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30 October 2015

The Best Gameday Playlist

I'm always on the hunt for great playlists. As of late, I've been on the hunt for the best gameday playlist. I honestly find awesome playlists in weird places. For example, one of my favorite going out playlists is this one. I'm somewhat mortified to admit that because of the name, but seriously, check out the songs. How good are those? If you like rap, that's your playlist. I also dig the playlists that Spotify puts together, like Rap Caviar. Helene is another great playlist maker too, you should follow her if you don't already. 

My favorite genre is without a doubt rap music, but I know as well as anyone that you can't just play rap music over and over at your tailgates. You need a playlist that combines a wide variety of genres that will appeal to everyone. I've put together a playlist on spotify that I think does just that. This gameday playlist has rap, country, pop, rock, classic rock, southern rock, EDM and everything in between. I even threw in an Ozzy Osbourne song, because, why not? 

The best part? It's long enough to play for your entire tailgate without repeating a song! Hit shuffle, press play and you're good to go! Click the picture above, or click here to subscribe to my gameday playlist on Spotify! 

I'll also embed it for you below! 

And just because I probably don't plug my stuff enough, don't forget to tag your sports related photos on instagram with the hashtag #gamedayvibes

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  1. Omg this is incredible!!! love this playlist so much!!

  2. Thanks for this! I'll be using it for the gym! Perfect songs for pumping iron!

  3. Turn Down For What makes me irrationally happy! I have to save this playlist :)

  4. I am agree with your post. I hope you are always shared me this type of post. Thanks a lot. download songs


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