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24 October 2016

PSHT - Downtime is Overrated

CB and I had an "off weekend" this weekend, meaning - we have a crap load of trips this fall and we didn't have anywhere to go this weekend. We dreamily talked all week about laying around all weekend, cleaning the house, snuggling, enjoying each other's company, taking the dogs on long walks on the beach and eating pizza delivery more than one time over the course of the two day weekend. 

While we did have Pizza Hut (only once) WE DID ALL OF THE THINGS AND DIDN'T REST FOR ONE SECOND. Sigh. For the record, I'm not complaining. Might be tired, but it was worth it. The whirlwind, event filled weekend started on Wednesday when we met the girls (when I say girls I mean our friends Larissa and Heather who live just down the street from us) for a State Fair run. 

Yes, I already posted fair photos, but you'll just have to suffer some more. 

Here I am with Big Tex in my cup. 

Here I am giving Big Tex some of my beer  

Here I am eating a fried red velvet cupcake 

Here I am eating a Mama's Stuffed wing. 

Then on Thursday night, we went to a Hoedown. Full details on said hoedown over on Dallas Love List's fancy new blog. I wore the cutest little off the shoulder dress... WHICH IS CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $20.98. I paid more than that, yes I'm a little peeved.

Friday we had every intention of staying in and keeping it low key, but then I saw our neighborhood was having a fall block walk. I also saw a few of my favorite words - free food and free drinks - all lined up next to each other and decided it was a good idea that we go. I am SOOOO glad we did, it ended up being the best time.

I also landed some new sunnies that I got a smoking hot deal on. These sunnies are Krewe, a New Orleans based brand which my girlfriends introduced me to on our trip back in March. I still am not sure why this store was selling Krewe, or why they were so cheap, but I bought them and ran out the door as fast as I could before they had the chance to change their mind on the price.

Here are the sunnies on their website. I paid absolutely nowhere near that price. Sarah- 1, Sunglass Gods- 0.

Saturday morning we decided to go to the fair ----------- AGAIN! 

If you haven't done the math - carry the 7, subtract the 2, divide by 38 - that makes THREEEEEE times at the fair for me. Because, you know, who even really WANTS to be skinny? I only ate stuffed olives though this time, aren't you proud of me? 

On Saturday we went to Park and Palate at Klyde Warren Park. I'm only being slightly dramatic when I scream --- THIS IS THE BEST EVENT I'VE EVER BEEN TO!! The most incredible food, first class vino, rosé to die for and every kind of liquor you could ever need to boot. I'll be doing a full recap on Dallas Love List -- if you're interested -- but here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the event. 

Macaron cupcakes from Bisous Bisous Patisserie 

A little Rosé All Day action 

Streamers from I'm assuming The Color Condition. I pretty much go giddy for everything they touch.

I have sooo many more photos, but I'll save those for the post that goes live on Dallas Love List

I ended the weekend with a runway show for Toni&Guy. I've gotten my hair cut by Sharayah at the Northpark location since I moved to Dallas 4 years ago, and she invited me along as her guest. If you live in the Dallas area, I absolutely swear by Sharayah for cut and Ethan for color. They are both in Northpark, work as a great team and are very reasonably priced. I mean, I trusted them to take me red and they didn't let me down. Highly recommend! I'll be sure to post an event recap on Dallas Love List too! 

Is anyone else exhausted just from reading this. 
I am NOT DOING ANYTHING TONIGHT, so no one even think about asking me. 

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