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18 February 2016

Colorado to Florida to Tennessee

I'm back from Colorado, I'm back from Florida, and I slept in my own bed last night. Have I ever followed up and mentioned how obsessed we both are with that Dream Bed I blogged about a few months ago? I know sometimes we get sponsored posts, write about the product, then go on about our day. This bed though, I'm still so in love. We had a party a few months ago and made everyone come lay on our new bed, we love it that much. Is that weird? Yes? Ok, you're right it was a little odd. 

I thought my hotel bed was nice, but as I climbed back in my own, squishy cuddly bed, and snuggled up in my nook next to my pups and my boyfriend, I realized how much I'd been missing for the past 10 days. I don't mind traveling for work, I actually kind of enjoy it, but nothing beats being at home with the ones you love. 

So naturally, I have plans to turn right around and leave again on Friday night for Nashville to celebrate my best friend, Magen's 30th birthday! Magen and I have been besties since the very first day, maybe even the first second, we met back in freshman year of college. It was my first night out with my new sorority sisters, and for some odd reason I thought all black New Balance tennis shoes were a good choice for a glam night out. Oh, and I was wearing a turtleneck too. I looked like a moron but Magen still befriended me without hesitation. We have been through A LOT together, and I do mean, A LOT. So needless to say, I cannot wait to go to one of my absolute favorite cities and celebrate such an important birthday! 

Nearly 10 years ago... we still look exactly the same, right?!? 

Plus, my flight doesn't leave until late on Sunday so maybe I'll get really lucky and even get to see this chick too while I'm at it! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to what I think will be an absolutely incredible weekend spent surrounded by some of my best pals. Also, I say YES to any excuse to bust out the cowboy boots! 

Even though I will only be home for about three seconds, I obviously found a way to make time for my two boyfriends: CB and pizza. Last night after my flight arrived and I had picked up the pups -- I used Rover again and it was so much cheaper and more convenient than boarding-- I met CB for the Grand Opening Preview Night of a new pizza place in Arlington called Blaze

The concept behind Blaze is to build a healthful, artisanal pizza in an assembly line style. Once you build and customize your own pizza, it it cooked up in their pizza oven in just 180 seconds. I got the Red Vine and CB built his own. They were both (clearly as you can tell in the pictures) fantastic. The service was great to boot. I'd highly recommend giving Blaze a try if you have one in your area.

So for now, I'm back in the office today. Shockingly, I was not able to leisurely cruise into work on a water taxi. Instead it was back to the gridlock traffic and unexpected street closings. On a more positive note: hooray for it almost being Friday! 

See you tomorrow, kids! 

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  1. You are a world traveler!! (Or at least heavy US traveler). Talk about hitting all the stops... Cold Mountains, Glorious Beaches and now Music Town USA!

    Ugh, I wish this wasn't such a tight week (Mortgage and adulting FTW) - I'd totally run to Nashville and try to casually bump into you and Helen ;) HAVE FUN!!!!

    PS I am insisting you all make it to West End and hit up MoJo's for the Cajun Burritto (It's only at the West End location) :)

  2. That pizza looks incredible!!!! I may have drooled a little on my keyboard!

  3. Umm I would like some of that pizza! Love Nashville have so much fun!

  4. please stop with these pictures. now I'm STARVING. I can't wait to see your face!!

  5. They had a Blaze in Chicago and I kept saying I was going to try it and never got around to it. Your photos are seriously making me regret that decision. Have so much fun in Nashville! You guys sound like you have an amazing friendship!

    xx, Caitlin

  6. Welcome back! Have a great trip to Nashville!

  7. I'm craving pizza now.... There's a pizza place right across the street from work though it doesn't even compare to those pictures!


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