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19 October 2015

My Trip To the Dallas Farmer's Market and Other Dallas Adventures

This past weekend both the Vols and the Cowboys were on bye week, and I felt like a lost puppy with nowhere to go, and no idea what to do. What does one do on a Saturday and Sunday without football -- well other than watch the football that is on, which I did all day Sunday because I'm clearly addicted -- you go exploring! If you followed my galavanting through Deep Ellum on snapchat Thursday night, you'll understand why I was in bed, fast asleep, by 9:45pm on Friday night. 

Saturday morning I awoke, at 7:30am fresh as a daisy. It was glorious. CB had plans to participate in manual labor during the day, and seeing as I make it a point to avoid any plans that revolve around manual labor, I called my girlfriend up and we headed to the Dallas Farmer's Market.

When I was living in Deep Ellum, I was within walking distance to the market, but shockingly had only been once before. Although I'm sure it's beautiful year round, I can't help but think mid-October, with all of the pumpkins and autumn decorations, is the PERFECT time for a visit.

I had won tickets to an event called Tacolandia presented by the Dallas Observer. I skipped lunch because I knew I was going to eat at least 75 tacos at the event. I'm a big fan of the DART rail here in Dallas, and try to take it as often as possible. There is a DART stop right by our house, and we hopped on, heading downtown for the event.

We had a bit of a walk from the DART stop to the event, but it turned out to be quite the scenic stroll. We passed the iconic Dallas Pegasus, which I had never visited before.

I had brought my camera with me to the Tacolandia event, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures. I don't think it was the Observer's fault, I think they just need to iron out some kinks before the next event. Every taco tent had a line that varied from half an hour to 45 minutes long, to get a single taco. I still had a blast getting to hang outside on a beautiful afternoon with CB!

Saturday night, I kid you not, I spent an hour and a half searching for a rap song that I'd heard on the radio a few times. I still have not been able to find this song!! I don't know all of the lyrics, and I'm not even sure that I have them exactly right, but what I do have should be close enough to identify the song. Rap fans (I'm looking at you Helene) please help! I believe the song is about football, and below are a few of the lyrics I remember and think are correct. They are certainly close, if not totally accurate.

This the season we been waiting for the whole time
I be gettin money with the whole squad
Something about Get up on that goal line

Anything?? ANYONE? Please put me out of my misery because this has been consuming my thoughts since Saturday night around 8pm.

***As this issue went to press, Kelli found the song for me and I'm so relieved she found this because I would have spent endless hours obsessing over FINDING this song that appears to be the unicorn of the internet. THANK YOU KELLI.

SONG: Dorrough, #GoSeason

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  1. dangit sarah i can't think of the song. I HATE THAT. it's the worst. also the pics from this weekend are on point! meanwhile, i was freezing my butt off.

  2. All of your photos from the Farmer's Market are so beautiful. I saw your Tacolandia fail on Saturday on snapchat - so disappointing!!

  3. Those pumpkins!!! Wish I could beam myself to Dallas RIGHT NOW!!!

    Melissa | So About What I Said

  4. Hmm the lyrics are similar but not the same, but could it be Game Time by Trox and K2??

  5. I love farmers' markets, and that one looks spectacular!

  6. I had the same thought process last week when the Aggies were on bye week, what the heck am I going to do with my Saturday? It looks like you had a blast exploring the Farmers Market though! All of those flowers were gorgeous!

  7. Wow gorgeous photos! The flowers are incredible and all the different types of pumpkins! I love venturing off the our local farmer's market.

  8. Can I come to Texas and galavant with you?!

  9. I thought Raleigh had an impressive Farmer's Market, I think Dallas has us beat! What a fun weekend! Xo, Stephanie

  10. Aww, I love farmer's markets. I haven't gotten the chance to go to one this year, and I'm so bummed! I'm jealous!


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