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05 August 2015

Some Things You Might be Wondering

Most days in the life of a blogger, you're filled with words and pictures to present to your readers. Unfortunately though, some days -- like this week thus far for me -- you have absolutely nothing to say, and quite frankly it doesn't even matter because you would have no time to say it anyway. My life is out of control busy this week, and I'm hanging on by a thread. 

I do believe that as a general rule, if you are not inspired you shouldn't post to simply check blogging for that day off your list. So naturally, I thought today I would post to simply check blogging for the day off my list. What can I say, rules are made to be broken!  

Here are some things I thought you might be wondering... 
Also, a point to note, no one has actually asked me any of these questions. 

1. How are CB and I doing living together? 
So far so good! We mesh well in general, and I'm relieved to find out that we mesh well under one roof. We aren't neat freaks, and by many people's definition we really aren't even tidy people, but we're trying. We instinctively team up on chores without even realizing, which is a blessing. For example, I started unloading the dishwasher and without even asking for help, I found CB taking pans and glasses from my hands to put in their proper cabinet. 

Now as far as the television goes, we're doomed. We pretty much just watch the Rangers play each night, because we can't agree on television programing. That's another post for another day though. (Yay! A post idea, thank God!!

2. Do I miss my apartment? 
I actually still have my apartment until Friday! Almost everything has been moved out, and we will finish the rest this evening. Last Saturday night we bid adieu to Deep Ellum in grand fashion with a bar hop that ended on a blowup mattress in an empty apartment. 

I'll certainly miss my view, and I'll miss walking to everything I could ever need in my beloved Deep Ellum. I'm of course being dramatic, Deep Ellum is only a 10 minute drive from our new house. 

3. What is your new hood like? 
Bishop Arts District and Trinity Groves are both the same distance, about 2 miles, from our new place. Both are a little more upscale than Deep Ellum, but pretty much everywhere in Dallas is! We've already found some great cheap restaurants, like Offsite Kitchen, and a favorite new bar that is even dog friendly, called 10 bells (50 bells, 100 bells *drake voice*). We are going to have a blast exploring! 

4. Am I excited that the Vols are ranked in the NCAA Coaches Poll?
Does a bear shit in the woods? 

5. How are Gee and Veenie doing in the new place?
Gee is the happiest dog in the history of happy dogs. He could stay outside all day, every day barking at squirrels, but I won't allow that in this Dallas heat. Veenie loves it too, but has not had as much of a change of demeanor as Gee. 

Also, the dogs are making an absolute mess of my white couch. Will need new couch in the near future. 

6. You told us you were working on something for Fan Friday, Where is it? Are you a liar?
Good lord y'all are so impatient. It'll be here on Friday, calm down. 

7. Have you designed any new phone cases lately? 
Why yes I have, thank you for asking! I even have a $10 off coupon for you. Below are some of my available cases, and here is a link to my full shop! 

8. Do you have any cute pics of you and CB in your new house?
Yes. Please leave a comment asking him if I can post them. He will say no but I guarantee he'll read your request. Let's have our voices heard... POWER TO THE PEOPLE! 

9. Have you killed any cacti yet? 
Yes. I killed one of my 6. May he/she rest in peace. 
10. What has made you laugh out loud lately?
This picture. 



  1. That last picture is hilarious!! What happened with the cactus?!?!?!

  2. Hey CB, ever single time Sarah comments on a picture of my and my man friend and says "You guys are the cutest!" I really want the opportunity to respond appropriately on one of her pictures. I mean while Gee and Vee are adorbs.. commenting on a picture of them just isn't the same. So make it happen buddy.

    Also.. TV watching might be one of the only arguments B and I get in on the regular. I did make him watch Bachelor in Paradise during commercial breaks of the Rockies game and he complained the ENTIRE time. Rude.

  3. Doing my duty as a VTIM regular: Pretty please, CB? Can we please see some pictures of the happy couple at the new house?

  4. Bwahahaha! That picture is the best laugh!

  5. #4 and #10! I'm dying!

  6. Rambo pic nearly killed me that's hilarious. I really need to finish fencing in my back yard. Taking the dogs out on leashes is overrated.

  7. Pretty pretty please CB, let Sarah post the pics! :)

  8. love it- the whole thing. so glad gee is such a happy dog in his new abode, sorry couch. your casetify cases are the bomb!

  9. love reading your answers

  10. I'm so glad things are going well with you and CB in the new place! Hooray!

  11. First of all, I love that he's mysterious. It's become one of my life goals to come and drink beers with you in person and see if he wears a mask. Second, I just saw a bear shit in the woods - with my own eyes - and it was a great moment in my life. Lastly, happy hump day.

  12. That is so great to hear that things are going so well with you two living together! That is always super exciting :D That is great that the pups are loving it too! That sunset in that view from your old place is AMAZING.

    P.S. Steph's comment above had me cracking up!

  13. Omg that picture... lol!!! And seriously is it college football season yet? Are you a doing fantasy football league again!

  14. Lol. After more than 10 years living together, we still have challenges with the TV and end up watching "nothing" most nights for lack of agreement on a programme. It doesn't matter though...I just turn to Youtube then or visiting my favorite blogs. :-)

  15. Is that a ball launcher??? OMG I have to have one share where you purchased that genius invention! My dogs will love you forever!

    1. Yes I actually got it at TJ Maxx, but I have seen it at Petsmart too!!

  16. I always end up killing my cacti plants, so I consider you lucky that something is still living. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new place, I'm sure after seeing your patio that it will be fabulous! Oh and CB come out of hiding, just once!


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