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25 November 2014

Meet Your New BFF

Lot 48 
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5 Things Lauren Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
first i would read!! i never have time to read during the week and i look to the weekend to catching up on my reading!! then i would go see a movie. even if there is nothing but bad movies playing, i love going to the movies on the weekends! then i might go to one of my sisters' houses to see my nieces and nephews! then i would make some cookies and snuggle up with my husband and watch another movie. yes, two movies in one day!!

 Oddly Lovely
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5 Things Cat Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
1. Grab brunch with a friend, ideally somewhere they have Bloody Marys
2. Fill my pup's doggy backpack with heavy water bottles and take her on a loooong hike
3. Order Thai delivery and stuff my face while watching Netflix in bed
4. Catch the afternoon light that hits my couch just right and read a book
5. Work on a cooking or DIY project and photograph it for the blog

 Becoming Adorrable
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5 Things Becca Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
1. Laser tag
2. Shop at Sephora
3. Netflix binge
4. Read 3 books
5. Eat a lot of macaroni and cheese

 Believe in the Sparks
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5 Things Morgan Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
1. Sleep in while cuddling with the fur babies.

2. Brunch, enough said.

3. Drive to the lake, pack a cooler, and spend the day cruising the lake on the Pontoon boat with friends.

4. Put on the most comfortable pair of yoga pants I own and binge watch Netflix with a bottle of wine and pizza in hand.

5. Host an impromptu get together with all my best friends complete with food on the grill, football on the television, and a game of cornhole going in the backyard.

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5 Things Jamie Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
5. Take Roxy for a walk or run, and then go for a bike ride with my honey.
4. Blog, blog and blog some more. Set up my workshop, take a ton of pics and settle in for some photo editing and a writing sesh.
3. Hang out with my parents, maybe go to brunch, or just relax on the couch, watching some football.
2. Head to the spa for a massage, facial, mani/pedi or some sort of treatment- you have to spoil yourself!
1. Make a really complicated recipe that called for a ton of ingredients and a long cook time- Counting down the hours until it's finally ready is the best part!

The Style Dunce
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5 Things Katie Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
1. Start the morning with exercise so no matter what I do afterward I can be smug about my life choices.
2. Go wine-tasting or to a beer fest or do anything that involves day drinking.
3. Lunch at a brewery. It's a must.
4. Get my nails done with some kind of super cute nail art I could put on Pinterest and people would actually re-pin.
5. Go to a concert at Red Rocks, preferably the Avett Brothers.

 Just Georgia Peachy
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5 Things Caley Would Do on a Weekend with No Plans?
1. Watch a marathon of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives... AKA every Friday of my life.
2. Sit on couch. Watch college football. Repeat.
3. Eat lots of Rotel Dip.
4. Take a nap or three.
5. Wait... Was I supposed to leave the house? Whoops.

Now go make some new friends! I dare ya! 


  1. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat. That's how it's done with a weekend with no plans. ;)!!

  2. hahaha Becca "eat a lot of macaroni and cheese." Amen.

  3. Ooo now I want Rotel dip! Is that am appropriate breakfast food? How come I always leave VTIM hungrier then when I started?!


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