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31 October 2015

The Gadget Football Fans Must Have

This post brought to you by Slingbox. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Venus Trapped in Mars.

Let's throw it back to Halloween 2014. Let me paint the picture for you. 

I was at a Halloween party, and this particular Halloween party was on November 1st. I'm still not sure why it was thrown the day after Halloween, perhaps so everyone could get a 75% off costume from Party City. November 1st was a Saturday, and thus, coincided with a Tennessee Volunteers football game. This particular game was against an SEC East rival, South Carolina. I do everything in my power to never miss a Vols game against an SEC opponent, so while everyone at the party was sitting outside by the fire pit, I was inside by myself watching the game. 

These were all CB's friends at the party, and we were still a relatively newer couple at the time. I felt bad that I wasn't socializing with everyone, and was worried that I was making a bad impression. When South Carolina took a 42- 28 lead with 4:52 minutes to go, I reluctantly turned the game off and went outside. 

While I was sitting outside, without access to the game, I missed one of the best comebacks and most exciting finishes in Tennessee history. No biggie. The Vols overcame a double digit deficit to bring the game into overtime, then won 45-42 in a thrilling overtime finish. 

I saw none of this, only a crackling fire and a Facebook timeline filled with status updates that read something like this, "THAT WAS THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER SEEN IT WOULD HAVE SUCKED SO BAD TO MISS THE END OF THAT GAME BECAUSE YOU WERE SITTING BY A CAMPFIRE." (I paraphrased there a bit.

Still bitter a year later, I can't tell you how excited I was to learn about the coolest gadget that you're absolutely going to NEED if you're a sports fan, the Slingbox500. I picked mine up at Best Buy, and I know it's already going to be a game changer -- pun intended of course. If you already pay for cable services, which I do, the Slingbox500 lets you watch live and recorded shows, movies and sports. There are no extra cable subscriptions, and no additional monthly fees.

I'm basically a free woman now! I'm no longer chained to the couch during my team's games, or even worse, forced to watch at the bar with the other team's fans.  You can watch football on your phone, tablet, computer or even on other TV's in your house!!

Veenie requested that, going forward, we watch every Sunday NFL game at the park...

Now that I won't miss anymore of the Vols games, maybe that means our field goal kicker won't miss anymore 43 yard attempts???!?!?! Here's hoping, bless his heart!

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  1. Funny you posted this cause we were just looking at Slingbox and were thinking of getting one so we could watch tv on patio

  2. umm what!? this really does sound so cool! what an awesome idea! also i miss your pups!

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  4. Looks like I have found a must-have birthday present for my husband, I can't believe we haven't heard about this yet as big of sports fans as we are! Thanks for sharing! Xo, Stephanie


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