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18 November 2014

Things to do in Dallas, Texas :: The Guide to Deep Ellum

Today I thought I'd talk about some things you must do if you visit or live in Dallas, and that is to adventure over to the place I'm proud to call my hood: Deep Ellum. Things to Do In Dallas Texas // A Guide of things to do in Deep Ellum!
Fact: I live in the best neighborhood in Dallas... Deep Ellum.

Why I don't live somewhere other than Deep Ellum: Uptown is too expensive. Way too expensive. And the vibe is very You Can't Sit with Us. Which is fine, I'd rather sit amidst the graffiti in Deep Ellum any day. Other neighborhoods like Addison and Knox/Henderson I totally dig visiting for the night, but still don't have the bang for your buck Deep Ellum packs. 

Why I live in Deep Ellum: Because the image below shows my view from my living room, kitchen and bedroom. Plus it is a beautiful apartment. My apartment, with that view in uptown would easily be DOUBLE what I pay. Not in Deep Ellum, though! Also, I step outside and have access to some of the areas coolest bars, best restaurants and if I ever wanted a tattoo, well, I could throw a rock and hit 783 tattoo studios. 

I'm a city girl. I'd rather have a skyline view than an ocean view any day. I want to walk to everything. I hate driving, because cocktailing is one of my favorite hobbies! But guess what, all of these places are in walking distance of each other! Therefore, living in Deep Ellum has my heart. 

Things You Must Do :: Eat :: See :: Shop in Deep Ellum:

::: Go Vintage Antiquing at Lula B's

::: Grab some treats for your pup at The Upper Paw

:::Vintage shop at Elluments and ask to check out the vault (pssst... there's vintage Chanel, Valentino, Gucci in there!)

::: Get your photog on! Take pictures with the traveling man and the orange ombre wall on Good-Latimer, or any of the graffiti which is painted in abundance all over the neighborhood bars. 

::: Take a class at Get Reel Goods. They have everything from hard cider making to yoga to guitar lessons! 

::: Put in WORK at The Common Desk which has everything you need to be productive from Wifi, to Whiteboards, to Conference Rooms! Oh and did I mention there is bottomless coffee???

::: Darts at The Elbow Room

::: Shuffleboard at Adairs

::: With the pups at The Bark Park

::: Outdoor billiards on the rooftop pool tables at The Green Room 

::: Volleyball at The Sandbar Cantina and Grill

::: Late Night Pizza at Serious Pizza (see me eat it here)

::: Stand in Line (for hours) at Pecan Lodge ---- It'll be worth it! (see me eat it here)

::: Mac and Cheese Hot Dog at Cold Beer Co. (see me eat it here)

::: Happy Hour Sushi at Deep Sushi (5pm-7pm Mon-Thurs)

::: Dine out on the patio on gourmet pizza at Cane Rosso

::: Late Night Donut at Glazed Donut Works (Fri //Sat: 10:30pm-2am... be ready to stand in line!) 

::: Crawfish boil and Live Music at The Free Man

::: Rooftop Noodles at The Monkey King Noodle Co. (beware, limited hours... see me eat it here)

::: Iced Coffee (watch yoself it is STRONG!) and French Toast at Buzzbrews

::: Burgers + Skyline Views at Stackhouse Burgers

::: Nawlins Creole at The Alligator Cafe 

::: Handcrafted Cocktails at Black Swan (if you can find it, there's no sign!) 

::: Frozen Jack and Coke on a First Date at Twilight Lounge
        (and now you know where CB and I first went out for drinks!) 

::: Give a Secret Password and get an Old Fashioned at Truth and Alibi 

::: Deep Ellum IPA at the Deep Ellum Brewing Company (see me drink it here

::: The World's Biggest Bloody Mary at Anvil Pub (see me drink it here

::: Old Fashioned and Local Beers at Off The Record (see me drink it here

::: At a concert at Trees (see me jamming here

::: To a DJ at Lizard Lounge (see me jamming here with Helene!! The best to jam with IMO!)

::: Dance the night away at Red Light Lounge 

::: At people funnier than you at the Dallas Comedy House

Is there anywhere you've been in Deep Ellum that isn't on this list? 
Leave me a comment so I can go visit, and update the guide as I go!

Want to see more fun things I've done since moving to Dallas - Fort Worth? 
Check out my Dallas Staycation Post for recommendations of things to do all over the Metroplex!



  1. My first trip to Dallas is for New Year's, very excited now!

  2. this is excellent! I have been working on a best of dallas and this covers deep ellum to a t!!

  3. Alligator Cafe made the list! Of course that was the first place I went to in Deep Ellum! And hold up.. you had me at crawfish boil!

  4. Can I come visit? Sounds like a fun place to live!

  5. What a great list! Growing up, Deep Ellum was pretty sketchy, and our parents wouldn't let us go there. I love how it has grown into a fun, vibrant neighborhood. :)

  6. Such a timely post for me, ha! I'm pretty freaking good at shuffleboard, so I'll be sure and do that at Adair's. Last time I was in Dallas, we did happy hour at Stackhouse, which was awesome (followed by a movie on the lawn at the Nasher Sculpture Center, also awesome).

  7. What a great list! I usually only make it as far as Fort Worth. But looks like I will have to check out your hood :p

  8. It sounds like a cool place. Next time I go to Dallas, I'll have to stop in and visit!

  9. This all seems so fun. I keep saying I have to go soon, but I really do! My sister lives near Bishop Arts, so I've explored that area a lot, but not really Deep Ellum. Looks like that's next on the list :)

  10. Thank you so much! I hardly ever get downtown but when I do I know where to go!
    Megan Star | Beauty Brawler

  11. This brought back memories! I spent a lot of time in Deep Ellum in 1998, I met my husband at an old bar/club called The CopperTank Brewing Company that was on Commerce. We've been busy with our growing family for awhile now and I haven't been to Deep Ellum in 15 years, but now that our kids are older and we go out on date nights again I will have to check out some of your suggestions and see how Deep Ellum has changed.

  12. I love Deep Ellum! Too bad I live in the burbs of DFW! This would be my place!

  13. That sounds like a fantastic place to live... or visit :)

  14. Love that view! My boyfriend lives in UpTown and it is beautiful, but the rent is crazy!!
    We have been looking at Deep Ellum. Thanks for the info!


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