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05 April 2016

Veenie Bo Beenie

I started this post by typing, "I'm sure you guys are looking for a Veenie update" but then it occurred to me that wait, you guys probably have no idea if she's doing GREAT or doing TERRIBLE. One minute, I'll tell you, "Whooo, Veenie is doing so much better!" then the next minute she's back to miserably sick again. 

To say this process has been draining would be the greatest understatement of all time. As of last Thrusday, we really had NO idea what was wrong. Thursday and Friday, she got progressively better and I was optimistic. Saturday morning we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and she trotted happily, tail wagging the whole time. We then walked back into the house and it was like a light switch flicked off and normal Veenie disappeared. I told CB, drop what you're doing, we're going to the vet right now. 

The vet does an X-Ray and suggests surgery. I'll use the term suggests, because she was about 60% certain there was some kind of blockage happening, but couldn't confirm with certainty. After about a gallon of tears, and by tears I mean a $6,000 estimate, I opted to first do something called a Barium test where they basically track this dye as it runs through her GI tract. This test would confirm a blockage, and once the blockage was found they'd rush her to surgery. 

Here's where this story gets good --- and by good I mean here's where I start to actually lose my sanity.  

About 8 hours later, they call with the Barium results.... "There is NO BLOCKAGE, come and get her."

I screamed out loud in pure joy, hugged CB and we went to pick our girl up around 11pm Saturday night. 

They suggested we bring her back in for a follow up xray the next morning. We arrive at 8am, with a puppy who is most certainly still not herself, but in good spirits. I chalked this up to the fact that she has gone a week with very little food. I mean, I'm not myself after an hour or two without food.... 

This vet, the same that insisted we get her into surgery the day before, says she's still seeing a blockage of some sort and she doesn't know why they sent her home last night. 

Sanity at this point is beginning to erode.  

CB, the vet and I all agree to let her try and eat at home, and see if she throws up. 

She throws up. I call vet. I talk to the same vet that sent her home on Saturday night who continues to INSIST she sees no blockage what so ever, but bring her in in the morning and we can conduct an ultrasound. This is the first time I've heard the word "ultrasound.

I dropped her off Monday morning for this ultrasound not thinking much of it. I didn't give her a million giant kisses goodbye, I didn't get a face lick, I just assumed I'd be back that night to get my girl.  

At 1:15 the vet calls, a new vet this time, firmly insisting surgery. I couldn't get the words, "YES, GO" out of my mouth fast enough. 

I left work early because I was a complete mess, and CB came home to be with me. We waited for what felt like a lifetime for the phone call. When I got it, I sat there wishing the phone had never rang. The surgery did not go well. When they got in there, they found a toothpick which had perforated through her bowel in 5 different places. Her small intestines were stuck together, and just for good measure, she had a nasty case of pancreatitis. 

I held it together as the vet told me she's going to need to fight if she is going to make it through this. He also used the phrase, "cautiously optimistic" which I'm now clinging to, and doing my absolute best to stay positive. (Staying positive in tough situations isn't really my forte) 

This is a very long post, but like last week's post, writing this all down helps ME more than anything. The vet called this morning and said she had a good night. Not receiving bad news, is great news right now I think. 

He also told me that she was "enjoying her pain meds" which gave me quite a good laugh and mental picture. I'm picturing Veenie like this right now.... 

I needed a laugh, and that did it.  

CB and I get to go see her during visiting hours tonight. I'm picturing rows of sick pups in little white hospital beds, while cat nurses come tend to each one with sponge baths and kitten candy stripers drop off flowers that loved ones have sent. 

CB seems to think she'll just be in a cozy little kennel. 
I for one like the image in my head better but to each his own. 

I love that dog with all of my heart, and I'm going to do nothing short of my absolute best to remain positive and optimistic. If anyone can get through this, it's Veenie. I mean, I saw the girl chase down a squirrel on Friday at full speed, while a toothpick was causing her what I'm sure was unthinkable pain. She is GOING to get through this. I need her to get through this. 

Finally, I just want to say thank you. The tweets, the texts the messages, the emails. You guys are incredible and I'm blown away by the support in this community. Truly, thank you. 

I'll do my very best to keep everyone updated either on the blog or via social media. 

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  1. Oh my goodness Sarah I'm so incredibly sorry! Having a dog that is going through so much is seriously the hardest thing! Our dog got hit by a car a few years ago and spent about a week in ICU followed by a month of kennel time. It's still one of the hardest things we've ever had to deal with. I know that both of our pups are little troopers, and if there's anybody that can get through this it's Veenie! Keeping your sweet fur baby in my prayers!

