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13 November 2015

MLB, NBA, NFL || Pro Sports Teams' Snapchat Handles

I'm aware that everyone knows this, but HOORAY it's Friday! It just feels good to say (type) that out loud right? I know I sound like a broken record, but I am truly just so thankful to have a life that makes me love the weekends so much. That's what this time of year is all about, giving thanks, right? It wasn't long ago when Friday at 5pm would tick on the clock and I'd still just sit at my desk, in no real rush to get home because I had absolutely nothing to do over the weekend. Friday, Sunday night, Monday morning... meh, it was all the same to me. It's really a special thing to see both sides of the spectrum, and as crazy as this, is I'm glad I went through the struggles here in Dallas that I did. I will never take happiness for granted. 

Aaaaaaaaand cut. 

I'm not sure where that came from, this post is (supposed to be) about snapchat and sports. You see, CB went hunting last night and I slept at the house by myself. I was a little nervous, which is silly I know. Keep in mind, although I lived on my own for so long, it was in an apartment that was more difficult to get into than the Chamber of Secrets. If a pizza man managed to find his way to my front door without me needing to come let him in downstairs, that man got a big fat extra 10 bucks from me. Impressive, sir. So although I of course feel safe in my own home, it's just a new experience sleeping alone in an actual house. Moral of the story here is that I surprised myself and SLEPT LIKE A LOG and now, one venti iced coffee deep, I'm in a fantastic mood! 

Let's get to the point, Snapchat! I put it off and I put it off and I put it off. Helene tried to tell me that it was essential, but I was hesitant. I bit the bullet and now I'm addicted. My only complaint is how difficult it is to search for people to follow. How annoying is it that you have to know the person's exact username? Annoying AF (as fudge, of course, is what I meant there. Hi mom! Loves you!

So today, I compiled a complete list of Pro Sports Teams' Snapchat Handles for you. We have enough first world problems to deal with on a daily basis, like the Starbucks lady spelling our name wrong on our highly offensive red cup, you shouldn't have to deal with the horrific woes of finding your favorite teams' snapchat handles too.

:: NFL Teams ::  

Arizona Cardinals  ||  SnapAZCardinals 

Atlanta Falcons  ||  Falcons 

Baltimore Ravens  ||  BltRavens

Buffalo Bills  ||  BillsNFL

Carolina Panthers  ||  NFLPanthers 

Cincinnati Bengals  ||  OfficialBengals

Chicago Bears  ||  N/A 

Cleveland Browns  ||   OfficialBrowns

Dallas Cowboys  ||  Cowboys

Denver Broncos  ||  BroncosOfficial 

Detroit Lions  ||  Det-Lions 

Green Bay Packers  ||  Packers

Houston Texans  ||  TexansOfficial 

Indianapolis Colts  ||  ColtsOfficial 

Jacksonville Jaguars  ||  Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs  ||  OfficialChiefs 

Miami Dolphins  ||  MiamiDolphins 

Minnesota Vikings  ||  VikingsNFL

New England Patriots  ||  Patriots 

New Orleans Saints  ||  Saints 

New York Giants  ||  N/A

New York Jets  ||  OfficialNYJets 

Oakland Raiders  ||  RaidersOfficial 

Philadelphia Eagles  ||  Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers  ||  Steelers 

St. Louis Rams  ||  SnapTheRams 

San Diego Chargers  ||  Chargers

San Francisco 49ers  ||  OfficialSF49ers 

Seattle Seahawks  ||  Seahawks 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  ||  BucsNFL

Tennessee Titans  ||  NFLTitans 

Washington Redskins  ||  RedskinsSnap

:: NBA Teams ::  

