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05 October 2015

Because Why Would You NOT Fry a Pizza?

What a whirlwind of a weekend this past weekend was. Holy moly. Thank you guys so much for all of your sweet comments on Friday's post about Female Fan Gameday Rituals contest! I really appreciate all of your kind words and congratulations. This past weekend we filmed the first part of that video, and it went really well. 

Before I dive into that, I just really want to brag on my sweet boyfriend real quick. I never once asked him to help me get ready for them to come over to the house to shoot on Saturday. Not once. Yet he worked his butt off without any kind of hesitation. Every single day last week, he was working on the yard, cleaning, mopping, organizing... anything he could do so I could focus on getting my office presentable. The day of, he spent his entire morning cleaning up the house, doing laundry, vacuuming the floors, while I did my hair and makeup. I never once asked him, he just did it without ever making me feel guilty. He knew I would want to focus on getting gussied up for filming, and he took on all the dirty work without thinking twice about it. 

I *might* have cried while giving him a big hug on Saturday, because I was just so touched by what he did for me the past week. I'm not sure what I've done in my life to deserve such a powerful love, but I sure am grateful I have it. 

Friday night was spent watching the Rangers -- who clinched the AL West yesterday by the way -- and hanging picture frames in my office. I'll try to take pictures this week so I can show you guys the finished product.

They arrived at the house around 1pm on Saturday to setup and film! I was really freaking nervous, but they said I did pretty well, thankfully!

I had the WORST eye irritation the whole day on Saturday for some reason. My eyes were burning and running all day long, and I couldn't get any relief. Dang allergies! I'm praying that didn't come across in the video. After we finished shooting the first part at the house, we headed to my favorite place in Dallas, and what I am still going to call home even though I don't live there anymore: Deep Ellum. 

The pups were the stars of this part of the show!

LOLZZZ at Veenie's onesie! 

Once we wrapped up filming, we had plans to meet our friends at the State Fair! 

CB and I spent a small fortune on coupons -- you have to have coupons to buy any food or drink. The saddest (best?) part was that we used every last one of our coupons. I guess that's what happens when you spend $13 on a drink that comes in a pineapple. 

We had a group of 11 people who went, and among all 11 of us, I'm pretty certain we tried one of everything at the fair. Fried peanut butter and jelly, fried pepperoni pizza, Fletcher's corn dogs, fried jambalaya, fried lobster tail, fried stuffed olives, fried smores, smores beer,  regular beer, regular margaritas, smoky bacon margaritas, fried oreos, homemade chips piled high with nacho cheese and tater tots, fried thanksgiving dinner... if it was fried or came on a stick, at least one person in the group most likely tasted it. 

I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog, but I made a b-line for the fried pepperoni pizza. It was the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. Also pictured is the fried PB&J that CB ordered.

Ridiculousness. Absolute ridiculousness. 

I told myself that I would go to the fair that night and not stress over the Tennessee game. I'm so upset with them, but I just cannot stand to not watch. I had to do it, I couldn't help myself.

We lost. Again.

It turned out to be an absolutely perfect, and remarkably cool October night. Hooray for a break in 90 degree temps!

After way too many beers, far too much food, one $13 pineapple drink and a Tennessee loss to Arkansas, we headed over to an EDM show at the Lizard Lounge to see Helene!! Had I not had that $13 pineapple drink and all those beers, I'd probably have more pictures to document the rest of the evening!  

And now it's Monday and there's a full work week ahead.
Whomp Whomp Whomp. 

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  1. I am sad that I live in Denver and will never experience Fried Pepperoni Pizza.. my life will never be the same. Sidenote: where did you get the lace trimmed sweater that you filmed in? I love it. I hope they put your video on YouTube so we can see it! Brian and his family got filmed last week for the Av's home opener because they are one of the longest running season ticket holders! I'm not going to the game so I hope they record it for me.

  2. Congrats on filming...looks like it was a lot of fun!!! I always say that I'm not a sports person...I only love the food that comes with it LOL

    p.s. the pups are adorable!!

    Melissa | So About What I Said

  3. That is so awesome about the video! Congratulations!!! And WOW great to have so much support from CB, what a keeper!...I still think it is AMAZING that you are dating Batman (sooo jealous :D)

  4. Oh this sounds so yummy!!! The Texas State Fair seems heavenly. :)

  5. What fun!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures! ♥

  6. I have to try a bacon margarita and whatever that pineapple thing is. I may not survive this Monday without them. Also, I am thinking you hit the boyfriend lottery. Just like regular lottery, I suck at boyfriend lottery.

  7. I can't wait to see the finished product of your shoot, and I love that your pups got to be a part of it too! I love all of the fried goodness that you can get at the state fair, and the fried pepperoni pizza looks and sounds amazing!

  8. Dang. I wish TN had a good fair like Texas does. I want all the foods.

  9. I still have yet to visit the State Fair in Dallas. One day... I love how the pups were included in the shoot, they're so adorable in their outfits! And CB was so sweet getting everything ready for you.

    And who wouldn't want fried foods, that's the best ever! Deep fried everything! lol

    Glad you had a great weekend.

  10. What a fun weekend. I freakin' love the (CA) state fair, which I'm assuming would be very similar to your state fair. All the fried food! I really liked the fired nutella, not so much the fried snickers! I'm glad ours doesn't go on coupons, that doesn't sound like any fun. I like paying full dollars for stuff and then being sad about it two days later when I look at my bank account ;) Congrats, again, on your contest win and cool prize package -- can't wait to see it all come together! xoxo, ganeeban

  11. It's so awesome you have someone so supportive! So glad it all went well. And yes, fried pizza.

  12. Glad to see the shoot went well! I am so jealous of that deep fried pizza. I'm going to have to head out to my states fair and see if they have it. There aren't many better foods than pizza!

  13. Fried pizza?! All the heart eye emojis!

  14. Veenie is working that onesie!!! What a fun experience! Congrats on the filming! And hello cute office. ;) Now I think I need to make my way to Dallas to see if there is any of that fried pizza left......

  15. Deep fried pizza?! I need that in my life. There needs to be a national restaurant specializing in that.

  16. I'm glad the filming went well. I hope we get to see the final result!

    And you felt about Tennessee is pretty much how I was feeling on Sunday with the Angels...I mean, seriously. Wouldn't the Rangers rather face the Angels in the playoffs than the stupid Astros?? :-)

  17. That deep fried pizza looks SO GOOD! I need some. RIGHT NOW!! And your office (and you!) looks great by the way :)

  18. Everything about your weekend sounds AMAZING! Let's talk about that sweet man friend of yours -- what a total darling! I love that he did that. Sounds to me like you've found yourself a MAN & I'm so happy for you :)

  19. your weekend was the best ever!! you look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures - all of them. eye irritation aside i'm sure you killed it. i love your office setup! you need to do a full blog post on it. nailed it. so glad I got to see you this weekend, even if it was brief!

  20. Thank you for taking a photo next to Wit's End! love Two:Tone Thursday drum & bass nights!


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