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25 February 2016

A List of Posts That Will Make Me Click, Every Single Time

I'm a tough one to win over when it comes to clicking links on the internet. It's not that I'm nervous over virus sites or anything (why would i be? I'm a mac user) I just am not easily impressed. Take "how-to..." or "10 tips for..." posts for example, I think I would attribute this to the fact that pretty much every post seems to be the exact same thing that I've read in a million posts before it. 

WHOA... I should drink more water to lose weight?!?! MIND EFFING BLOWN. You my friend, must be some sort of sorcerer. Tell me more about your magnificent secrets you've managed to keep hidden from the rest of the world all of these years. 

So like I said, I'm a tough crowd, and apparently, based on that last paragraph, a bit of a negative nancy. All of that aside though, there are some posts that make me click EVERY single time. The vast majority of these posts say all the same things as the hundreds of posts that came before them, but I don't care. Reading these topics never gets old to me.... if you post it, I will come. 

Here are a list of posts that will make me click every single time, plus some great examples of posts that I've already clicked and loved. 

1. Packing Tips

Photo + Post || The Everygirl

I already know how to pack a bag: choose clothes, place in bag. I don't know what it is about these posts though, they are insanely therapeutic for me. Maybe it's the fact that everyone's luggage is so much nicer than my parent's hand-me-downs, or maybe it's that I'm infatuated with pictures of items scattered neatly all over a white duvet. Whatever it is, if you post packing tips, I'll click. 

2. Beach Waves tutorial

Photo + Post || The Beauty Department 

I know exactly how to do beach waves. Not to toot my own horn but I think I've perfected the beach wave. To top it all off, I even have my own tutorial on how to get beach waves. If you've got a beach wave tutorial though, theres a 100% chance you'll get a click from me. I think it dates back to the days of college when I used to fall asleep to hair infomercials... just try and tell me that wasn't the most therapeutic thing to ever watch.

3. Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow
Photo + Post || Helene in Between 

*First checks to see if @iamsarahwebb was listed* #UGHasIF
*Stalks every account* 

4. Ikea Hacks
Photo by Oh My Dear || IKEA Hack Post by Yes Missy 

Probability that I'll do any of these.... ZERO.
Probability that I'll click your post and pin... 100.
5. Swimsuits that will flatter EVERY body type

Photo + Post || The Huffington Post 
It's all bullshit. Total bullshit that I'll click and read every single time in hopes that I find a swimsuit that doesn't bring me to tears and send me running for the cold pizza in the fridge in order to cope with my negative body-image. 

Bonus points if you don't try and stick me in a black + flower print one piece with a skirt on it. 

6. Anything about lipstick
Photo + Post || Gal Meets Glam 

I'm a totally dummy when it comes to picking both lipstick and nail polish colors.... oh and while we're at it, let's go ahead and group paint colors into the mix. Please just show me a photo of your red lipstick and give me a name and a brand. Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

7. How to roll your jeans with boots

Post + Photo || Babble 

Why am I so dumb, that I'm incapable of rolling a jean properly?? You'd think you just roll them, but what the hell am I doing wrong here? Mine don't look like yours. Please teach me your ways!! 

8. Anything that includes the phrase, "Lazy Girl Hacks"

Post + Photo || 

What kind of millennial would I be if I didn't try and take a short cut at every turn? 
Can I get an amen? 
9. Book recommendations

Photo + Post || Simply Shellie 

I'm nearly finished with "The Luckiest Girl Alive" someone please help guide me toward my next obsession!!!! No war novels tho, k? Thanks, Management. 
10. How to perfect the Flat Lay
Photo by The Pink Diary || Post by My Domaine 

Part of me is highly embarrassed that I'm part of a world where there are a million tutorials on how to lay items on a white background. The other part of me wants you to please explain to me how to lay items on a white background because I can't figure it out!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!


And for my next trick, maybe I'll take my own advice and write each of these posts.
Well, not the flat lay post. 
And not the lipstick post.
Oh, and not the rolling of the jeans post. 
Ok dang it, someone else just write them and I'll give you all the pins and clicks. 

If you've read any great posts on any of these topics, or if you've written a post on one of these topics, leave the link below for us!

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  1. I tend to click on these types of post as well.

  2. LOVE this post sarah! so spot on. In fact, I might wanna do a post like this. also luckiest girl alive, please tell me you hated it. PLEASE. it's just too much! and she's a lil b.

  3. Also, you need to read Pretty Girls -- it is so sick and twisted, I read it in two days!

  4. haha, you are so funny, and YES to how to get the perfect beach waves, no matter how many times I try, mine NEVER look like the ones in the videos! I'm pretty much the same as you, if any of those topics are out there, I click on it too :)

  5. Umm wouldn't you know it? I uploaded a blog post on book recommendations yesterday! Actually though, I'm a huge book nerd. Gimme some book titles you've read and loved and I'll point you in the right direction.

  6. I agree 100%, they will get all my clicks and all my pins!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Yes!!! Beach waves and book suggestions get me every single time!!!!

  8. I hear ya on the jeans. It really, REALLY, shouldn't be something that I need a tutorial for. Jesus self, get it together!

  9. So fun...I would totally click on flat lay posts *haha*

  10. haha I just wrote a tips for 10 apps I use every day. I love those posts.

  11. Great post Sarah! I've got some good ideas for posts to put together now :)


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