Atlanta Hawks  ||  HawksSnaps 

Boston Celtics  ||  Celtics 

Brooklyn Nets  ||  NBANets

Charlotte Hornets  ||   Hornets 

Chicago Bulls  ||  ChicagoBulls 

Cleveland Cavaliers  ||  Cavs

Dallas Mavericks  ||  TheDallasMavs 

Denver Nuggets  ||   Nuggets

Detroit Pistons  ||  NBAPistons

Golden State Warriors  ||  Warriors 

Houston Rockets  ||  HoustonRockets 

Indiana Pacers  ||  IndianaPacers

Los Angeles Clippers  ||  Clippers 

Los Angeles Lakers  ||  LakersSnaps 

Memphis Grizzlies  ||  GrizzliesNBA

Miami Heat  ||  N/A 

Milwaukee Bucks  ||  BucksDotCom 

Minnesota Timberwolves  ||  TimberWolvesMN

New Orleans Pelicans  ||  PelicansNBA 

New York Knicks  ||  NYKnicks 

Oklahoma City Thunder  ||  OKCThunder

Orlando Magic  ||  N/A 

Philadelphia 76ers  ||  Sixers 

Phoenix Suns  ||  PhoenixSuns

Portland Trailblazers  ||  TrailBlazers 

Sacramento Kings  ||  SacramentoProud 

San Antonio Spurs  ||  OfficialSpurs

Toronto Raptors  ||  N/A 

Utah Jazz  ||  UtahJazzNBA 

Washington Wizards  ||  WashWizards

:: MLB Teams ::  

Atlanta Braves  ||  braves 

Arizona Diamondbacks  ||  Dbacks 

Baltimore Orioles  ||  Orioles

Boston Red Sox  ||   Redsox 

Chicago Cubs  ||  Cubs 

Chicago White Sox  ||  WhiteSox

Cincinnati Reds  ||  SnapReds 

Cleveland Indians  ||   Indians

Colorado Rockies  ||  Rockies

Detroit Tigers  ||  Tigers 

Houston Astros  ||  AstrosMLB 

Kansas City Royals  ||  Royals

Los Angeles Angels  ||  AngelsMLB 

Los Angeles Dodgers  ||  DodgersMLB 

Miami Marlins  ||  MarlinsMLB

Milwaukee Brewers  ||  Brewers 

Minnesota Twins  ||  Twins 

New York Mets  ||  MrMet

New York Yankees  ||  Yankees 

Oakland Athletics  ||  Athletics 

Philadelphia Phillies  ||  Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates  ||  Pirates 

St. Louis Cardinals  ||  Cardinals 

San Diego Padres  ||  Padres

San Francisco Giants  ||  SFGiantsMLB 

Seattle Mariners  ||  Mariners 

Tampa Bay Rays  ||  Rays

Texas Rangers  ||  RangersMLB 

Toronto Blue Jays  ||  BlueJays 

Washington Nationals  ||  Nationals

:: NHL Teams ::  

Arizona Coyotes  ||  NHLCoyotes 

Buffalo Sabres  ||  BuffaloSabres 

Carolina Hurricanes  ||  NHLCanes

Chicago Blackhawks  ||   NHLBlackhawks 

Colorado Avalanche  ||  Avalanche 

Columbus Blue Jackets  ||  BlueJacketsNHL

Dallas Stars  ||   StarsNHL

Detroit Red Wings  ||   OfficialDRW

Edmonton Oilers  ||  EdmontonOilers

LA Kings  ||  LAKingsNHL

Minnesota Wild  ||  MinnesotaWild 

Montreal Canadiens  ||   CanadiensMTL

New Jersey Devils  ||   DevilsNJ 

New York Islanders  ||   NYIsles 

New York Rangers  ||   NYRangers

Pittsburgh Penguins  ||   Penguins 

San Jose Sharks  ||   SharksNHL

Tampa Bay Lightning  ||  LightningNHL

Toronto Maple Leafs  ||  TMLsnaps 

Vancouver Canucks  ||  VanCanucks 

Washington Capitals  ||  WashCapitals

Winnipeg Jets  ||  NHLjetsWpg

I hope everyone has a BOMB FRIDAYYYYYY!!! PEACE OUT!
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  1. No way!!! I didn't know everyone had snapchat these days.... I'm sitting here adding them all right now - thanks!

  2. You are amazing for putting this together. How and where did you find these?

  3. Awesome list! I am going to send this to my boyfriend!!

  4. Yes! I love the Eagles snapchat. The 76ers were totally winning the social media game last season (even though they weren't winning on the court) but their social media guys left this year and it's been terrible. They haven't sent a snap out once since the season has started!

  5. you are becoming quite the snapchat all star!!

  6. Thanks for this!!!!! I am so excited to be finally happy with Snap Chat! ♥

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