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04 November 2015

Win $50 To Stubhub || Easy Giveaway, Simply Follow One Person

Last night I went to the Dallas Mavs home opener. We lost, but it was just so exciting to have basketball back. As much as I absolutely love football, basketball is in my blood. My Dad played for Texas A&M, and I grew up playing basketball year round, so I certainly know, and in turn enjoy, the game much better than any other sport out there. 

I can't think of many things more enjoyable than screaming at the top of your lungs for your team on a Tuesday night, right in the middle or an otherwise mundane work week. With the return of basketball, the sports world is out of control right now. 

You've got the NFL.

You've got college football.

You've got the NHL. 

You've got the NBA.

You'll soon have college basketball. 

In honor of all of my favorite sports happening at the exact same time, I thought, why not do a giveaway to my favorite website, StubHub. This giveaway is super easy to enter, it's just me you need to follow. Also, you can earn another 2 entries into the giveaway later today on my Instagram page! 

I just want to say thank you for following me for the past couple of years. I really appreciate your support through all the ups and downs I've had since moving to Dallas and starting this blog.

While I'd obviously suggest using this gift card for a sporting event, Stubhub has tickets for your favorite concerts too! Maybe you can put this money toward that little 1989 tour you might have heard of? Taylor is her name I think? Taylor Swift? Yeah, I believe that's her name. 

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! All John wants for Christmas is Blackhawks tickets, so fingers crossed!

  2. Stinks we lost that game. I really wanted to be at the game You are right nothing more fun than screaming for the Mavs during a boring work week. You should see my desk at work I still have Championship pictures up

  3. Loved your snaps from the Mavs game last night. This giveaway is fantastic, too, thanks so much for hosting!!

  4. love this giveaway!! fingers crossed I win! And so fun you went to the opener (even if we lost)

  5. Gimme ALL THE TICKETS! I wanna win! I'd love to surprise Chris with tickets to either the Lakers or a Ducks/Kings hockey game.

  6. ahh how to I save the post? I am in Bloglovin..not sure...thank you for the giveaway!

  7. I LOVE StubHub.. WHO-DEY!!! (sorry, don't let this kill my odds) haha. thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  8. I would so love to win this. I am not working right now and I would love to either use this on concert tickets for me and my daughter or give it to my daughter's dad for a Christmas present because he loves going to red sox games! ty for the chance!

  9. OH this would so help me get my fiance Christmas present! Gotta see the Islanders play.

  10. Stubhub is awesome! What a cool giveaway.


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