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24 November 2015

The Things I'd Ask A Victoria's Secret Model

The other day, I stumbled on this article that compiled pictures of all of the Victoria's Secret Angels working out. Maybe it's because I'm older, but I find them to be more human than I ever remember. 

Actually no, it's not because I'm older, it's just because we have access to them in ways we never had access before. They have Instagram and Snapchat now, and we are able to see what they're doing at any given moment of any given day. Back in the Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum days, the only time I saw them was on television or in a magazine, all dolled up and totally scripted. 

Back in the day, (I think) they were trained during interviews to recite that they didn't work out and that they ate pizza for every meal. Was that to make them seem more human? If so, I think that was the wrong approach. It just made us resent them. 

Flash forward to today, I can't remember the last time I heard a model say, "I never go to the gym...

Ok, you got me, I don't listen to or watch a lot of model interviews, but I do have Snapchat and Instagram and they're always posting gym pictures. 

After the VS Fashion show was filmed, the internet was swimming in articles claiming they have the secret way to, "Look like a VS Angel with these 7 simple tricks.

Those tricks are highly predictable. Eat greens. Workout. Drink lots of water. Yada yada yada. These are not the things I'd like to hear from the VS model. I know how to eat heathy. I know what to eat. I know that I need to workout. I know what workouts I need to do... I just have a hard time finding the motivation to do so. That's terrible, I know. 

I don't want to put in the effort, mainly because I don't see that effort as fun. That's a problem. I want them to tell me, in an interview, how fun it is. I'd be more inspired to hear how they make eating healthy and working out fun, more than hearing anything else.

So instead of asking these VS models (over and over and over again) what they eat or what workouts they do or what green juice is their favorite, I just want these reporters to ask these girls real life questions. I'd find them so much more inspirational if they could tell me that their life, mind, body and soul is genuinely full and satisfied. 

Some people might think that's a crazy question I'm asking, "They're the most beautiful people in the world, OF COURSE they're satisfied!!"

Think about the sacrifices they have to make every single day of their lives though. Are those sacrifices worth it to be the sexiest women alive? 

Here are the questions I'd ask if I had the chance:

How do you have fun when you're at the gym? 

Where do you find the motivation to go to the gym? (Particularly at 5am)  

What do you do with your friends on Friday night? Do you party? Are you allowed to party? 

Do you have cheat days? Tell me about those... how do you mentally recover from them? How do you get your mind back right after a cheat day? 

Is beer a 'hell no'? 

When you spend all of this time in the gym, or decline invites to go out, do you feel like you're missing out? Do you have FOMO?

If you did accept an invite for a night out on the town, how are you honestly able to avoid temptation? Do you avoid temptation?

Describe a night out on the town as if I were your doctor and you had to be honest.... 
(side note: has anyone ever seen Amy Schumer's HBO special?)

Do you feel that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?  

I just have one request for the next person who gets to interview a VS model, please ask real questions. I want to know if they genuinely lead a fulfilled life that they love. I mean, yes, of course it's fun to be smoking hot, but in the words of Sex and the City, are you happy living this lifestyle, making these sacrifices... EVERY DAY? 

If they are, then maybe I could be inspired to be happy and healthy too! 

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  1. I'm so torn here. On one hand, I completely agree about asking them real questions about their lifestyle. I would love some thoughts on how to stay motivated, especially through the winter. But on the other hand, I feel like I know the answer. They do it, live like that, workout like that, and eat like that, because it's their job. They get paid to do these things and look a certain way. They stay motivated because if they don't follow through they'll get fired. I highly doubt it's fun. That's why the rest of us don't live like they do. If it was purely for enjoyment I bet there would be a lot more supermodel-esque people in this world.

  2. YES, please tell me how to find motivation to go to the gym! And also, hearing that they do cheat days would be nice too.

  3. I'm guessing they don't loooove watching what they eat/going to the gym, but since it's their job, it probably helps. I know they "work" but they probably have more time than the rest of us. And amazing genes. I want them to just say "Yes I miss eating cookies and it sucks. Going to the gym at 5 am sucks. But I get paid to be almost naked, so eh, that's the tradeoff."

  4. hahaha yes!!! All of those! I'm guessing they have the time to go to the gym since they're basically paid to do that and their job depends on it... I do have a friend who's a model and she just honestly loves working out and being in shape. She was always the athletic one in high school so working out comes automatically, I guess.
    Or maybe they are so obsessed with what they see in the mirror and the number on the scale that they don't have a choice.

  5. OMG yes - if only we could ask them those and they'd answer us seriously!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  6. It's probably in their contracts not to answer these things, haha. I'd never be able to give up all of those things for a modeling lifestyle/career!

  7. So I have a model friend who has been in NYFW and just did a VS photo shoot (no angel but as close as I'll probably get). She does yoga and runs every day. She goes out all the time but rarely drinks except for a vodka shot here and there and eats the saddest salads ever.

    She's accomplishing her dream and living out what she's wanted to do for years, so for her, it's worth it. For me...NEVER. I always feel so bad crushing a beer or ordering a flatbread appetizer when I'm around her.

  8. I was existing in a world of ache before I came to realize that Green energy drinks existed. Presently, once I quit taking the item for a couple of days I instantly feel drop in my vigor levels and migraines set in. The second I get going on it once more, I feel myself returning into alignment with loads of energy.

  9. These are great questions!! It would certainly be interesting to hear honest responses.

  10. Amen, sister! Seriously, I'm so sick of those canned questions/answers that do nothing to motivate those of us who aren't blessed with flawless skin and perfect cheekbones.

  11. This is so brilliant I love it!! I never thought of it this way and I wish I did!!

  12. So many great questions! I would love to know their answers! Xo, Stephanie

  13. it's tonight!! i would love to know how they don't eat all the things. i'm currently craving all of the things.


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