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26 February 2016

When Your iPhone Becomes Unresponsive

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So here I am sitting at the sushi restaurant at lunch yesterday, minding my own business, when my phone just up and stops working. I did not drop it, I did not get it wet, nothing. The screen just became totally unresponsive, and white, bright horizontal flickering lines darted aggressively across the top of my screen. 

Now I'm not going to blame this sushi place for breaking my phone, but I do have a love/hate relationship with this place. 

By love, I mean it is the best sushi for the best price I think I've ever found. If you're in Irving, Texas I'd actually recommend you go to Edohana Sushi. For those who don't know, I work for a Japanese company and the guys who travel to Dallas from Japan have given me an acceptable list of sushi restaurants. Edohana is not on there, I assume because it is slightly more of a faster style of service, rather than a full on sit down restaurant with a server. Either way, I get a giant, fresh and delicious rainbow roll + edamame for $10. That is very, very good. 

This brings me to the hate side of my sushi house conflict. I barely have the door to the restaurant open before they yell across the crowded room, "Ohhh Rainbow Roll, Edamame!" 

You know, this is offensive to me. 

CB thinks it's the greatest thing ever that they remember my order every time, but I absolutely despise it. First of all, don't jump to the conclusion that I'm there every single day. I probably only go about 1-2 times a month. Second, it makes me feel like Miranda  in SATC calling for Chinese food, when the Chinese food lady goes, "Same order, every time hahahahahahahhahahahaha!

Like Miranda, this makes me super pissed off. What if I want, I don't know, a shrimp tempura roll this time. Or maybe I want a Philadelphia roll.  Or perhaps a spicy tuna... the world is my oyster and you've now limited me to a Rainbow Roll and Edamame. 

Which is indeed what I want, every time, but that is neither here nor there. This is America where we have freedom of speech and freedom of choosing and speaking aloud our own sushi order. 

Yikes. Ok so back to my phone. 

I'm just sitting there, trying to scroll Instagram when the screen just stops becoming responsive. THEN, out of nowhere, it starts opening apps for me!! 

I kid you not this is what happened....

*Phone opens instagram*
*Phone opens screen to post new photo to instagram* 
*Phone accesses camera roll* 
*Phone selects most recent photo*
--please note: most recent photo is a photograph of my scribbled grocery list which includes tampons, dryer sheets, counter top spray, and turkey pepperoni. 

*Shock fades when Sarah finally remembers her basic motor functions and hits the lock screen button*

Now I know we are all bloggers here, so I feel comfortable saying that we are all psycho nutcases when it comes to what we post on Instagram. Flowers, puppies, flat lays, skyline views, starbucks, pizza, tacos, cocktails, wine, etc., etc., etc... these are all acceptable items -- after full edits, of course -- to post to instagram. At no point did I name a scribbled shopping list that included super absorbency tampons as item numero uno. 

No doubt, had it posted, I would have had my Instagram account suspended and my blogger card revoked without the possibility of blogger parole. Whatever blogger parole is. 

So any who, I will be hitting up the apple store on my lunch break. This will be the first time I've gone to the apple store and it wasn't actually my fault, i.e. shattered screen or dropped in a pitcher of beer (which happened). I don't believe that my phone is under warranty, so I've worn a little extra mascara in case I find myself in an eye-fluttering situation. Please say a little prayer that I don't walk out of the apple store unable to afford food for the rest of the month. 

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  1. Good luck! The Apple Store people are usually pretty nice and understanding, so I'm sure you'll be fine :) Maybe come out with a brand new phone!
    ...or they'll press one button and BOOM it's perfectly fine.

  2. Yikes! My iPhone has gone AWOL a few times before, but never to that extent! Good luck getting it fixed (and if all else fails, I'm sure more sushi will fill the pain)

  3. Good luck! I hate phone issues... they fill me with dread!!!

    PS If it makes you feel better I used to frequent this road house style bar back home every Friday or Saturday night - at least once a week... maybe twice a month... and I would come in and the woman taking my order knew... 'Miller light, BLT?" and I'd sit there defeated... "yes please." and she'd walk away... I blew her mind one day when I got the open faced roast beef sandwich and a captain and coke... I showed her! ;)

  4. most frustrating thing ever! fingers crossed you get it fixed fast.

  5. Good luck with your phone! $10 for a rainbow roll and edamame is insane! It's not often that I see a rainbow roll alone for $10 or under.

  6. You're such an entertaining writer! I love reading your work but oh no, your poor phone! I hope they're able to fix it!

    Humor & Lifestyle //

  7. I am totally torn on the having a restaurant usual. On the one hand, it's kind of fun to know I can walk in and get exactly what I want, but at the same time, don't put me in a box!


    I'm sorry about your phone. I hope the damage wasn't too hard on your wallet.


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