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19 August 2015

The Wave

Last night, CB and I went to the Texas Rangers game. We bet on a lot of different sporting events, including the PGA Championship that took place last weekend. Prior to the start of the tournament, we each picked two golfers. We clearly defined the bet, if one of our golfers won the tournament, the other person had to buy Rangers' tickets. CB picked his boy Jordan Speith and Justin Rose, I picked Jason Day and Rory McIlroy.

In case you didn't lay on a couch for a solid 8-12 hours watching golf coverage on Sunday, like we did, Jason Day won the PGA Championship and I gladly accepted my tickets to last night's Rangers game. 

For a few different reasons, I was pumped to be at the game. First, it was only my third game of the season. Second, since CB and I cannot agree on a single television program, we watch the Rangers every night. I feel like I know this Rangers team ALMOST as well as I knew the World Champion 1995 Atlanta Braves. Third? Well third is obviously cold beer. 

Here we sit, bottom of the 5th, Rangers down 3 to 1. Every game for the Rangers is do or die from here on out, seeing as we are very much in the wildcard playoff race. Out of no where, this guy comes racing down the stairs screaming how we need to be ready to start THE WAVE

I hate the wave. 

On a scale of 1 to gridlock traffic, the wave is at about a 14 for me. 

Now before you think I'm the crabbiest person to ever go to a sporting event with, hear me out. I'm all for the jumbotron encouraging the crowd to make noise, I love the kiss cam, I'll sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame with the best of them... heck, I'll play along with the "which of the 3 helmets is the ball under?" game. 

The wave though? The wave is vile. A successful "wave" essentially pulls THE ENTIRE crowd's attention from the game. If I paid good money to watch this game, I want to watch it. I do not want to stand up, throw my hands in the air, then follow the stadium around in circles like some shiny red sing along ball. 

THE WORST PART.... I CAN'T NOT WATCH IT. Which angers me even further. 

Not to mention, every fan knows you ONLY do the wave when your team is WINNING

Here we sit, down by 2 in the bottom of the 5th, with this dude screaming in my ear that I "HAVE TO STAND UP AND DO THE WAVE" because he was promised free mother EFFING cheese fries if he can get it to go all the way around the stadium. 

This went on for multiple innings. My anger was palpable. 

We lost last night. We lost because of the mother loving WAVE. 

As far as I'm concerned, that guy can shove his cheese fries up his............. (since this is a family friendly program) ......... he can shove it up his bum. 

This post has been brought to you by the WAATV
Women Adamantly Against The Wave


  1. I HATE doing the wave. Haaaaate it. It's soooo stupid. Ugh.

  2. hahahaha oh man that is the longest wave i've ever heard of ever. I'm over the wave. save it for 14 year old baseball games please.

  3. love it, so tell me because I am still not 100% sure but are you sure you do not like the wave......

  4. HAHA I agree. The wave is so annoying but you can't help but watch it go around!

  5. The wave is super annoying and I hate how stupid drunk people try to make their own because they missed the first round. Now that is not to say I haven't gotten drunk and participated in the wave, I just hate those think for your-selfers.

  6. This totally cracked me up. Last week when we were at the Chargers/Cowboys game, Chris was talking about how much he hates the wave. And then he jokingly suggested to his brother-in-law that he should get the wave started. And his brother-in-law did just that. It took multiple attempts, but by golly that wave went around the stadium at least 6 times. Chris was both horrified and impressed.

  7. I also hate doing the wave. Sorry your team lost.

  8. Oh man, what an awesome bet! I was totally hoping for Jason, too. He played SO well, and his family is so cute. Sorry the Rangers lost, but watching games in person is the best.

  9. Oh my goodness this made me laugh so much. I don't like the wave much either. Almost as much as I don't like doing the Braves chant because its to similar to the FSU chant and I am a Gator and I will not do it as long as I live. To my husbands dismay (he's the braves fan). I tell him I feel like I'm cheating on my gators if I even mutter the beginning of the chant :o

  10. I don't go to sporting events as I am a not a sport type of person and all I know of the wave is what I see on the telly.

  11. Haha. I go to baseball games for two reasons: alcohol and salty snacks. It's hard enough to juggle my nachos, peanuts, popcorn, giant pretzel and beverage of choice! I'd be mad if someone wanted me to jump up and throw my hands in the air too.

  12. I hate the wave. I'm also not a fan of baseball, but that's beside the point. I'm ready for football.

  13. I have my sign at home which reads "Do The Wave, Go To Jail."

  14. HATE HATE HATE THE WAVE!! When I go to Yankee games with friends, I warn them not to do it or I'll act like I don't know them.

  15. The wave has no place in the world. Anywhere. Especially not at sporting events. And especially not in sporting events where the score is close.


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