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02 November 2015

The Best Brunch in Dallas

When it comes to eating out, I'm a creature of habit. I get hooked on one place that I know I like, and always request we go out to eat there. My dad was the same way, so there's no doubt how I got this way. When I was living in Knoxville, this wasn't so bad since there really aren't a million, super unique options available. 

Side note: I'll be in Knoxville this weekend with my college roomies for the South Carolina game. My Knoxville must-haves include the following: Sunspot, Soccer Taco, Sapphire for Friday night drinks, Cool Beans for gameday drinks and Downtown Grill and Brewery for Brunch. If you need me next weekend, I'll be at one of those 5 places. Oh, and I'll of course be at the greatest stadium in all of college sports from around 4pm-7:30pm. 

So back to where I was going with that. I used to swear up and down that I loved Waffle House as much as any fancy brunch spot in Dallas. Yes, you read that correctly. The problem with that statement is that I'd never really been to a fancy brunch spot in Dallas until my first trip to a place called Smoke a few months ago. 

Where to eat brunch in dallas smoke

Pictured is their Smoked Brisket Cornbread Hash. This is the only thing I've ever had there, and the only thing I will ever have there. I can't go and not order this menu item, it's insane. 

Last weekend, I wanted to go to Smoke for brunch, but the group overruled me and we headed to a restaurant called Jonathon's. I went, and complained the whole drive there (all of 5 minutes), and complained over the build your own Bloody Mary bar (I don't want to pay money to make my own damn drink), and complained during our 45 minute wait in the rain. 

When we sat down, my friend Larissa told the server, "We're going to need to go ahead and get the biscuits and gravy out of the way." I laughed at her, without realizing that she was on some serious next level brunch thinking with this order for the table. 

The best brunch spot in dallas

the best brunch in dallas

My complaints started to diminish at about this time. 

The main course for brunch arrived a bit later.

Places to eat brunch in dallas

I ordered the Dad's Benedict. 

Brunch places in Dallas

Both of our friends got the same thing, the Kure.

Where to have brunch in dallas

CB got the most popular thing on the menu, the chicken and waffles. If I didn't have a large obsession with Eggs Benedict, I would have said I ordered wrong. It was pretty obvious that this was the most popular thing on the menu, every table had at least one order of chicken and waffles.

The best chicken and waffles in dallas
I'll admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong. Jonathon's was the bomb and I should be more open to trying new places. 

True to form though, I demanded that CB and I go back to Jonathon's for brunch this past Saturday. I gladly built my own Bloody Mary and waited patiently for a table. 

Saturday night, it was time for a good ole house party with great friends! I gave you guys a hint on our costume, a trio from the 80s. We were Run DMC and I thought we looked pretty darn good! 

Run DMC Costume

Run DMC Costume

Run DMC Costume

Run DMC Costume

Run DMC Costume

My favorite part of the night came from one of the trick-or-treaters that CB greeted at the door. It was this little boy that sees CB and immediately goes, "I hate rappers!"

Alrighty then. Happy Halloween to you young man.
Sorry, there's no candy here for you.

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  1. OMG, that looks soooo delicious!!! And I loove your Halloween costume!!! xoxo

    Melissa | So About What I Said

  2. Wait. Why isn't Big Fatty's on your Knoxville must haves??! Best.Brunch.Ever
    I'll be in Knoxy this weekend to for the game! Go Vols!

  3. I really need to start doing brunch.

    And seriously, what is up with kids being so vocal these days??

  4. OMG now I'm drooling over my laptop. Thank you very much :/

  5. I LOVE Smoke! It is a must go to when I come down from Oklahoma, so yummy!

  6. Man, I am SO hungry right now and this didn't help. I also LOVED your costumes...and the IG pic of CB covering his face with the boombox made me LOL

  7. I was just straight-up sitting here with a grumbling stomach after forgetting my breakfast and wishing I had something to eat. AND THEN I SEE THIS POST and it was murder, lol. That looks so, so good!!! And I LOVE your costume!


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