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27 October 2016

"Medium" - Love It Or List It?

I've been listening to Amy Schumer's book on my tedious rush hour drive home in Dallas traffic. If you're not familiar with Dallas traffic imagine an old lady using a walker in Nauturalizer comfort shoes zooming past making you wonder if that was the road runner or not. BEEP BEEP.

That is Dallas traffic during rush hour. 

So I've been listening to Amy's book (highly recommend) and there was a chapter about how magazines label women's bodies. She talked about how -- without her knowledge -- they included her in an article about great style at any size. She was not happy about it. She didn't understand why it couldn't have just been "Great Style" why did the any size part need to be included? 

She's got a point. She then went on to dive deeper into the size labels we place on women. I'll let you read for yourself, but it really got me thinking about what I've since coined as a "medium", sizes 8-12. Is that wrong of me? What would Amy do? Would she approve or hate that? 

I think the reason I use the term medium, if we are being totally honest, is that I feel that if I call myself a medium then I am beating everyone to the punch and no one will body shame me. Kind of like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Actually -- JUST like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. 

When I say body shaming, I don't necessarily mean someone saying to my face or even behind my back, "Oh look how big her butt is, or look how fat her legs are." In this day and age, I honestly don't feel like anyone would do that. It makes you look like a terrible person, and it is just frowned upon.

My issues stem from what goes through a persons mind. My mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that someone is thinking to themselves, damn look at her thighs, yikes. I constantly think about what someone else is thinking.

How ABSURD AM I Y'ALL?? I'm 29, almost 30 years old and have a boyfriend who loves every curve and friends who love and support me.... how ABSURD!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm just being honest, though. It is how I feel. 

No one has ever said to me, "Wow, you're fat." Never, ever. I'm certain that they think it though. I have no proof. I obviously can't read minds. So silly, who cares. 

So back to my "medium" coined  term. What are y'alls thoughts?

I personally still like it, but I don't want to continue labeling and being counter productive to us simply JUST being WOMEN and being BEAUTIFUL.

Medium - Love It Or List It?
(yes, that was an HGTV joke)

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