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16 October 2015

My Personal List of Do's and Don'ts for Sports Fans

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and it became evident that it might be hard to keep up with all of the things I like and don't like in the sporting world. I'll admit it, I've got a lot of opinions on gameday attire and in-game rituals. Although I shared some don'ts in an old post that made it to Buzzfeed, "The Devil Wears Ziplock," I thought I'd make a concrete list today of all of my personal do's and don'ts for being a sports fan. 

As you'll see below, I'm not a total grouch on everything, only the pink jersey! 

Do: Temporary Face Tats for Your Team
The temporary face tattoos for your team are a yes for me. Who wouldn't want to display their team's logo right on their face? I know Mike Tyson feels me on this one. Go forth, wear the face tats with pride, I'm good with it. 

Do: BYOP, Bring Your Own Pom-Pom
I was never a cheerleader. When I was a kid, my dad took me to sign up for rec-league basketball. When we got there, the signup booths for both basketball and cheerleading were right next to each other. After noticing that I'd been staring longingly at the cheerleading booth, he said I could choose which one I wanted to do. I picked basketball and that was that. My desire to be a cheerleader must never have faded though,  seeing as I've always been jealous of the cheerleaders! I don't think I've missed a single episode of DCC: Making the Team since it first aired, thus, I fully embrace the pom-pom for gameday. 

Don't: The Wave
No. No to the wave. I hate the wave. I hate the wave so much that I wrote a full post on how much I hate the wave. Please do not participate in the wave, it's a travesty to the sporting world that it even exists. The wave is a don't. 

Don't: The Pink Jersey
I'm not talking about the breast cancer awareness month pink accents, those are great. I'm talking about the year-round, pink jerseys that some dude in a corporate office created because he thought the only way women would want to watch football is if they could wear pink while doing it. No. No to the pink jersey. Wear your team's colors. Shirt below can be found here!

Do: The Kiss Cam
The jumbotron in general is a yes for me. Like most six year olds, my goal for every game I attend is to make it to the jumbotron. The kiss cam though? Man, if I ever made it with CB to the kiss cam I'd die a super duper happy girl. Yes to the kiss cam. 

Do: Glittery Accents, As Long As They're Your Team's Colors
Does this one surprise you? I love the sparkly accessories, like koozies or shoes. I was at the Dallas Stars opener last week with my friend Vanessa, and we spotted the coolest pair of green sparkly Dallas Stars logo'd Tom's. Any kind of sparkly accessories, as long as they are your team's colors are DO for me. (Important note: no rhinestones. I draw the line at rhinestones.)

Don't: Wear A Jersey for a Team That's Not Playing
Bonkers. This drives me absolutely bonkers. Even if you're in nosebleeds, those tickets cost you a small fortune. Yet, you've made it clear you DO NOT CARE about either team that's playing. Why are you here? Go home and watch your team's game. 

Don't: Be At The Mall, Wearing Your Team's Apparel, When Your Team is Playing!! 
Please go home and watch the game. Or go to the bar and watch the game. You cared enough to put the shirt on, knowing that it was gameday. Go watch the game. I'm not sure why I care so much that you're wearing a team's jersey, yet not watching the game, but I do. Now go home, you're making me angry. 

Do: Have a Dog That Performs Crazy Tricks With A Frisbee at Halftime
That right there is mesmerizing and I want to watch. Please continue to provide me with this halftime entertainment because I eat it right up. 

Don't: Talk Crap To The Opposing Team's Fans
We have to co-exist, so please be polite. I'll be nice to you as long as you're nice to me. Read: I won't say a word to you as long as you don't say a word to me. We have nothing productive to talk about. If your team has a nice play you don't have to get in my face and tell me about it. Trust me, I saw it. Let's just agree to disagree and never exchange words of any kind. It will only go south. 

Don't: Heels
No heels at basketball. No heels at football. No heels at baseball, hockey, soccer. No heels, no wedges, no variation on the heel what so ever. And please, dear Lord, do not try and sell me heels with a Tennessee Power T on the toe. Please stop spending your money to try and promote these to me on facebook simply because I'm a female between the ages of 18-49 who "likes the Tennessee Volunteers Football Fan Page." No real fan, sitting in section 403 - row 16, wears heels to the game. They just don't. Period. End of discussion.  Good day, sir.

