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13 September 2016

The Need for a "Medium"

For the past two weekends, Helene and I met up to take photos together for upcoming various blog posts. This was fantastic for a number of reasons, the biggest being how comfortable I felt taking photos with Helene.  Dare I say it, I almost even enjoyed it. 

I appreciate CB so much for going to take pictures with me, but bless his heart I know he doesn't want to be there taking photos on a Saturday morning at 8am, and I let that thought crawl into my head with every click of the camera. Then add in people walking by, staring and I pretty much just freeze up and wave the white flag to end the day. 

That relaxed feeling I had snapping pics with Helene though, made me feel like maybe I could do this a bit more regularly. Like maybe I am cut out for being in front of the camera instead of just behind it. CB is always willing to go take pictures with me, he just begs that I have a plan in place before we go. That day with Helene, we had an exact plan of attack, so maybe that really was key. 

One of my favorite posts of all time that you might remember was, "Where Are All The Mediums?" It seems like there is such a small representation in blog land for that middle size, my size. 0-6, totally covered, 14-20, totally covered. What about 8-12? Where are we? What should we wear?

Anytime I post anything "medium" related, you guys seem to go crazy over it, making me feel like I'm kind of on to something. Like maybe there is a completely untapped side to this blog that I should be considering. Yes, I'm talking about fashion. 

"Medium" fashion. 

Fashion though???

I'm SO cheap, and I'm so patient. If I'm not mistaken, that is a lethal combination for being a fashion blogger. What do I mean by patient? Well, I am that girl that goes shopping by herself at somewhere with overstuffed racks like TJ Maxx and will literally touch every single hanger until I find the absolute best priced item that I can't live without. I don't mind spending 4 hours in a store touching everything, I actually love it. 

Did I mention I almost never shop online? Oh yeah, I almost never shop online. I really have embraced that whole, "Shopping is my cardio" expression.

CB saw the photos that Helene and I took together, and nudged at my side suggesting that I should really try and do this a bit more often. I said I can't because I shop at TJ Maxx. 

"Well, why is that a problem?" he asked. 

I explained that to do fashion posts, even to just occasionally dabble in it, you need to be able to link your readers to the item you're wearing. If we are being honest here, I could count on one hand the number of items from my closet that I could currently link to on the internet. My entire closet is either embarrassingly old, or vintage or from TJ Maxx. 

There is an overwhelmingly wide open market for a medium fashion blogger though, and now I need to decide if I want to dip my toes in. I do feel like I know how to dress for my body type, and I, like every other female on this planet, have a love affair for clothes. 

I would love to show other females my size outfit options that they can actually picture themselves in, rather than yet another pair of over the knee boots that literally make you LOL because you know damn well there is just no way your leg is gonna fit in that thing.

I'd love your thoughts on this matter, honest thoughts. 
Telling me... "Sarah, just no. Please just stick to sports and dog photos." is also an acceptable response.

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