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23 August 2015

4 Costume Ideas for Your Next Fancy-Dress Party

This is a sponsored post for Disguises, not written by VTIM.

4 Costume Ideas for Your Next Fancy-Dress Party

There are three stages of getting invited to a fancy-dress party. First, you’re excited about the upcoming chance to catch up with some awesome people in a fun setting. Then, you’re mildly amused by the fact that it’s a fancy-dress occasion. But finally, there’s the panic. What the hell are you going to wear? And if you’re the host, the pressure is even higher to set a good example by having a fantastic outfit!

Stop stressing right now. Check the four costume ideas below to find the perfect pick for your party – or at least get inspired by just how many options are out there to choose from!

1. The Party Pirate

Aye, the classic swashbuckling costume is a fantastic fancy-dress choice for fun-loving men and women. Pair plank-worthy leather boots with a partly tattered skirt or shorts. Black and white stripes should make a notable appearance somewhere in your outfit, but it’s the trademark pirate hat that should catch people’s attention when you first hit the deck (though a black or red bandana makes a suitable alternative if you prefer). An eyepatch is optional and should not be worn during the drive to and from the party.

2. The Magnificent Mexican

Hola, amigos! A vibrant and eye-catching Mexican outfit is sure to make you a popular party guest – especially if you bring enchiladas or tacos to share! Alternatively, you can be the taco, with a super-fun costume like this one from a party specialist such as Disguises. Other options might include the sexy senorita, the poncho-wearing guitar player, or the famous masked Zorro. Brush up on some basic Spanish phrases before heading out so you can at least pretend to be authentic.

3. The Psychedelic ‘60s or ‘70s Icon

Let’s get groovy, baby. Whether you’re a disco diva or happy hippie, an iconic ‘60s or ‘70s outfit is sure to make you stand out at your fancy dress party. Bold colours and patterns are definitely on trend for a throwback to these funky decades. Combine big hair with even bigger flares, or opt for flower power; the choices are limited only by your imagination – and your knowledge of ‘60s and ‘70s fashion. If you are in charge of the party’s soundtrack, don’t forget: there is no such thing as too much ABBA!

4. The Fashionable Fairy-Tale Character

Blur the lines between reality and fantasy by impressing other party guests with a stunning fairy-tale costume. Perfect for creative individuals, a fairy-tale theme gives you a ridiculous amount of characters to choose from. Are you stopping by at the party on the way to Grandmother’s house? Or have you arrived accidentally after falling through a rabbit hole? Only one thing is for certain when you choose a fairy-tale persona: your story is as important as your style.

Feeling a little less anxious about your looming fancy-dress party now? The most important thing is to choose a costume you can feel comfortable and confident in. That way, you’ll be sure to have a great time at the event and look your best until the clock strikes midnight… or whatever time the party comes to a close!


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