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19 November 2015

Because Sometimes You Just Have to Pimp Your Own Stuff

I'm not saying I'm being lazy with this post you're about to read, but some days just call for a post with numbers in list form. Today is that day. I feel like I do a really terrible job of pimping my own stuff that I spend precious time working on, and then I wonder why things are not selling. Well duh, Sarah, you didn't tell anyone about it! So here I am today, telling you about everything I've got for sale on the internet. 

I feel like a used car salesman when I pimp my own stuff, and I shouldn't. In fact, my dad sold cars, used included, and he made a fantastic living doing so. So today, I'll take a page from his book.

1. My Casetify Phone Cases
Hey I bet you had no idea I made these. How could you, I don't have a link anywhere on my blog for them. Super duper gang. I've bought several of them for myself, including Flamingo Vibes, But Seriously Doe and 24 Hour Champagne Diet. Each case I've bought (the classic snap) has been fantastic and held up great. I've heard that the bumper case isn't so great, so I'd suggest staying away from that one. It's not as cute anyway.

I just made this Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy case the other day, and I think it will be my next purchase. Here is a link to my full gallery

Click Here for $10 Off Your First Case

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2. Blogger Blog Templates
I had shut down my Etsy site for a few months because I just really needed to take some time off from selling blog designs and templates. While I still will not be offering custom blog designs, all of my templates are back up for sale, and more templates will be added every couple of weeks.

One important thing to note that you won't find with most templates out there, all of my templates come with FREE installation! 

I'm also running a two day sale just for my blog readers!
Use code VTIMREADER at checkout to take an extra 25% of anything and everything in my shop! This makes all of my templates under $30!! 

3. T-Shirts via Spreadshirt 
I still have lots of t-shirts available in my Spreadshirt shop. Most are football related, but I've also made a couple of shirts for those of you having or attending an ugly sweater party!

If you see a shirt you like and want it in your team's colors, just leave me a comment and I'd be happy to make that for you, no problem!

4. Stella&Dot Trunk Show
At my house tonight I'm pumped to be hosting a Stella&Dot trunk show. I've never hosted a party like this before, so this is a whole new world for me. Have you seen Stella&Dot's stuff though? They have the cutest stuff, and would make great gifts for your mom or girlfriends.

As you know, I've only been in Dallas for a few years, so I didn't have a ton of people to invite to the party tonight, certainly not the 30 people they encourage you to invite!  With that said,  I was able to open the trunk show (and trunk show specials!) up to blog readers!

When you spend $50, you get to take an additional 50% off the Trunk Show exclusives! Another promo associated with the trunk show is Dot Dollars. For every $50 you psend, you get $25 in Dot Dollars to spend on Stella&Dot.

(Make sure you click this link to get the deals listed above!)
Click to Shop My Stella&Dot Trunk Show + Show Specials and Discounts

Here are some of my favorite pieces that I think would be great for gifts (or for yourself!)

Find all specific item links listed above: here

Ok, I've now pimped all my own stuff.
I'll be back in 10-12 months to do this all over again.

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  1. I'm totally going to buy one of your phone cases soon. I'm trying to get together a care package for my bestie who just moved to Seattle and they're adorable! Does the $10 automatically apply once you hit check-out? Because right now, I click on the link and it just takes me to a generic landing page.

  2. super cute phone cases

  3. My sister was actually looking for a new phone case and I sent her your crazy dog mom one. I'll have to send her this post so she can get the code!

  4. Ugh I so want one of those shirts. My favorite is definitely "sorry what I said when I was losing". I do this often around my husband :P

  5. I love that champagne diet one. Since it's clear I may just have to buy it! I take it the 10# off code is no longer valid? The link doesn't exactly work for me


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