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04 November 2014

My Best Friend's Farm to Barn Wedding

This post is sponsored by Politix but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Wayyyy back in 2012 (you laugh but that is nearly three years ago now...yowza), one of my best friends got married. I met Lisa through work, and we became super close in that last year that I lived in Knoxville. So close, that she even asked me to be the emcee at her wedding, which was so much fun for me!

Although I firmly believe that Pinterest holds the key to beautiful wedding ideas, I think it really takes a strong sense of style and a great team to bring those ideas to life. When I say team, I mean a bride and a groom, both giving input and ideas, not just a bridezilla barking orders! 

Justin and Lisa were the perfect team, and had the exact same perfect vision. Although every aspect of the wedding looked Pinterest perfect, my favorite idea they had was to DIY and budget on everything except the photographers. Sparing no expense, they brought in their favorite photo team, Our Labor Of Love all the way from Atlanta to capture their big day. And boy were the images stunning! 

I absolutely loved how the Groomsmen were styled. Perfectly mismatched, unique and a touch of vintage. They all looked so handsome! A great website for you and your groom to checkout, if you are planning a wedding or attending a wedding is Politix They specialize in menswear for special occasions, like the races, a night out, weddings... anything that requires your man to look as dapper as Draper! (I just really wanted to use that phrase, guilty!)

Plain black, ill-fitting, lifeless suits are a thing of the past these days! I love the different colors, stylish pocket squares and impeccable tailoring available at Politix. And for what it's worth, I don't think I could ever resist a three piece suit on a man! I mean, you've seen the mentalist right?!?

It was for sure the prettiest wedding I had ever been invited to! 
But it certainly helps with the bride is that gosh darn pretty, right??!



  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful wedding!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! I love the mismatched groomsmen and bridesmaids -- so pretty.

  3. What a beautiful wedding! I love when the bridal party isn't all matchy matchy.

  4. the wedding looks amazing, the pictures are just beautiful.

  5. Beautiful wedding. I love all things weddings... even when it's someone I don't know. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Beautiful photos! I love the details of this wedding. They make me want a do over for my wedding!

  7. holy gorgeous. That photography style matched their wedding SO well. Stunning.

  8. This looks like such a WONDERFUL day!

  9. yep, this wedding is absolutely gorgeous. man i love outdoor wedding photos so much.

  10. I love looking @ wedding photos. P.S. You looked so cute with your bangs styled like that!

  11. Can I just say I LOVE when a Bride allows her husband to be himself!!! My hubby and I were married 3 years ago, this past October. My biggest deal with our planning was that we both had our voices heard, and that we both felt like ourselves in a dressed up fashion. I don't like to be overly done, and to this day still feel like I had too much make-up on for me. I had to give myself a pep talk before leaving the room... that it was for photos, and that I would appreciate it later but damn did I feel cakey! Lovely, but cakey ;) haha I let my husband pick out his suit, and tie, and I let my girls pick whatever dress they wanted so long as it was in the shade I requested, I then told the girls that they could wear any shoe as long as it was nude, or golden in color. You would have thought I told them to cure cancer... they were SO freaked out about having choices, here I thought I was helping. I LOVE THE perfectly imperfect look and your friends achieved this FLAWLESSLY - her dress is amazing!!! I love that it's so non-traditional but yet so freaking perfect for the occasion! I wanted a very backyard garden party feel that people just showed up for a wedding... in the end mine was more like a typical wedding but very laid back. PS My favorite shots are of the groomsmen's shoes. I let them wear whatever shoes they wanted... My groom wore vans, other groomsmen wore cowboy boots, older biker boots with scuffs, and even snakeskin boots, it was awesome!!! My little ring bearers had on adorable ugg type shoes... everyone's personality showed through and I loved it... OK I will end this novel now. Just say I'm in awe of this entire spread of a wedding BEAUTIFUL!

  12. I like going to weddings but I don't get to go to that many


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