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19 February 2016

Here Are Seven Things

How bout a good ole fashioned list post?!? 
Don't mind if I do...

Here are SEVEN things....
(oh, and as a warning, my editor -- aka my mom -- is on vacation. I am too tired lazy to edit this thing right now, so if you see something horrific, I apologize

1. UPDATE: On my goals I set to stay healthy while in Miami


I won't sugarcoat this (no weight loss pun intended) I failed miserably at everything other than bringing my own water bottle (which I filled with wine on occasion). I didn't workout, I didn't make good choices all the time and I didn't set half to the side. I did eat a lot of fruit, and didn't indulge at breakfast at any point.

Oh well, I'm not going to dwell on the failures. Instead, I'm just going to get right back on track.
On Monday...

2. I had planned on blogging every day I was gone

I clearly do not know the secret to blogging and traveling. My day in Miami started at 8am, and I was on my feet until 8pm. Then we would go to dinner, putting me back at the hotel room around 10 and extremely exhausted. The idea of getting my computer out was not even remotely an option. Furthermore, I seem to be incapable of writing posts in advance. I'm a one post per day kind of girl, my brain can only handle a minor amount of typing black text in a blank box per day. 

So, unless something changes, if I have a long trip planned don't expect to see me around here very often. 

3. I found a new site for tennis shoes that you will love

I bought my new Nikes from a website I discovered called 6pm. I'm not getting paid to write about this site, I was honestly just blown away. Not only were the Nikes I wanted sold out everywhere else in my size, this site has them priced $40 less and in stock! I'd never heard of that site before, so I thought I'd spread the good word to you guys!

That pizza gym bag was a gift from CB for VDay! #nailedit

4. We got each other the same VDay card

This literally happened. Just to clarify: we both brought our card with us to Miami. CB picked his out in Denton, Tx at a grocery store called Brookshires. I bought mine from the Kroger near work in Las Colinas. It wasn't like we both went to the hotel lobby where they had 20 cards to choose from or something.

Does this not blow anyone else's mind? I giggle every time I think about it. I saw he pulled out a red envelope, just like my card, and said, "Wouldn't that be hilarious if it was the same card?!" Clearly joking because what are the odds? No really, what are the odds? I tried to google that and couldn't find anything.

Either way, I think it was pretty damn adorable.

5. I got to throw beads from a float to celebrate Mardi Gras

This was one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do. My friend Larissa who lives one neighborhood over from us asked if we'd like to join their neighborhood association's float for the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade. I'm not exactly a neighborhood association kinda girl, so I have no clue if our neighborhood had a float or not. Either way, my answer back was HELL YES WE WANT TO DO THAT. 

It was Super Bowl Sunday, so of course I was reppin' my boy Peyton

We got a little inebriated before hand (it might have involved fireball at 11am) (hello, mardi gras) and had an absolute blast. Once we reached the end of the parade route, we all insisted on riding around Oak Cliff, chucking beads at random people on the sidewalk. I think the general group consensus was that we wanted this to be an every Sunday event.

6. Fitbit 
I've been trying to get back into using my fitbit. I feel really dumb, with it and I don't have many friends. Add me on there if you want to be my friend and come to my birthday party. is the email I have listed. Is that the info you need? Is there a user name? See, I feel dumb. Just try and find me if you can! 

7. Nashville, here I come!
I'm headed to home sweet home TENNESSEE this weekend and I've got my cowboy boots packed!
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  1. I can not blog when I am on vacation. it just doesn't happen. I always say I will do it and it doesnt happen. I will totally find you on Fitbit, I need to have more friends on there so I will feel like I am more accountable!

  2. I love, and it's especially great for running shoes! I want to go to a running store to get fitted for shoes before I invest in another pair. I've been using Jawbone fitness trackers, but I've heard their newer ones aren't so great. I'm waiting to see what people think of the fitbit blaze, and then I'll join your fitbit party :)

  3. I love that gym bag! And it's so crazy that you got each other the same card!!

  4. Ha I wrote a random list post today too :) I love those Nikes, I'll be checking out that site! And Mardi Gras floats in the neighborhood?! Genius!

  5. first, i still feel like you did pretty good in miami. and you were on your feet all day so that counts for something! blogging while traveling for work is nearly impossible. when I did it last year I stayed up until midnight sometimes. COOL. I still can't get over you guys bought the same card. and i'm jealous of your mardi gras experience. my dream in life is to be on a float in new Orleans (but it's going to cost me about $4,000 and a waiting list...). Can't wait to see you this weekend. even if you made no mention of that, i will stalk your snapchat to find you :)

  6. Love the Mardi Gras get up! So fun to be apart of it! And the fact that you guys got the same Valentine's Day card is the best.

  7. 6pm is my jam, can't believe you've never used it! there are some great deals there. Question about the water bottle, what are they made out of? I was reading the site last night and maybe it was just me but it didn't clearly come out and say this is made out of____

  8. I love that you both got each other the same card!

  9. Welcome back!

    The card thing is hilarious! That sounds like something Chris and I would do...if he was into cards at all which he isn't.

  10. I love that you guys got each other the same card. And the fact that it says "Nobody gets me like you get me" on the front, I think the card proves that statement is true.
    Great story.

  11. I can never blog on when i'm way. I fall off track on WW to. You will get back in to the grove soon.

  12. I feel you with being a "one post per day" kinda gal. No matter how organized I try to be and get stuff scheduled in advance it doesn't work so well! Haha. Love the valentine's card thing!

  13. That's so funny that you got each other the same cards! You are meant to be together! :)

  14. It looks like life lately has been pretty great and I will have to check out 6pm!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  15. I definitely stopped writing for a while when I was travelling. There are just so many other things to do! sleep!
    As for the Fitbit, I found that it took a little while to get used to. I've had mine since November and I still have no idea what the whole friends thing is.

  16. Girl is the best. The hubs like's PF Flyers which can be crazy expensive. I've found them for as low as $20 on 6pm. Amazing. If you haven't heard of Groopdealz either you should check them out! Sometimes takes a while for shipping but they have AMAZING deals!

  17. Also you gotta let me know what are some great places to stop by in Nashville. We are headed there next month!

  18. I make myself blog at least 3 times a week. Im new at this whole blogging world, I love it!! Its quite the outlet and so much fun! I will admit your blog is one of the reasons I decided to start my own!

    Check out my little slice of the web here -

  19. 1. You've just enabled my shoe addiction with that website. I'm holding you responsible for any irrational purchases I may make within the next 24 hours. 2. I NEED THAT PIZZA BAG.

  20. That is so cute that you bought each other the same card! Almost scary... I need that gym bag! lol

  21. you know its a perfect match when you get each other the same card, we have done that a few times.


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