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28 October 2016

The Best Tailgate Playlist

The best tailgate playlist to get your tailgate poppin!

Growing up a baller (yup, just went there) the best pump up tunes were absolutely essential during pre-game warm ups. I was always the one in charge of making the team's warm up mix. Without fail, each warm up mix kicked off with Jock Jams - Let's Get Ready To Rumble followed by Eye of the Tiger.  

After that, it was a careful curation on my part. A little bit of the Love and Basketball soundtrack here, a dash of the Space Jam soundtrack there, topped off with a pinch of whatever I was able to hit the record button in time from the Top 8 at 8. 

PAUSE-- who remembers making mixtapes by hitting record on your cassette tape right as the song would come on the radio?  If you are too much younger than me, you might be asking what a cassette tape even is. You really missed out on life, kid. You missed out. The struggle was real. 

These days technology makes it much easier on us, and building a playlist is as easy as click click click. For this week's collaboration with NFL Fan Style, since I have these sweet Cowboys headphones from the NFL Shop to jam out with before kickoff, I thought I'd let you in on some songs that get me pumped up, and make my tailgate (or homegate) the place to be! This list is a great mix hitting nearly every genre, so everyone will be included. 

The Ultimate #GamedayVibes Pump Up Playlist

I hope this list helps get your tailgate pumped up! 

I'll be checking (ok - stalking) scores  on my phone all weekend because I'm headed to New Orleans for Voodoo Fest! EEEK! Follow along on the fun: Insta // Snap // Twitter // Facebook!

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