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26 May 2016

Monday Marks Two

My mom and CB's mom came over for a little dinner party on Monday night. My mom -- although she flew back to Virginia yesterday -- was in town over the weekend and CB's mom who lives over in Arlington drove over so we could all hang out together. I offered to cook my favorite low calorie dish that I honestly make anytime someone comes over. It is excellent for you, looks fantastic and tastes even better. 

As I'm cooking, one of the moms (I was intensely focused on cooking, I can't multi-task while cooking so I'm not sure which mom it was) asked me what made me start wanting to cook after all those years. I said I genuinely wanted to cook for CB. Being a girl power, don't need no man kind of girl, I felt weird saying that. I feel slightly embarrassed telling you guys that now. It is true though, I wanted to cook for him. I now want to make a home with him. He completely changed my attitude on what love and marriage is all about.

I cook he cleans. Anytime I'm cooking he's never just sitting on the couch, he's doing something to make our house better. I'm not slaving away in a kitchen while he barks orders at me to have the dinner on the table when he comes home from work. It's not even remotely like that. 

I also get an odd thrill when he RAVES over what I've made. I realize I'm always just following a recipe, but it makes me feel proud. This proudness is a feeling I honestly didn't know I was capable of, but it's cool. I dig it. 

(I also sometimes break my arm patting myself on the back over my own cooking, but that's neither here nor there)

They say people can't change, and I'm not saying CB has changed me. I do feel like he's made me more of a believer that real, equal love does exist. It is possible to find your best friend and love someone as much as they love you. I honestly wasn't a believer in totally equal love before I met him. I didn't think I wanted it, and I truly didn't think I needed it. Now I'm certain I can't live without it. 

We aren't flashy, or in your face - obviously, we aren't anywhere to be found together on the internet. I like to think that we don't make anyone ever feel uncomfortable around us. I think we have a very simple kind of love. 

I guess I'm feeling a little sappy because this coming Monday will mark two years of being together! 
Maybe we'll wind up getting each other the same card again.... 

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  1. To anyone reading the comments... CB and Sarah are sincerely one of my favorite couples. I judge a couple based on how fun it is to hang out with them. I hate when people are hanging all over eachother or just talking to themselves. you guys are genuinely in love but also fun to pair with. I love your relationship. and this post. and cooking is showing love and I think you show it well.

  2. Happy anniversary!!! I love that your moms got to spend it with you!!

  3. I totally understand the thrill you get when he raves about your cooking. When my husband does I secretly love it and I realllllly love it when he does to other people haha!

  4. I love hearing these details about your relationship and how great you are together. Congratulations on two years of bliss, and here's to many more!

  5. Cute photo and I am glad he makes you better. That is all that matters.

  6. two years wow, how time flies. We got each other the same card a few times.. its always fun when that happens.

  7. two years wow, how time flies. We got each other the same card a few times.. its always fun when that happens.

  8. Two years!!! Love this ❤️❤️ Cooking is my favorite so I relate to this on all levels!

  9. Speaking of oysters.... I'm about to facebook message you something awesome!


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