  2. Poor girl! It's so scary but it's good that they figured out what the problem is so now she can hopefully be on the road to recovery. Bowie had surgery this week and it was so scary too since I'm also a crazy dog mom. Best wishes and fingers crossed for Veenie!

  3. Ah, poor Veenie! Sending all the good thoughts and vibes your way!!

  4. My heart hurts for you Sarah! Your sweet Veenie is a fighter! Will be thinking of you and waiting for an update. <3

  5. So When rocky was 11 (last year) he had this watery cough. I thought it was nothing since all of mine do that from time to time. After about a week I felt it in my gut. I ended up rushing him to the ER on a Saturday in case it was pneumonia. Well, it turned out to be an enlarged heart The ER vet told me it was like a 6 or something , and a heart murmur. So they gave me a number for a cardioligist and I had an appt booked for two weeks out. That Monday, my other chi got a cold, so I took her to my regular vet and I decided to sneak rocky in with me for a second opinion. She said the murmur was only a 4 (that was good news) but that she doesn’t suggest waiting two weeks bc we don’t know what could happen and he might not have 2 weeks. So she gets me in on Wednesday with another vet at another clinic who can do all the same cardio stuff but isnt a board ceritified cardioligist. Saved me a lot of money thank god!

    Anyways, he tells me rocky has an enlarged heart and mitral valve disease which little dogs can get around this age. Its when the one valve of the heart has to work extra hard to keep the other valve from drowning in blood. Eventually dogs have heart failure from this. The thing is – rocky JUSt had his teeth cleaned a few months before and his vitals (his heart) were fine, so I KNEW that this was the beginning stages of whatever. They gave me heart medicine for him to take twice a day for the rest of his life. I also have to bring him in for a check up (to stay on top of it ) every 3 months which costs $350. And a yearly exam each year for the full exam looking at his heart againa nd taking xrays which cost $1000. I was distraught. All I could think of was how he could have his days, months, etc numbered. My heart was so sad bc I kept thinking I didn’t have long with him. Then about 2 weeks later I started telling myself that I needed to enjoy WHATEVER time with him bc 1. He doesn’t know any better so why would I want him feeling my sad mood when we are together and 2. I don’t wanna look back and be like Wow I was so mopey and sad with him.

    So I stayed really positive. I thought as positive as I could. I kept envisioning him having many more years, even when negative thoughts peaked through.

    His one year appointment was in february… He gained a full pound (a lot from a chihuahua), his heart and everything went down so many sizes. His words were “its not normal obviously bc he still will have an abnormally sized heart) but its not very big anymore. He said it was a HUGE change. Rocky has had NO issues, no coughing, no shortness of breathe, and no sid eeffects (fatigue) from his medicine. He runs around like a madman with his sisters and doesn’t ever have to stop to catch his breath. He is so happy that he runs around in circles kicking and barking for no reason, but you can tell its because he’s happy. And while I’m sure that the medicine, regular checkups, and early detection have something to do with that, I feel it in my heart, my brain , and my gut that my positivity went from inside of me to inside of him and helped keep him happy and healthy. He is so loved and he knows it. he is cradled everynight in my arms. I don’t know how long he’ll be around, but I am so happy with him because happy and well RIGHT NOW that I don’t let that thought worry me anymore.

    So the reason I told all of you that is because if you practice thinking positive for the long term … it can really heal. Veenie will feel it in that little veenie heart and soul just as you will feel it in yours. HUGS GIRL!!!!!I know how much they mean to us. I would run into a burning building followed by a man with a gun to my head just to save my babies. NO HESITATION! Keep us posted. XOXOXOXO and if u ever need to chat to a crazy dog woman – im here!

  6. We are all pulling for Lady V!!! Thinking of you!! and HUGE HUGS are being sent your way! oxox I will be telling June (my dog) and Angus (my cat) to say their puppy and kitty prayers - and when you see those cute candy stripers send a few Angus' way - he thinks you said Strippers ;)

  7. Oh girl I can't even imagine. Our pups are our children and it's nothing less than terrifying when anything is wrong with them. I'm saying this remembering when I spent a night sleeping on the kitchen floor with Lily and hand fed her boiled chicken after she threw up in 27 spots of my house. I'm sending all the good vibes and wishing Veenie luck and she comes back swinging as I'm sure she will. xoxoxo

  8. Also - I like your version of the dog hospital better too! :)

  9. Oh my goodness!!!! Poor Vee, poor you, poor CB - I can't even imagine! Thinking about you all, and praying for the best of the best news for that sweet baby.

    Also, i'm pretty sure my dog would be cheesing on some pain killers too. Call it a hunch.

