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04 May 2016

Welcome To The Swimsuit Shopping Game!

I've been searching high and low for a bathing suit to wear this Summer and I'm starting to come to the conclusion that there is nothing out there for me. I don't have big boobs, I have a big butt, I have a relatively flat stomach. I want to show off my stomach since it is my best bathing suit "asset" (for lack of a better term) but any design I find that will cover my butt, wants to also cover my stomach. 

Y'all know how much I hate wearing a bathing suit in public right? I promised myself, and honestly, I promised CB too, that I would NOT skip out on fun Summer activities just because they involve a bathing suit. He wants to hang out with me, and I'm sure it's no fun for him if I'm on the sidelines because I'm embarrassed. It is his Summer too. I get so consumed in my insecurities that I sometimes forget that... 

I searched the hashtag #ltkswim hoping to get ridiculously lucky and find a medium with a similar shape as me. I understand that I'm searching for a unicorn looking for something like that. Why? Because if you read that post I just linked, you'll know that "medium fashion bloggers" just don't exist. Even if they did, they aren't posting themselves frolicking around on the beach in their cute two piece. Mediums, like myself, would never do that. We so intensely fear posting pictures of our full bodies on social media. 

I saw an article on Elite Daily the other day, and it was pretty much verbatim my "Where Are All The Mediums?" blog post. It made me chuckle, because it is so glaringly obvious that there is a lack of representation in this market.

Like that article said, sooooo we've got Amy Schumer.... and that's about it.

So like I was saying, bathing suit shopping is pretty much the worst thing in the world for me. I thought I would spill the beans on a little secret bathing suit stash that I've stumbled on. That stash I'm referring to is Amazon's bathing suit selection.

Why I think all of the mediums are going to love it:

1. Cheap is an understatement. They are very, very affordable. I bought a suit for $13.

2. Most suits have many honest reviews. You'll know right away if you shouldn't waste your money.

3. Many of the reviews include photos of the girls wearing the suit. Most of these girls wearing these suits ARE "mediums"!

4. They have lots of trendy options.


1. Sizing is WEIRD. The reviews will explain that though, DON'T SKIP THE REVIEWS. You'll know within minutes how much you need to size up. Yes, you'll be buying crazy sizes. I'm a 10-12 ususally, I bought a 4x in one bathing suit, I kid you not. If you're going to go this route, you can't get a mental block on a silly number written on the tag. If it looks great, who cares what silly size it is. 

2. They're coming from CHINA. They ship quick, but shipping can take a month. A MONTH. No prob, if you order now, you've got a month until swimsuit season.

I ordered a few suits already, but have not received them yet. They should be here toward the end of May, but I'm super excited about that. I am also going to BE VERY BRAVE and try them on for you when I get them. If I've found the holy grail of swimsuits, I'm not going to hoard this info for myself.

Returns are no problem though, and they're cheap enough that I would order a few at a time and return whatever you don't want.

Here are the two that I bought.

1. GWELL Women's 2PCS High Waist Push Up Padded Strappy Swimsuits Bikini
This one is now on Prime shipping!! $17.95
126 Reviews
3.4 stars
15 photos


2. OURS Backless One Piece Monokini Halter Pad Bikini Swimsuits Swimwear
3.7 out of 5 Stars
39 Reviews 
5 Customer Images

So like I said, I absolutely PROMISE to report back, and I'll try my best to be brave and post the photo. I know how hard this whole processes is, we've gotta help each other out! 

Now I need YOUR help. PLEASE LEAVE IN THE COMMENTS any and all secret MEDIUM bathing suit websites that you love!! 

Bonus points if they're inexpensive! 

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  1. I thought about your "medium" post the other day when I was online shopping for a store that offers regular sizes and plus size. As I was scrolling, all the models were either stick thin or full/curvy plus size ladies. It was definitely polarizing and I instantly thought, "I have to figure out which of these clothes will look good on me when my body looks nothing like either of these models." #MediumsFoLife #LetsStartAMediumLine

  2. Look they may only last a summer or two, but I've had GREAT luck with Old Navy suits. They cover my ass, are cheap, and some are really cute! I just got this one, and while it's more than I usually pay for an Old Navy suit, i LOVE it

  3. I adore the bathing suit tops (getaway halter and the braille) from Victoria's secret. I have also had good luck with old navy. I'm a 34DD, size 8/10 with a small belly.

  4. I literally just ordered the black suit on Monday! I can't wait to get it and see how it fits!

  5. Okay, what is this magical shopping hashtag? How does it work?

  6. The struggle is real, girl! I love those two suits, hope they work for you! I always just end up at Target, but it has to be EARLY in the year (like last month) and I always end up buying completely different sizes for the tops and bottoms. I'm opposite of you with a big chest and quite literally, no booty. Good luck - bathing suit shopping can be traumatizing!

  7. Those two suits look super cute! I have the hardest time looking for suits too... maybe, just maybe this year I'll participate in summer activities =P

  8. I'm a medium, and I'm not ashamed! Actually, may post a bikini selfie today on Instagram because of this post haha!

    Feathers and Stripes

  9. I can't wait to hear how they end up working, because those are ADORABLE!

  10. These are adorable! Shopping for bathing suits is the worst, I am right there with ya! Xo, Stephanie


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