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12 February 2016

A Night Unleashed

Last weekend CB and I had the absolute treat of participating in, "A Night Unleashed" with Rover. Rover is a site that every pup parent absolutely needs to know about. 

When you live alone and travel often for work, you quickly learn just how expensive dog boarding is. Before I met CB, I used to have to spend a small fortune boarding my pups when I'd leave for these 10 and 14 day trips I have to take for my job. 

Not only was dog boarding expensive, but I really had to do some trial and error until I found a boarding facility I felt comfortable with. With Rover though, everything was completely different. Rover is the nation's largest network of dog sitters and dog walkers. Not only is the cost far more affordable than boarding, you have a choice of where your dogs stay. The pups can stay in their own home, or you can take them to a sitter's house who lives close by. 

Since we will both be apart on Feb 14th, CB and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day together a week early. With the help of Rover's excellent customer support, I opted to take Gee and Veenie to a neighbor's house who just so happens to be a Rover sitter. 

Kimberlee and her family welcomed my babies with open arms, as did their sweet pup named Pink! Veenie is great with kids, so I was tickled that she would get to spend the night around Kimberlee's daughters. Gee on the other hand immediately began sniffing every square inch of this new place. His tail was wagging about a mile a minute, so I knew he was perfectly fine! We told the pups we would be back in the morning and waved goodbye, headed home to get ready for our date night! 

We went to a restaurant called DISH, and oh my goodness gracious was it amazing. I had told a friend where we were going that night, and she screeched with excitement when I told her DISH. I can now see why. The food and the service was absolutely impeccable. Whatever you do, get the crab stuffed avocado if you ever go there. I swear I'm still having dreams about that appetizer. 

After dinner, we stayed out and enjoyed a night with drinks and lots of dancing, not worrying about hurrying to get home to the pups. At the end of the evening, we took an uber home and snuggled up together in what felt like a very empty bed without Veenie and Gee. The next morning I missed them and was ready to bring them home. 

Kimberlee had them ready and waiting for us at 11 the next morning, both Vee and Gee's tails wagging out of control when they spotted us standing there with their leashes. 

This was my first time using Rover, and it worked so well that I've already arranged for the pups to stay with Kimberlee again when CB heads to Miami to meet me on Saturday night. I know they will be in good hands, and in the comfort of a loving home!

Although Rover provided me with a free night of dog boarding, all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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  1. Cool service. I actually work for a "luxury" in-home dog sitting company. It's a little pricey but it is a premier service. But basically I get paid to hang out with dogs! It's s sweet gig.

  2. That is seriously such an awesome service! We have always put off going on trips longer than a day because we didn't want to have to leave our pups at a boarding facility when we did not have a close friend or family member who could watch them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aw that sounds so perfect! We usually have family watch our pugs but if we ever need someone else to watch them, we'll definitely look into Rover. We boarded them once and Bowie was so grumpy with us afterwards haha.

  4. This is good to know about! I want to take Bodie to doggy daycare once he's vaccinated.

  5. I learned about Rover last year but haven't tried them out yet. I usually leave my pup with my parents when I go out of town, fortunately (I'm lucky that they're in a drivable distance). It makes me so nervous to leave her with a stranger!

  6. WAIT. i need this right now, so glad you posted about this! thank you so so much for spreading the word!

  7. Oh my goodness. This is brilliant! I travel for work a lot too and my husband works crazy hours (Sometimes into the wee hours of the morning). Our dog has gone 20 hours before on those weeks. I would love to have someone come over and walk him during the day! I actually already looked and found a couple in our area. I'm so excited!


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