I have a week filled with posts coming your way, I'm going to be a bad parent and go ahead and say this is my favorite one of the whole week. I've looked far and wide receiver to find two bloggers to go head to head for why you should be rooting for their team this Sunday (Saturday?!). Like most of you, my team is no longer in the playoffs, so we will be needing a team to root for. These girls are here to request your hand in cheering their teams on this weekend....

First up, I've got my girl Karly Kim here to recruit you to grab a neon green and navy foam finger and root her Seahawks on!

Sunday, February 5, 2006

The Seattle Seahawks had made it to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

As a lifelong fan, I was pumped beyond words.

Then we lost.

My heart broke.

Monday, February 6, 2006

My heart was still aching from the Super Bowl loss, but it was my birthday
and Karly LOVES her birthday.  So I was counting on my birthday bliss
to outweigh the Super Bowl doom.

Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

At the time, my boyfriend was a super hot uber-douche (just the way I like them) named Todd. 

He called my really awesome pink Motorola Razr rang and I answered.


"Hey babe, how's the birthday girl?"

"I'm good!  Just got home... "

"Good, good - did you get the flowers?"

"I did!  That was so sweet of you babe, thank you."

"Of course, I know how much you love your birthday."

"I do."

"So listen... babe... I think we should see other people..."

"Hmmmmm... what?"

"I think we should see other people.  I mean, we could still hang out, if you want... but yeah, I think other people too."

The conversation continued along those lines, and it didn't end well.  Needless to say, he also didn't become my future husband.

It'sbeen 8 years, and my Seahawks are back in the running for the Super Bowl championship.  I'm hoping for a more successful outcome in the game.  And more importantly that history does not repeat itself (re: my relationship).

Now that I've played the pity card, may I present:

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Rooting For The Seattle Seahawks To Win The Super Bowl 

1.  Because unconfirmed reports speculate that Pete Carroll and Owen Wilson are father and son
2.  Because their win against SF made Jim Harbaugh do this:

3.  Because Snoop Dogg says it's okay

4.  Richard Sherman

5.  Because if you don't, this creepy bird will haunt your dreams.

And because Hufflepuff is rooting for them.  What else do you need?

Next up I've asked my friend Sami to back her Broncos! Sami has been a Bronco since she was just a Colt. *crickets crickets chirp chirp* Ok, ok, ok, sorry sorry I couldn't help it! Take it away Sami, why should we rep the Broncos this Sunday!?!

Hi Y'all!

I'm Sami and I occasionally blog over at Sami's Shenanigans. Sarah asked me to be here today as the Denver side to the Superbowl argument.

When she asked, I just couldn't say no. To be honest, I can't actually remember a time when I wasn't a Denver Broncos fan. It was instilled in me before I could walk and I've been lucky enough to attend countless games at Mile High Stadium, and then Invesco Field, which later became Sports Authority Field (clearly the men that make those decisions can't make up their minds). I've always had a "favorite" player, even if I couldn't tell you a single stat about them. There was John Elway, Terrell Davis, Rod Smith, and now.. Eric Decker (duh).

While I'd love to tell you all the statistical reasons why the Broncos are definitely going to bring home the trophy on Saturday Sunday Monday, instead I'm giving you five completely logical girl reasons why they will win it all!

5 Reasons the Denver Broncos Will Win the 2014 Superbowl

5. One time, Peyton Manning said that Lord Voldemort grosses him out and we all agreed.

PS. If you haven't seen this video you need to watch it immediately.

4. Two words.. Eric Decker.

Hands down the most attractive football player of all time. He will obviously use his unbelievably good looks (and occasionally good football skills) to take the Broncos to victory.

  3. Their coach, John Fox, was out mid season and had to receive heart surgery.

He came back and coached them right into the Superbowl. That's pretty impressive and resilient if you ask me.

  2. Orange is THE official color of football.

You might be scratching your heads at this one, but I know Sarah agrees with me since we both support college football teams that wear orange. Think of it this way.. football is best played in the Fall, orange is the official color of Fall, so orange is also the official color of football. It's science.

