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03 October 2016

Código 1530 Tasting Event with George Strait

I've been singing one song and one song only since about 6:15pm on Saturday night. 


After that Tennessee Hail Mary, I laid in the kitchen for 15 minutes, unable to move. My mom called and CB had to answer and bring me the phone. I then had a conversation with her, on the kitchen floor. That stuff never, ever happens to me. Could I be brought crashing back down to earth on Saturday on the road at A&M (which I'll be there for).... perhaps. But until then....


Even though I would be totally down to talk to you about the exhilaration and pure joy I've felt since Saturday at 6:15pm, I promised you a recap of the Código 1530 event with George Strait from Thursday, and a recap you will get! 

I was tickled to open my email last week and see an invite sitting there that went something like this--- You're invited to a Código 1530 tequila tasting. Both of the Co-Founders, Federico Vaughan and Ron Snyder will lead the private tasting. George Strait will be there as well. Would you like to come?

Oh, why yes, yes I would. Thank you for asking.

After a bit of research, I quickly learned that this was NOT your typical tequila. Previously a nameless tequila, only enjoyed privately by those in the know in Mexico, will now be unveiled and available in select markets this Fall. Dallas, lucky enough for me, being one of those markets.

The founders took us through tasting each of the four expressions: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and "Origen" which is an Extra Añejo. While going through each of the four offerings, we learned more about the love, time and craftsmanship that goes into this exquisite tequila.

There is never a corner cut in Código’s process. The region’s finest agaves, the purest water sources, and an age-old private family process leads to a perfect tequila that, until now, had only been served at Mexico’s most selective dinner tables and parties, or poured into jugs from the source.

We had the privilege of enjoying three food pairings crafted exclusively by Meat Church BBQ Master Matt Pittman. Seriously want to drool? Then check out Meat Church's instagram.

Each bottle of Código 1530 is carefully hand-filled and packaged in a cork-stopper 750ml bubbled glass bottle artfully etched to bear the region’s symbolic Jerusalem Cross. The founders consistently referred to their creation as "juice," which I thought was a unique touch.  

Although I loved every sip from every offering I did have a favorite: Código 1530 Origen, the Extra Añejo. This particular tequila is aged for six years, making it one of the oldest Extra Añejos on the market. It combines the refined palate of an aged tequila with many of the tasting notes found in aged whiskeys. It is meant to be sipped and savored on its own... and holy cow was it tasty. 

Here are a few of the professional photos of the event taken by the Código 1530 team. 

Following the tasting, came the party. As one would imagine, this impeccable brand of course knew how to throw a party which was hosted by former NHL stars, Brenden Morrow and Brett Hull. 

The drink of the evening was the insanely delicious Paloma, which I tried both on the rocks and frozen. Life is just too short not to try all of the options made available to you, right? 

Did I also mention the King of Country was there?
OH YEAH, the King of Country was there.  

Let's just say that the evening is not one I will soon forget! 

If you're in the Dallas area, you have several options for tracking down Códiog 1530: 

Bars + Restaurants 
Hotel Zaza
Lounge 31
Mexican Sugar
Gaylord Texasn Resort

Wine + Spirit Retailers
Goody Goody Liquor
Fossil Creek Liquor

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