  10. Oh Sarah! My heart goes out to you-- I'm sure you've been out of your mind. Poor Veenie! Praying that she'll heal like a champ and be back to 100% soon!

  11. Sarah, I'm sending you all the hugs in the world! I had a cat that was howling and howling when he tried to pee. He had a horrible blockage and needed surgery. When I went to visit him, he WAS in a little kennel but they had given him blankets and food and were really sweet to him. He loved getting face pets but was definitely loopy because of pain meds. I'm praying extra hard for Veenie and for you!

  12. My thoughts are with you, CB and your adorable pup Veenie! Hoping for a fast and full recovery!

  13. Awwww poor thing! You are such a good Mommy. Vee will pull through!!!! Positive vibes headed your way.

  14. Oh my ... I literally just whisper shouted, "Shut the f*** up" at my desk. I'm so sorry! I know sometimes they will try and move the pet to a room that is more private, so long as they are stable enough. My Mindy (RIP and happy birthday!) had to have surgery a few years back and she wasn't able to be moved. The back room is a little scary, but you suck it up and do it so you can see your baby. I remember those days all too well, as scary as it is, you get through it and put up a front. Do whatever it takes for your baby!! Prayers for you, CB, and Veenie! Praying that all goes well and she comes home soon! <3

  15. Thank you so much for the update friend. I know that we've all seriously been worried. just crossing my fingers and toes for her over here!!

  16. oh I'm sorry! Best wishes for sweet Veenie :) Love that pic of her :)

    Sarah @ The Midwest Darling

  17. I'm so sorry you've had to make all these tough decisions and worry about Veenie. It's so hard to be responsible for another living creature. I'm glad to see on your snapchat that she was so happy to see you and eating!! Hoping for the best tonight.

  18. So glad they did the surgery and found out what was wrong with poor Veenie! I'm wishing her all the best and i'm sure she'll get through this just fine! I can't imagine how she must have been feeling and she was still in high spirits most of the time. She's a fighter!

  19. Oh no! I'm so glad they finally figured out what it was and she's on the road to recovery.

  20. Keeping you, CB and both of your pups in my thoughts! I wish I knew the magic words to say to make you feel better, but I don't have just know I'm thinking about you!

  21. I'm thinking of you and Veenie, friend! How is it possible to love pups so very much?! It's both a blessing and a curse! She'll pull through this!

  22. Oh my god, Sarah, I'm so sorry that this is happening! Veenie is a strong little pup, she'll be alright, I'm sure of it! We're all rooting for her. :) I'm sending some strong vibes!

  23. Thinking of you and Veenie. Hoping she makes it through just fine! She seems like a tough little cookie!

  24. Oh my goodness! I am thinking of you and sweet Veenie! Pets are such a BIG part of the lives of the people that love them. I consider my three Labradors just as much a part of the family as any person in it!

    It is so hard when pets are sick, because obviously they can't speak and tell us what's wrong. They can't tell us how much it hurts, and they can't tell us how to make it better. It is heart wrenching!

    A few years ago, my husband I went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. We left our 11 year old Lab at the vet/kennel. We were only going to be gone for two days, and really didn't think that much about it. On Thanksgiving night, we got a call from the vet telling us that our sweet boy had suffered heart failure, and needed to be put to sleep immediately. We were in total shock and disbelief. We knew that he was getting up in age, but had no idea that he wouldn't be around for a little longer. He was fine when we left.

    Even though it was close to midnight and we were six hours away, I asked if they could keep him alive for those few hours. I wanted to leave immediately, drive the six hours, and be able to say goodbye. They said they could keep him alive, but that he would be suffering. Of course, we didn't want that, so we made the heart breaking decision (over the phone) to let him go. It was the HARDEST thing that I've ever had to go through in my life. The fact that I didn't get to tell him goodbye...and that we had left him (unknowingly) to never see him again.

    All of this to say---yes, it is SO hard....and I am saying a prayer for Veenie (and you)right now!!!! I hope she heals quickly and is back to chasing squirrels as quickly as possible! Damn toothpick!!!!!!

  25. Oh my goodness! Your poor puppy. I hope she recovers quickly and is soon back to her old self.

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

  26. Crossing my fingers that surgery fixed everything and she's back to her playful precious self ASAP!

  27. Hugs my friend. I can only slightly imagine how you're feeling. Sending lots of love and positive vibes to Veenie, you, and CB, and General. I'm sure he misses his sister.

  28. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that about Veenie! She is an adorable pup and will absolutely make it through. I'm praying for you and CB and poor Veenie. She seems so resilient!

  29. Oh, Sarah, I am so sorry Veenie has been going through this! I'm praying that she makes it through and that she's back to her old self in no time!


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