And on that note, I'll see you guys Monday. I've gotta go calm down, maybe drink a glass of milk or something. I'm all worked up now.

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  1. hahah the one in the mall is probably me. i have definitely worn a rangers t-shirt at the mall while they were playing. I'm sorry!!

  2. I never understood the whole wearing heels at a sporting event.

  3. I pretty much agree with everything :) Nice post! Cute pics, too!

  4. Don't: Wear A Jersey for a Team That's Not Playing
    Don't: Be At The Mall, Wearing Your Team's Apparel, When Your Team is Playing


    I am going to a Grizzlies game wearing the opposing team's jersey on Sunday because I'll be supporting my boy Karl Anthony Towns in a Timberwolves shirt. ;)

  5. Haha love it! One of the ones that irritates me the most is definitely the pink jersey thing. I got a new Cowboys shirt recently and I ended up buying men's because most of the women's were pink and I wanted to s c r e a m.

  6. This is absolutely perfect. The pink jerseys....just why?? They really shouldn't even be a thing.

  7. I've never had an opinion on the wave, but Chris is VERY definitely on your side about it. And I completely agree with you about pink jerseys and I really need that shirt.

    When we were at the Steelers/Chargers game on Monday night, some dude in a Chargers jersey started yelling all kinds of crap about how much the Chargers suck. WHILE THE CHARGERS WERE WINNING. You just don't do that. It makes you look really stupid. Gloat later when your team wins, but don't talk about how lousy the other team is when they're beating you.

  8. Spot on. I hate seeing fans in the store wearing jerseys while the game is on. You might as well also wear a hat that says "Bandwagon Fan"

  9. A RESOUNDING yes on the heels! I don't get it!
    I spent one tailgate walking all over the University of Alabama - then went into the game, I wouldn't have been able to stand for the important stuff during the game if I had heels on!!!

  10. I HATE THE WAVE. I also don't get heels, especially at college football games. Most of those stairs at stadiums don't work with heels. Also LOVE the one about not wearing a jersey at the mall when your team is playing!

  11. This is hilarious - I agree!

  12. Totally agree about the wearing a team's jersey to a game that they aren't even playing in! It's always so annoying to be at an Aggie football game and to see somebody wearing a longhorn shirt. We aren't even in the same conference anymore! Bye Felicia, go back to Austin! Now I'm just as annoyed as you are lol!

  13. Haha! Love the list! I'm pretty sure AT&T park and Giants fans are trying to have the wave banned. The Dodgers do it, enough said ;) The only time I disagree with the no jersey/team at the mall is baseball. There are so many games, I don't mind that one. Now football and soccer, stay home and watch - there aren't that many games! Thanks for the laughs and happy weekend! Xoxo, ganeeban

  14. You nailed it, I love each and every one of these Do's and Don'ts! Xo, Stephanie

  15. I love DCC. I am sad that I don't get CMT here in WV, which makes me sad. I am not a fan of the wave either.

  16. I NEVER GET THE OTHER JERSEYS. it reminds me of people who say "go sports!" like oh I'm at a sporting game -- I should wear any apparel I have!

  17. Pink jersey while at the mall is the double worse!!

  18. This is amazing! I am not huge in to sports but there are ton of people around NYC sporting jerseys when I am 100% sure the game is on. Go to bar, sit down, and watch. Or change. You have two options.

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. Not sure how I feel about glittery items but I agree with the rest of the post. Also, going to totally admit that I have the "Tailgate with Me" and "Meet Me in the Dugout" shirts. Whoops! Does my sports knowledge/passion offset that fact?

  20. OMG the mall one is my favorite. That drives me nuts too! Are you trying to say you're a fan, cause you're not even watching your team play... hahaha

  21. I'm always end up staring at the women in heels teetering/maneuvering around a ballpark/arena/stadium. HOW DO YOU GET AROUND? I can barely do it sometimes in sneakers. I'm mystified.

  22. Preach! You totally need to check out Game Day Couture. Cuban invested in them on Shark Tank, and had them come up with Maverick shirts. Totally in LOVE with mine.


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