1. Last but not least, it's about damn time.

It's been over 10 years since the Broncos have won a Superbowl and the people of Denver are ready for our football team to be champions again. Clearly, we know who the victor will be in this year's Superbowl.. and I can't wait to watch it all go down this weekend. Naturally, I've already taken Monday off from work since I know we will be celebrating!

  So. Who will you be rooting for, Sami or Karly... errr ... I mean Seattle or Denver?
 Leave a comment, may the best fan win. 


And finally, if you remember on Friday I mentioned that this week's Fan Friday would be a Super Bowl special edition linkup! I'm partnering up with Karly to bring you XLVIII: The Linkup! 
Venus Trapped in Mars

  • Why you like football more than your man?
  • Tell us why you hate / love / why you're mad your team didn't make it this year.
  • Which do you like more: the game or the commercials?
  • Do you secretly wish you were an NFL star?
  • Do you love Tom Brady? 
  • Who should be MVP in your book?
  • Guess the final score of the Super Bowl  and we'll send you a virtual high five
  • Super Bowl Drinks
  • Super Bowl Foods / Dips / Concoctions
  • Drinking Games
  • Games to Play During the Super Bowl
  • Which team's colors you like better (although I'll (Sarah) will be judging you if you do this) 
  • Anything that starts with F and ends with ootball
  • Join us Friday, January 31st for a XLVII extravaganza! 
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    1. Karly using the dog.. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT. I have a sweet picture of a cat in a Bronco jersey too. Can I get an edit ;)

      Thanks again Sarah!

    2. I am going to have to go for Karly....err....the Seahawks because Hufflepuff says so. I cant deny the Hufflepuff! That and orange? Gross.

    3. ohhh this is tough. richard sherman and then eric decker. what to choose.

    4. This one is easy. I am going for Sami...and the Broncos. I still hate the Seahawks for beating the Niners, being in the NFC West with the Niners and having Pete Carroll as their coach. Plus Eric Decker. He may not be the brightest, but that smile melts my heart.

      Sparkles and Lattes

    5. Crap - you didn't tell me I was up against Sami. I bow down.

    6. That Jim Harbough gif is HILARIOUS! Normally gifs start to make me dizzy if I look at them too long, but not that one! Ha!

    7. I really do love Karly and Hufflepuff but hello ERIC DECKER (do me) and umm the Manning family RULES FOOTBALL. Broncos Broncos Broncos!

    8. I have to go with Karly!! Go Seahawks & the 12th man!!

    9. I like you too Karly.. I really do. Plus, Seattle is a ferry ride and a short drive away.. Buuuuuuut it looks like I am going for Denver too. I want Peyton to get this after he was screw balled by the last team he played for. He's having an incredible year and I think I want to see him win it. Plus I watched Ellen and #68.. I don't know the right terms for football.. he hits people.. lol. He was really sweet and I want him to win too. lol

    10. I'm cheering for the Seahawks because two players from my college Utah State University play for the Seahawks now!

    11. Well first of all, I've hopped on the Team Bronco bandwagon, because Peyton.. duh. I live in Indiana, I really don't have another choice. Also, Sarah, you damn hilarious genius you, I giggled at your Bronco/Colt joke.

    12. Gotta root for my man Peyton Manning and the Broncos!
      :) I am a fan of the Indianapolis Colts and ever since Peyton went there i watch their games also! WAHOOOO cant wait for the game

    13. As a fellow seattlite and DIEHARD seahawk fan, obviously I'm for the hawks!!

    14. hahahaha this is awesome! I love nothing more than to see Harbaugh go all crazy eyes.
      I'm a Seahawks fan (I live just north of Seattle) but I do love the Broncos also. I think IF we do lose, at least it will be to them. They're a great team and I think Peyton Manning has had an incredible journey this season. So stoked for super bowl!!!!!!!

    15. That Eric Decker is GORGEOUS! But Im a sucker for a dog in a hat..BUT my favorite color is obviously the Broncos will win..and that was probably one of thee most girly-est responses I have ever given lol :(

    16. I gotta go with Sami and Peyton since he was my FF QB this year. And he is super hilarious everytime he is on SNL. I love a man that can totally make fun of himself and his family!

    17. Go Broncos!!! Peyton and Eric make my heart sing and I completely agree with Sami that orange is the official color of football therefore the Broncos have to win!! Such a hilarious post!!

