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07 August 2015

A Letter to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

To the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 

Hey there! I'm your friendly neighbor to the west, I live just a few states over from you. Yesterday, my husband gave me permission to put down my mop and bucket for a brief moment so I could use his computer to check on a recipe for apple pie. While searching for said recipe, I saw that a friend on Facebook had shared the news of your new Red Women's Movement. Hoping this was a big sale for target credit card holders, I clicked over immediately. I was so excited, I didn't even care that I had gone over the allotted time my husband had given me on his laptop electronic device thingy -- sorry I'm no good with business terminology. I was disappointed when I found out it was not for target, but rather some seminar regarding the home runs your kickingball team catches. 

I'm of course totally kidding. My name is Sarah and I write a sports and lifestyle blog for women, and this is the year 2015. I'm going to attempt to delve into your minds today, and try to figure out how this program possibly made it to fruition. If you don't mind, I'm going to address my questions, point-by-point.

#1. In the first paragraph, you say "...To become innovators and leaders in changing the way football is enjoyed by women".

Why is it that I need to change the way I enjoy football? I think I do a pretty good job of enjoying football on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. I guess I could work on spilling less beer on my shirt, but that's all part of the fun, IMO. 

#2 “Through exclusive offerings and experiences, our female fans will have the opportunity to not only add to their knowledge of the game they love, but also to help create a community through RED and own the way they enjoy football. "

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you guys finished with a 2-14 record last season, the worst in the NFL, and you are going to teach me about football? Are any other teams offering this program, perhaps the Seahawks or Broncos, because I think I'd rather learn from them. 

#3 "...gameday style tips from local area experts, and even a RED Lifestyle Lounge session to educate attendees on the art of incorporating their passion for the Bucs into their other lifestyle interests such as tailgating and home entertaining."

Yowza. Gameday style tips? Please read this post from yours truly, and please stop with the gameday style tips. 

#4 " well as tips on sharing their experiences and ideas via social media platforms such as Pinterest."

Does it come with a officially licensed Buccaneers logo vacuum cleaner too? Boy I hope so!

In conclusion, while I appreciate your efforts to broaden your female fan base, you guys really just went about this all wrong. Not to mention the Cowboys already successfully succeeded at this  type of venture last year, without offending anyone. You should take notes from them, in more ways than one. 

Best of luck with your season, no where to go but up! Lolzzzz. 

Sarah Webb


Before I sign off today, I have my friend Karen, from A Peek at Karen's World. This post is actually perfect timing for today because Karen is... wait for it.... a FEMALE sports fan.
 #OHMYGOD #ThatsAThing?
I'm going to let you, and by you I mean the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, process that mind blowing information while Karen takes over with the most appropriately timed post ever. Special shout out to her nod to the Arizona Cardinals, you'll see what I'm talking about when you read below! Take it away, girlfriend! 

5 Movies to Get You Ready for Football Season

Hello, VTIM readers!

I'm Karen from A Peek at Karen's World and I am ecstatic to be here today! For a lot of reasons, obviously, but mostly because Sarah is just so cool and I want to be like her when/if I grow up.

So I thought and thought about what I wanted to share today. After all, I don't really have a niche. But I thought about Sarah and all of you lovely readers and I remembered back to when I first started reading VTIM and how much I loved that it was basically a sports blog for girls. Because I like sports AND I'm a girl. So it was a perfect fit.

But the thing is, Sarah has so much more to say about sports than I do, so I thought I'd talk about something that's more up my alley: movies. But I figured I'd tie it into sports. And so, today I'm sharing about Sports Movies.

BUT. Not JUST sports movies. Football movies. Because football season is nearly upon us, now that teams are reporting for training camp and the Arizona Cardinals announced the first ever female coach in the NFL and Tom Brady's suspension was miraculously upheld and {insert other exciting football-related news here}.

So here we are with my personal pick for the 5 movies that are sure to get you ready for football season!


5. The Waterboy

Okay, I know. With a million and one football movies out there, this seems like a ridiculous choice. But it's classic Adam Sandler. Back before his movies sucked. And it's hilarious and a little bit heartwarming and it has Kathy Bates. What's not to love?

