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14 August 2015

#GamedayVibes Announcement + The 3rd Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League

Can you smell it? That beautiful smell lingering around our nostrils? It's that beautiful, delicious, intoxicating, growing-more-potent-by-the-day smell of FOOTBALL SEASON Y'ALL! I was going to wait a couple more weeks to make both of these announcements, but after last night's pre-season games, I'm just so pumped I can't stop myself! 

...Announcement number 1...
A New Sports Hashtag for Insta: #GamedayVibes

I've been tagging my Instagram sports related photos from the past few months with a new hashtag, #gamedayvibes, and I want to invite you guys to join me! Tag all of your sports pictures -- anything from tailgating, to baseball, to basketball, to golf, to even horse racing -- with the hashtag #GamedayVibes

If there's one thing I've figured out about Instagram, it's the fascinating scientific power of the hashtag, so I hope I can add one more to your repertoire! Here are some examples of photos I would tag with #GamedayVibes

A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on
A photo posted by Sarah Webb (@iamsarahwebb) on

Ok you get the picture, no pun intended. I would absolutely love for you to join me in tagging your sports related photos. There are a ton of female sports fans out there, and this will be an awesome way for all of us to link up and find one another! 

...Announcement number 2...
The 3rd Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League

| A Few Important Things to Note |

1. The draft will take place at 8pm EST on 8/30/15. 
Please make sure you are available to draft your team at this time. 

2. You are required to update your roster each week. 
If at any point, your team goes 3 consecutive weeks without a roster update, you will be disqualified from winning any money. With that said, I of course understand mistakes from week to week, I made a large one last year

3. This is first come first serve. 
I've already had tons of people inquire about our Fantasy Football league this season, so sign up below.

4. The number of spots available are much smaller than previous years. 
With that said, if there is enough interest, a second league will be filled. Should that happen, I would need a volunteer to run that league. There will be no entry cost for this second league, and no prizes awarded other than bragging rights. Should this happen, I will follow up with more details. 

6. Should all 20 spots be filled, please leave a comment indicating that you'd like to join the second league.
This is how I will gauge interest. 

7. Come prepared with an A+ Fantasy Football Team Name For 2015
Hey a little self promotion never hurt anyone right??

Get it? Got it? Good.
If you want to play in the 



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  2. Can I just say I am really excited about this?!?!?!

  3. I have been waiting (impatiently) for this announcement AND I'm super excited that I'm on your league this year because the past two years I was on different leagues and they were kind of LAME.

  4. this hashtag is perfection! totally going to use it!!

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  6. I had been wondering when this would be happening again! So glad it's finally here!

  7. YES! I hope there is a ton of smack talking this year. Also, I love playing with your mom. Can't wait!

  8. So pumped! I cannot wait to get this season started! Love the hashtag too! :)

  9. YAYYYY I'm in!!! This is my first time ever joining a league so bare with me ;) Can't wait!

  10. So excited for this! Never done a league with 20 people before-sounds intense. ;)

  11. So exciting and this came at the perfect time!

  12. Bummer! All full. I'm definitely still interested in joining if a second league forms. I'd also volunteer to run it as well if that's still needed!

  13. I want in! I'm bummed it's full already!

    And I wish I'd known about that hashtag when I went to the Chargers/Cowboys game on Thursday. That was my first EVER NFL game!

  14. Going to use the hashtag next game I go to. Are you still taking people for second league?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Super bummed that I just saw this and the league is already full! :'(

  17. It is a good news for all sport lovers "GamedayVibes Announcement + The 3rd Annual All Girls Fantasy Football League". Thanks for share great news.

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