    18. Can't wait for the link up Friday!!!

      Gotta go with Sami on this one...Go Broncos! While I don't like Elway at all (Browns fan here), she is totally spot on with Orange being the color of football :) And who doesn't love Peyton Manning?

    19. I'm going with the Broncos, Eric Decker is the hometown kid around these parts and hello, he's HOT!

    20. This year, I'll be rooting for the chips and dip. And maybe the Seahawks. A little tiny bit.

    21. Wow, I'm impressed by that first story... kind of makes me want the Sea Hawks to win, but then again I think that I might be killed if I saw that too loud

    22. Go Seahawks!!! That Jim Harbaugh GIF is great!

      I really want Richard Sherman to get a win too!

    23. All I have to say is that I obviously love my home team.. so SEAHAWKS! SEAHAWKS! SEAHAWKS!

    24. As much as I love that video, I must root for the Seahawks. Only because I have a weird thing against Peyton Manning. Mostly, it's the fact that he's related to Eli... but whatever.

    25. We're sorry it's not the Beyonce bowl, might be my favorite thing on that button!

    26. Er'yday I'm Russelin'. Go Seahawks!! :)

    27. First things first. I'm a Panthers fan and am super proud of their year. But, I'm a UT fan so obviously I'm a Peyton fan so there you go...Go Broncos!

    28. Sami put up a good effort but if we are going by gif's alone Karly wins because Owen Wilson, Coach meltdowns and Hufflepuff just outshines them all!

    29. Fun post. I don't care who wins. My team isn't playing. Plus the day the Detroit lions make it to the Super Bowl. Will be a big shock for us all.

    30. I love both of these ladies and know zero about football. so I will probably sit on the couch with my laptop during the superbowl and eat a lot of nachos and beer. does that count as a vote?
      -- jackie - jade and oak

    31. You already know how I feel about the color orange, but I shall get a post together for Friday.

    32. I have to root for my main man Peyton Manning. I mean he could make me root for the Patriots if he was their QB (possibly).

    33. Hmm tough choice, since my Pats were eliminated by the Broncos, I'd really like to see Seattle take it. Buuuuuut, being a TN Volunteer, Peyton (and the color orange) is my boy! Decisions, decisions....

    34. Sorry Sami, I gotta root for the Seahawks on this one! Don't get me wrong, orange is a GREAT color for football (Go Hokies!), but I really look better dressed in blue or green, because it brings out my eyes (this is also why I am a Ravens fan, because I look great in purple). Lastly, I have a little bit of a crush on Russell Wilson.

    35. Ok. I'm going to throw this out there. I like football. I've never really focused on one team, as I just generally love to watch and yell for whomever. But for the Super Bowl, I've got to go with the Seabirds (kidding). There is a big furniture place in Houston that if you spend $6,000 on furniture and the Seahawks win, he will pay you back the $6,000 and you get to keep the furniture. Is it bad Michael and I are even considering it?

    36. Karly Karly Karly! I can't root for the team that took my Chargers out (by not even an impressive score), just no. Besides the Seahawk uniforms are pretty badass!!

    37. aha what a fun post! I'm a Panthers fan, so I'm just hoping for a good game. But I do like Peyton!!

    38. Sorry, have to go with Karly on this one. Since I'm a die hard Wisconsin-everything-fan (RIP Packers season - boo Jim Harbraughadfdghuh) and Russell Wilson used to play for us in college, I have to side with him. Plus he's such a nice dude on and off the field. You go Russell!

    39. Since the Bears are out and my husband is rooting for the Broncos it only makes sense that I root for the opposite team. We must ensure at least one of us roots for the winning team.

    40. I was leaning toward The Broncos until the point about the color orange. Now it's Seahawks all the way!
      Actually I'm just there for the food and commercials. Cheers!

    41. I'm on Karly's side! Huge Seattle fan here! I've been having a battle with my bloggie best on IG since this morning over it. Boo Broncos! Go Hawks!!!!

    42. I think I have to go with Karly...the bad lip reading is just too funny!


    43. Actually, it was a ridiculously bad call that made Jim Harbaugh do that.

      I was rooting for the Broncos. But I don't care that much that they lost.


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