4. We Are Marshall

This movie. Oh, it's about so much more than football, isn't it? One of the most heartbreaking and uplifting movies ever. If you haven't seen it, this is based on the true story of Marshall University and how they picked up the pieces after a plane crash took the lives of almost the entire football team and coaching staff. Watch it. I swear it's worth the tears.

3. Rudy

If you want to watch a movie that makes grown men cry, this is the one. I don't know what it is about Rudy, but he's so darned like-able that you just can't help rooting for him, can you? Of course, I think one of the reasons I love it so much is that my all-time favorite QB {the great Joe Montana} just happened to be at Notre Dame when this true story occurred. But really, it's about a guy living out his ultimate dream. How can you say no to that?

2. Jerry Maguire

Okay, so this isn't a true story, but it's definitely a good one. I mean, it's got humor and epiphanies and romance and Tom Cruise. It's like the ULTIMATE sports movie for girls, isn't it? And it's got football, so even the fellas like it.

1. Remember the Titans

Yet ANOTHER based-on-a-true-story sports movie, because, let's face it, the true stories make the best movies, amiright? There is NOTHING to dislike about this one. From Denzel Washington's awesomeness to the soundtrack to the funny and awkward and awesome moments as these high school kids navigate the prickly waters of desegregation. This is just a movie that makes you happy. Well, as long as you don't read the epilogue at the end to find out what happened to everyone, because yikes.

And there you have it. Five movies to get you ready for football season. Of course, there are a LOT of other great ones as well, but these are MY favorites. What are yours??

Check out Karen on her blog.
Oh and of course on twitter // insta // facebook // bloglovin



  1. Oh wow... that's bad. Just bad. Bad move, Bucs.

  2. love watching the waterboy. Have a great weekend.

  3. I didn't see this. I can't believe that they did that.

  4. YESS!! I knew you would have a good post about this today!!

    I personally really enjoyed that their first term of the week was "Play Clock"....

  5. I've never had an opinion on the Bucaneers (too far north and we never play them) but hearing about their women's fan club this week I was flabbergasted. I now have a pretty negative viewpoint too. Yikes. Not good - especially when women are quickly becoming big consumers of sports.

  6. I'm just thankful Jameis Winston had nothing to do with this one lol. GO NOLES!!!

  7. So much yes in this post. As a matter of fact, it's more like YASSSSSSS. I'm going to blog about this and link to you!

  8. I am just like you and absolutely love, live and breathe the sport of football. (eh-hem, Hook Em) My father played in the NFL for many years and I have been a fan since I was a little gal. That being said, I have about five or six girlfriends who actually LOVED this idea! They have no idea about football and like the idea of having something that is exclusively geared towards women and what women like. So even though sport loving women think this is ludicrous, I think some women might entertain it.

  9. This is the greatest post I've seen in a really long time! It had me laughing and agreeing with everything. Even the Jets have more of an ability to talk about football knowledge than the Bucs! (I can say that and not offend any Jets fan because I, myself, am a Jets fan... (stop judging me and shaking your head in disappointment...I know)

  10. Ha - love this post. It's just SOOO crazy that woman may already know about and love sports. Also, I prefer to attend the same events as my husband and all the other fans; not special events for women to "teach" me about the games. lol Great job with this one.

  11. I can't even believe this is a real thing!! gahhh that is just crazy. i love the way you talk sports, they should take a lesson from you.

  12. Wooooow. Can you say SEXIST?

    But on a positive note, I definitely agree with Remember the Titans = best football movie. Rudy always makes me cry, too. Good job, Karen!

  13. My question is who the hell are the bucs? #WeDemBoys

  14. I love "The Replacements." It's not a great movie, but I still like it. And I'll re-watch "Friday Night Lights" (the TV series, not the movie) anytime I need a football fix.

    Yay for female sports fans!!

  15. Hahahaha! I live in the Tampa Bay area and just heard about this today. The Bucs are "sticking to the campaign" and 500 women have already signed up. lol So stinkin' embarrassing. Even more than our record. I had to read this post though. You nailed it. Thanks!

  16. OMG #2!! HIlarious! Speaking as a Tampa gal, you are very on point!

  17. The last 2 commenters were Tampa bay girls aaand so am I. Pretty embarrassing to admit that after this post.

  18. I can not even believe this Tampa Bay thing is for real. Seriously, get with the times, people!

  19. I am laughing the most at the part where they said "passion for the Bucs"


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