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15 August 2015


A friend of mine told me the other day that she read an article that listed the Jack Russell Terrier and the Beagle as two of the Top 10 breeds most commonly found at animal shelters. 

The Jack Russell Terrier 
"The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog packed with energy. Able to run laps around the most energetic human, the Jack Russell is often surrendered to shelters because owners simply don't have the time or energy to care for them. Terriers are also known for their escape routines, excessive barking and digging."

The Beagle
Though loyal and sweet, Beagles can be a noisy neighbor. Considered a vocal breed that is known for its distinctive bray, Beagles are often relinquished because of their owner's frustrations over noise, or due to noise complaints from neighbors and landlords.

These two breeds just happen to be the two breeds that I rescued. Both of my dogs were over a year old when I adopted them, and were both owner surrenders. 

I wanted to take today to thank those two owners, from the bottom of my heart, for surrendering them. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to bring two beating hearts into my home. Thank you for the loud, crazy, howling, out-of-control greeting I receive every single day when I walk in the door. That greeting got me through two of the hardest years of my life, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the sacrifice you made to give up these two dogs that would have completely and utterly changed your life for the better, so that I could have them change mine.  

I love my babies more and more each day. I love General and Veenie more today than I did the day I met them, but not as much as I'll love them tomorrow. 

Hearing General's beagle howl when he spots a squirrel makes me run to the window to watch the chase begin. I feel sad when I take Veenie to daycare and I don't have a 20 pound dog jumping from couch-to-couch, and back again. Those two things are the things I love most about my babies, the things that makes them, them. 

I cannot imagine if I had passed on General because his howl was frustrating, or if I returned Veenie because I just ran out of the energyto take care of her. There has never been a day that has gone by that I wasn't greeted with pure excitement by my two babies when I walked in the door.   They've never let me down, and I promise that I will never let them down. 

If you want a love like that in your life, I highly recommend checking out the #ClearTheShelters event that is happening across the country today. On August 15th, shelters across the country are taking part in a nationwide push to place pets in forever homes. Hundreds of shelters have agreed to cut the cost of adoption for the one-day Clear the Shelters event. 

Someone better go grab Turbo before I do... I mean, he's just a small pup, perhaps CB won't even notice that there's a third puppy running around the house?
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  1. This is such a cute post. I love hearing about people that love their dogs so much. Dogs are such a huge commitment. It's hard for me to imagine giving up a dog because it has too much energy or too loud! That's what dogs do!
    Whenever I get to stay in a place that allows dogs, I plan to adopt from a shelter. So many cute dogs deserve a loving home!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  2. Aww I love this! My rescue pup is a beagle mix and I'm not sure what her backstory is, but I'm so happy to have her! Can't imagine life without my sweet girl!

  3. The show Fraizer was really misleading to people because Eddie just sat on the couch and didn't move. All of my babies are rescued too. The thing with Shih Tzus is that they look super cute but that hair is a chore to care for. It gets overwhelming to keep it free of matting. When I adopted Max they told me he was so matted he couldn't use the bathroom when they came to the shelter. There was a cat adoption drive somewhere in Kentucky last week and 100 cats were adopted in 24 hours. 50 of them were slated to be put down.

  4. Beagles and other hounds also tend to run away because they follow their noses! We've found all our dogs at the local shelter, Humane Society, or rescue group. I'm so glad rescue groups are saving these pups from the shelters and giving them temporary homes, too!

  5. Such lucky pups to have you! I got my pup when I was 20, and she definitely also got me through some of the roughest years. She has always sensed when I needed her close. Dogs are the best, and the fact that so many are in shelters absolutely breaks my heart. Great post!

  6. This is such a heartwarming post :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  7. It's so sad that a lot of dog owners do not research the breed of dog they want to welcome into their family prior to buying or adopting him/ her. They just like the look or base it off of a previous dog they or a friend have owned of the same breed. A lot of dogs get turned in b/c of their energy levels. It's just so heart breaking. But if those owners are going to dump their dogs in shelters b/c of inexcusable reasons like these, then they don't deserve the dog(s) and hopefully the dog(s) gets adopted into a loving home that will become their forever home.

  8. This is so awesome! I see that more than 17k pets were adopted and that makes my heart so happy! I'm kind of glad I was 2 days late to this because I probably would have brought home another pup! :(

  9. thank you so so much for sharing this. i cannot believe that your two are in the top 10 most at a shelter! makes me so sad. THANK YOU for saving them!

  10. My bf and I actually went to a shelter in Knoxville just this weekend to check out a dog I've been in love with ever since seeing his pictures, but the second we walked in, we heard him bark. He barked NONSTOP, and the apartment where my bf lives just won't put up with it. I'm still so heartbroken we didn't get to take him home with us, but I'm going to keep searching for the perfect fit for us.

  11. So cute and such a great idea. We had a shelter beagle growing up. He was the best. While there are loud they are so loyal. Great dogs.
    Our little pup was rescued from a local rescue from the shelter when someone droped him and his brothers off at the kill shelter. Shelter/Rescue dogs are the best

  12. It's amazing how animals can completely change our lives, isn't it?

  13. Great post! I rescued my little pup 7 years ago and it was the best decision! She is a lab/beagle mix and couldn't be cuter! Xo, Stephanie

  14. Thank you so much for posting this :) My bf and I adopted a pit over a year ago from a shelter (he was our 7th foster) and we are so incredibly in love with him--and like you, our love for him grows day by day. There is no love like the love of a dear pet, and I love the way you thank your dogs' previous owners for surrendering them so they could now fill your heart with love and light.

    I heard a commercial on the radio this morning about fostering and I just felt this surge of happiness. I love that fostering/adoption are getting so much exposure now :)


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