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02 September 2016

Man, Why Did Football Have to Come Back? + A Dallas Blogger Meetup

You know that expression, careful what you wish for? Well I wished for the return of college football season, and I unfortunately got my wish last night.

Here's a quick little rundown on my evening....

6:15pm - I order an IPA for $4 and it is still happy hour until 7pm. Hooray! 
6:20pm - The bar we are at -- Frankies -- is kind enough to turn the sound on for the Vols game, rather than turning it on for the Cowboys preseason matchup. 
6:25pm - Some new friends CB and I made --Tennessee fans, of course-- at last week's SEC Mixer join us at the bar.
6:30pm - I get goosebumps watching the Vols run through the Power T.
6:37pm - Kick off. Can't contain excitement.
6:38pm - I look around the room, beer in hand, football on TV and yell to the table, "IT'S HAPPENING, IT IS REALLY HAPPENING! FOOTBALL Y'ALL" and we all cheers.


6:42pm - Tennessee fumbles, I lose my shit, never recover. Wonder why I wished for college football to return.

I then spent the rest of the evening, mouth open, both hands on head, repeating over and over, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!??!?!!??!" There might have also been a few many choice words involved that aren't relevant to today's blog post, most of them stared with -- WHAT THE ____. You can guess the rest, if you like.

So, let this be a warning to you. For those who have a team that plays on Saturday, don't do it. Don't watch. Do something else. Go play checkers. Maybe walk your dog. Try learning a foreign language. Whatever you do, just make sure it doesn't involve college football. You can thank me later, hopefully in Japanese or maybe even Mandarin.

For anyone wondering, Tennessee actually did win, but that is neither here nor there.
Dramatic much, Sarah? 

I'm a big fan of the word ANYWAYS, such a great transition to basically give the middle finger to whatever it was you were just talking about.

ANYWAYS, my pal Helene had a great idea to host a meetup here in Dallas before she leaves for Germany! We are going to meet downtown at Harwood Grove on Monday, September 12th at 7pm and I hope that everyone in DFW can join us!

But really, come join us, it will be really sad if it ends up being just us. I guess if it ends up being just us, maybe we could finish that Q&A we started on Snapchat at 2am after Taylor's wedding....

I'm no good at Q&A's so please come join us!
Here are the details...

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