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31 July 2015

5 Drink Ideas To Liven Up Your Work Week

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My Monday through Friday generally looks exactly the same each week. Sure CB and I will pop over to Klyde Warren Park and hit up the food trucks, or try out a new restaurant in Deep Ellum, but for the most part my routine is pretty, well, routine. 

Wake up, let the dogs out, drive in traffic to work, work from 8am-5pm, sit in traffic on the way home, let the dogs out, watch the Rangers game, cook dinner, go to bed. Rise, wash, repeat. 

While I'll admit, I actually do enjoy this new steady life of mine -- no driving 45 minutes to Arlington to see CB anymore! -- it would be nice to make the routine things I do all week a little more special and exciting. Over the past couple of weeks, I let the dogs out when I got home from work, slathered myself in bug spray and had CB join me on our newly decorated porch for a drink. A few nights I made us a cocktail, and a few of the nights I turned our normal ice waters into something a little more sparkling! 

All of these drinks have one main ingredient in common, Canada Dry® Sparkling Seltzer Water. I absolutely love Canada Dry's seltzer water and drink it over ice all the time. It's water, only better and more refreshing, and comes in flavors like Mandarin Orange, which I used in a couple of these recipes.

The first drink that I made for CB and me was the Sparkling Pineapple Cooler. We sat outside on the patio and played fetch with Veenie and unwound from the day. 

Drink number 2 was perfect for cooking dinner and watching the Rangers game on Tuesday.

  This third drink that I made with frozen fruit ice cubes, was perfect for my morning commute to work. I froze the fruit the night before, and topped them with Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water. 


This one is obviously pretty simple, but just for consistency here's how I made it!

Drink #4 I took with us on a walk with the pups around the neighborhood. There is always a basketball game going on at the park at the end for the street, so we stopped and watched that!


Drink #5 was the perfect treat to kick off our Friday night. We didn't have any plans on Friday night other than to clean, so it made cleaning way more fun than it should have been!  



I picked up both the original and mandarin flavored Canada Dry® Sparkling Seltzer Water at Walmart. Here is a coupon to SAVE 50¢ on ONE (1) 12-pack cans of any flavor* Canada Dry® Sparkling Seltzer Water at Walmart. 



  1. my mouth is literally watering at my desk! this looks so good. your pics... i need a lesson. (this is not a joke!) also LOVe that marble tray.

  2. These drinks sounds so refreshing.

  3. These look soooo good! I live in Canada and I haven't seen these yet. The pineapple refresher one looks pretty amazing. Have you had Trader Joe's pineapple juice?! It's not from concentrate and it's amazing!! I cross the border just to go there and to Target.

  4. Not a drink I have heard of but it sounds nice

  5. I need to try all of these! I'm a sucker for seltzer water but love the thought of adding it to other things to kick it up another notch! #client

  6. all of these sound delicious but so much work for a drink. you're dedicated. Lol. I'm too lazy. If a bar served these I'd buy one for sure though!

  7. They look delicious. Of course, you need too much work to do it, but it's worth it. I sent it to my friends on writing blog, they searched for a new writer in this topic to publish some writing tips, you know, they liked your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The colors. So many gorgeous colors. I'm feasting my eyes on these. I also love Canada Dry, so I'll definitely be trying those fruity ice cubes. That looks amazing.

  9. Can you be my neighbor so I can try all these delicious cocktail ideas!? Xo, Stephanie

  10. I have been living on ginger ale (can you guess why) and got really excited when I saw these flavors...but then I realized they're seltzer waters instead. Boo.


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